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2021 Worlds: Ladies' Short Program


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Jun 21, 2003
2021 World Figure Skating Championships
Ladies Short Program
Starting Order
10:10:00-10:17:00StN.Warm-Up Group 1Nation
10:17:30-10:23:501Lindsay van ZUNDERTNED
10:23:50-10:30:102Emmy MATPE
10:30:10-10:36:303Emilea ZINGASCYP
10:36:30-10:42:504Angelina KUCHVALSKALAT
10:42:50-10:49:105Elzbieta KROPALTU
10:49:10-11:04:40Ice Resurfacing
11:04:40-11:11:40Warm-Up Group 2
11:12:10-11:18:306Nelli IOFFEISR
11:18:30-11:24:507Lara Naki GUTMANNITA
11:24:50-11:31:108Anastasiia ARKHIPOVAUKR
11:31:10-11:37:309Hongyi CHENCHN
11:37:30-11:43:5010Jenni SAARINENFIN
11:43:50-11:50:50Warm-Up Group 3
11:51:20-11:57:4011Dasa GRMSLO
11:57:40-12:04:0012Loena HENDRICKXBEL
12:04:00-12:10:2013Madeline SCHIZASCAN
12:10:20-12:16:4014Emily BAUSBACKCAN
12:16:40-12:23:0015Josefin TALJEGARDSWE
12:23:00-12:38:30Ice Resurfacing
12:38:30-12:45:30Warm-Up Group 4
12:46:00-12:52:2016Olga MIKUTINAAUT
12:52:20-12:58:4017Natasha McKAYGBR
12:58:40-13:05:0018Julia LANGHUN
13:05:00-13:11:2019Eliska BREZINOVACZE
13:11:20-13:17:4020Haein LEEKOR
13:17:40-13:24:0021Alina URUSHADZEGEO
13:24:00-13:31:00Warm-Up Group 5
13:31:30-13:37:5022Ekaterina KURAKOVAPOL
13:37:50-13:44:1023Karen CHENUSA
13:44:10-13:50:3024Yi Christy LEUNGHKG
13:50:30-13:56:5025Mae Berenice MEITEFRA
13:56:50-14:03:1026Alexandra FEIGINBUL
14:03:10-14:09:3027Kailani CRAINEAUS
14:09:30-14:25:00Ice Resurfacing
14:25:00-14:32:00Warm-Up Group 6
14:32:30-14:38:5028Elizaveta TUKTAMYSHEVAFSR
14:38:50-14:45:1029Alexia PAGANINISUI
14:45:10-14:51:3030Ekaterina RYABOVAAZE
14:51:30-14:57:5031Yelim KIMKOR
14:57:50-15:04:1032Nicole SCHOTTGER
15:04:10-15:10:3033Eva-Lotta KIIBUSEST
15:10:30-15:17:30Warm-Up Group 7
15:18:00-15:24:2034Alexandra TRUSOVAFSR
15:24:20-15:30:4035Anna SHCHERBAKOVAFSR
15:30:40-15:37:0036Kaori SAKAMOTOJPN
15:37:00-15:43:2037Satoko MIYAHARAJPN
15:43:20-15:49:4038Bradie TENNELLUSA
15:49:40-15:56:0039Rika KIHIRAJPN
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Jun 22, 2015
I'm so excited about this... after a year of almost no skating, at last, we get to see some!*

*please don't turn this into a debate on whether or not Worlds should have been held. Since they did make the decision to hold it, I'm going to be excited to watch it, even as I hope desperately that no one gets sick.


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Feb 22, 2014
Oh boo, I've just realised Liza and Sasha won't be skating until after midnight Aussie time when I need to be all tucked up in bed :(

I might be able to watch Kailani though.

This is a real bummer.

At least SBS Australia is streaming it and will provide HD highlights starting 3rd April.


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Nov 28, 2020
I should be sleeping but I’m watching a Channel 1 Liza doc.

I will be up to catch the final 2 groups live and then will go back and watch the ones I missed before the women’s champions league volleyball match begins.


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Dec 4, 2004
Best of luck to all the ladies tomorrow!

May they all stay happy and healthy, perform at their full potential, and may the judging be fair and impartial, with wrong edges, underrotations etc. correctly called, uniformly for all skaters (as opposed to selectively), and PCS awarded proportionally to actual skating skills and artistry (as opposed to for political reasons).
All of what you said plus world peace. And an end to hate.... Oh, and bigger monitors for the judges so they can actually SEE the URs.
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Jan 5, 2008
I'm off to bed with my puppy too (today is National Puppy Day in the U.S). I am assuming that Peacock will archive their stream so I can watch it tomorrow while catching up on all the insightful comments made by the Golden Skaters here:bow:. Hope you all enjoy yourselves and I hope all the skaters are able to skate their best:bed:.


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Jan 5, 2014
You may go to The Edge and there is a thread How to watch the upcoming worlds? You might be able to find a link there which works for you.


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Sep 1, 2017
Here's an article with a bunch of links: https://soyouwanttowatchfs.com/post/646198795099586560/2021-world-championships-info-streaming
Some will be geoblocked, but hopefully you will find some open ones. You can also use VPN (Touch VPN has worked for me in the past with Russian streams).

Some quick links listed in the SYWTWFS article:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX9-cJy8dZWDI8hCnmahuLA - Channel 1, go to videos after the event has started to see if they have a stream

This one is already working: http://live.qq.com/10012776
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Feb 16, 2014
The Panel of Judges for the Short Program

Judge 1: Ms. Lenka BOHUNICKA (Slovakia)
Judge 2: Ms. Francoise de RAPPARD (Belgium)
Judge 3: Ms. Peggy GRAHAM (USA)
Judge 4: Ms. Elisabeth LOUESDON (France)
Judge 5: Mr. Massimo ORLANDINI (Italy)
Judge 6: Ms. Marketa HORKLOVA (Czech Republic)
Judge 7: Ms. Katarina HENRIKSSON (Sweden)
Judge 8: Ms. Elena FOMINA (Russia)
Judge 9: Ms. Tineke POSNO (Netherlands)