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Nov 18, 2014
Alexia Paganini is a Swiss-American ladies' skater who represents Switzerland. She was born on November 15, 2001 in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States, to a Swiss father and a Dutch mother.

Until the end of the 2016/17 season she skated for the USA. In that period her biggest achievements were winning the 2016 Gardena Spring Trophy and obtaining silver medals at the 2016 US Novice Nationals and the 2014 US Intermediate Nationals.

In 2017 she changed countries and since then has been representing Switzerland. She is the 2017 CS Nebelhorn Trophy bronze medalist, 2018 International Halloween Cup champion, 2017 Slovenia Open champion, and a three-time Swiss national champion (2018, 2019, 2020). She placed 21st at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and was fourth at 2020 Europeans!

She is coached by Gheorge Chiper. She was previously coached by Stephane Lambiel.




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Personal Best Total Score192.88ISU European Championships 2020
Personal Best Score Short Program68.82ISU European Championships 2020
Personal Best Score Free Skating124.06ISU European Championships 2020

Personal Best Total Score161.62ISU European Championships 2018
Personal Best Score Short Program57.86ISU World Championships 2018
Personal Best Score Free Skating106.67ISU European Championships 2018

Programs and Videos
SP: Tango Jalousie by Jacob Gade; Des Tours de Vies by Appart
FS: Nina's Dream (from "Black Swan" by Clint Mansell; Valse (from "Swan Lake") by Petr I. Tchaikovski; Finale (Andante) (from "Swan Lake") by Petr I. Tchaikovski

SP: The Way You Make Me Feel by Judith Hill, Michael Jackson; Dangerous (Immortal Version) by Michael Jackson, Bill Bottrell, Teddy Riley. Choreo: Adam Solya
FS: "Scheherazade" by Nikolai Rinski-Korsakov

SP: "Summertime" by Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, "Ich Dich Liebe" by Pink Martini
FS: "Scheherazade" by Nikolai Rinski-Korsakov

SP: "Caught Out in the Rain" by Beth Hart
FS: "Soy Marco" by performed by Alberto Iglesias; "Hable con ella" (soundtrack) performed by Alberto Iglesias
Le di a la caza alcance by Estrella Morente and Michael Nyman

2020 Nebelhorn Trophy

SP: "Sixteen Tons" (from "Lady & Gentlemen") by Merle Travis; "Bei mir bist du schoen (Bei mir bistu shein)" by Shlomo Secunda
FS: "Jealousy Tango" by Jacob GadeCup Championships

2020 European Championships (blocked in US)

2019-2020 Swiss Championships
No video found​

2019 Rostelecom Cup (blocked)
2019 Skate Canada
SP(blocked in US):​
2019 CS Autumn Classic International

SP: "Yo Soy Maria" by Astor Piazzolla, Horacio Ferrer
FS: "La La Land" by Justin Hurwitz ("Mia and Sebastian's Theme" / "City of Stars" / "Epilogue")
Ex: "Caruso" by Lucio Dalla; performed by Lara Fabian

2019 World Championships
SP: no video found​
2019 European Championships
2018 Internationaux de France
SP: no video found​
2018 International Halloween Cup

SP: "A Thousand Times Goodnight" (from "Romeo and Juliet") by Abel Korzeniowski / "Found" by Kerry Muzzey
FS: "Phantom Fantasia" (from "The Phantom of the Opera") by Anthony Inglis
Ex: "Nocturne" by Secret Garden

2018 World Championships
FS:No video found​
2018 European Championships
2018 Swiss Championships
2017 CS Nebelhorn Trophy

SP: "On Golden Pond" by Dave Grusin
FS: "Libertango" by Astor Piazzola

2016 JGP St. Gervais, France

SP: "The Aquarium" from "The Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint-Saens
FS: "Libertango" by Astor Piazzola

2016 Gardena Spring Trophy
no videos found​
2016 US Novice Nationals
2015 Philadelphia Summer Championships (Novice)

SP: "Air" by Mozart
FS: no information found

2015 Eastern Sectionals
2014 Philadelphia Summer Championships


2014 Eastern Sectionals
2013 Mid Atlantic's Intermediate


2013 Eastern Sectionals
2013 Mid Atlantic Regionals
2012 Moran Memorial

Competitive History

2023-24 season
Swiss Championships 20244
2023 Warsaw Cup13
2023 Finlandia Trophy14
2023 Nebelhorn Trophy5
2022-23 season
2022 MK John Wilson Trophy9 (156.89)
2022 Finlandia Trophy-
2022 Budapest Trophy5 (165.71)
2021-22 season
2022 World Championships19 (170.02)
2022 Winter Olympics (Individual Event)22 (168.91)
2022 European Championships10 (178.10)
27-28 November, 20212021 Swiss Championships1 (175.23)
22-25 September 20212021 Nebelhorn Trophy4 (180.48)
10-12 September 20212021 Lombardia Trophy4 (171.48)
2020–21 season
22-28 March 20212021 World Championships25 (57.23)
23-26 Sep 20202020 Nebelhorn Trophy2 (168.85)
2019–20 season
24-25 Jan 20202020 European Championships4 (192.88)
7-8 Dec 20202020 Swiss Championships1 (177.28)
15-17 Nov 20192019 Rostelecom Cup7 (179.69)
24-27 Sep 20192019 Skate Canada9 (166.20)
12-14 Sep 20192019 CS Autumn Classic6 (158.33)
2018–19 season
18-24 Mar 20192019 World Championships33 (50.53)
21–27 Jan 20192019 European Championships6 (179.90)
14-16 Dec 20182019 Swiss Nationals1 (174.16)
23–25 Nov 20182018 Internationaux de France10 (156.51)
16–18 Nov 20182018 Rostelecom Cup4 (182.50)
19-21 Oct 20182018 International Halloween Cup1 (157.13)
20–22 Sep 20182018 CS Autumn Classic8 (157.82)
2017–18 season
19–25 Mar 20182018 World Championships20 (149.66)
14–25 Feb 2018XXIII Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 201821 (156.26)
15–21 Jan 20182018 European Championships7 (161.62)
15-16 Dec 20172018 Swiss Nationals1 (160.91)
27-30 Sep 20172017 CS Nebelhorn Trophy3 (155.98)
1–3 Sep 20172017 Slovenia Open1 (162.27)
2016-17 season
14-22 Jan 20172017 US Junior Nationals5 (147.60)
16-20 Nov 20172017 US Eastern Sectionals (Junior)1 (158.40)
15-18 Sep 20172016 US Challenge Skate (Junior)3 (140.32)
24-28 Aug 20162016 JGP St. Gervais, France6 (149.87)
2015/2016 season
15-17 Apr 20162016 Gardena Spring Trophy1 (135.26)
15-24 Jan 20162016 US Novice Nationals2 (142.88)
18-21 Nov 20152016 Eastern Sectional, Novice1 (137.56)
3-5 Oct 20152016 - North Atlantic Regional, Novice2 (116.89)
3-5 Oct. 20152016 - North Atlantic Regional, Novice 2 QR2 (65.58)
17-20 Sep 20152015 U.S. Challenge Skate2 (135.82)
2014/2015 season
17-25 Jan 20152015 US Novice Nationals8 (104.03)
19-22 No 20142015 Eastern Sectional, Novice1 (124.59)
5-8 Oct 20142015 North Atlantic Regional, Novice2 (103.10)
5-8 Oct 20142015 North Atlantic Regional. Novice QR 31 (71.01
5-8 Oct 20142014 U.S. Challenge Skate, Novice5 (93.02)
2013/2014 season
5-12 Jan 20142014 US Intermediate Nationals2 (107.63)
20-23 Nov 20132014 Eastern Sectional, Interm.1 (105.81)
5-8 Oct 20132014 N. Atlantic Regional, Interm.1 (97.51)
5-8 Oct 20132014 N. Atlantic Regional, Inter. 41 (60.86)
2012/2013 season
5-9 Oct. 20122013 N. Atlantic Regional, Juv.14 (34.71)
5-9 Oct. 20122013 N. Atlantic Regional, Juv.2 (41.33)

Excerpt from the OP
I was impressed by Alexia at Nationals, so she was on my radar, but not in my stable of favorites :laugh: until today. Her SP at Gardena completely blew me away! She has a beautiful delicateness to her skating and her new short program shows that off perfectly, and when the jumps are there, they're great. Artistically, she has something very unique and I will be keeping an eye out for her in the upcoming season! :cheer:
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Jul 7, 2015
I always thought her surname was perfect for figure skating; Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini is a program-music warhorse. Well performed short program, :agree: let's hope she keeps it up in the free skate. I'm excited to see her free skate music choice


Mar 30, 2014
I am noticing Alexia is not listed in the International Selection Pool, nor is she an alternate for the first JGP. What is going on? She recently posted a photo of herself after she passed the tests to compete Sr.


Record Breaker
Feb 13, 2014
I didn't not see that coming at all. Then again her training partner left USFS to represent Israel. Well I wish her good luck at Nebelhorn!


Record Breaker
Jan 10, 2014
I didn't not see that coming at all. Then again her training partner left USFS to represent Israel. Well I wish her good luck at Nebelhorn!

Interesting development - I guess she has Swiss heritage? I suppose with the deep field in the US, she'll get more opportunities to compete.

She joins quite a few US born ladies who skate for other countries including Amy Lin and Nicole Rajicova. Mirai Nagasu's bf Darian Weiss also skates for Switzerland as an ice dancer (and he's American born).


Sep 8, 2016
First Grand Prix for this promising skater! Will look forward to seeing if representing her new country pays off. And hoping she’ll land her quad salchow!!!!


Sep 8, 2016
I guess this girl isn’t a fan favorite.😕 no one seems to know anything about her music, her training for first GP, etc


On the Ice
Apr 8, 2018
She scored two sbs and in general had some lovely performances. In my opinion she would've deserved some higher pcs but I'm very happy for her. She has the potential on being a top competitor if she continues to perform this good


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Jun 18, 2008
I know this video is late, but better late than never...

CBC commentary for her Rostelecom Cup LP is at 9:01 (the password is women): Her SP wasn't broadcast on Canadian television.


Final Flight
Aug 29, 2016
I can only hope that she’s going to skate a clean long and stay on the podium! What a dream that would be!! GO ALEXIA!!!!!


On the Ice
Apr 8, 2018
That would certainly be the dream, and she certainly showed that she is a force to be reckoned with


Oct 8, 2015
I was amazed at how calm Alexia appeared to be in the SP, especially considering she skated last. Beautiful skate! Good luck to her in the long.


Final Flight
Mar 21, 2018
Not a skater I've ever paid much attention to, but she had a great showing today! Hope she can keep it up in her FP and podium.


On the Ice
Aug 4, 2018
She has an excellent lutz and good jump technique - why is she doing such a simpler jump layout (compared to other top ladies)? would love to see her programs with a competitive TES