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Yuna Aoki


Congrats to Sota, #10 in World Standings!
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Nov 12, 2013
Yuna attended her graduation ceremony at Nihon U. Congratulations!!

And according to the interview posted here:
(Also Japanese news link:

She will continue skating next season!!!:hap10::cheer:
I'm glad to hear that! She's definitely on my radar after this season. I like her visible joy of skating, she's like Miyabi Oba in that respect. Both are a joy to watch ☺️
And congratulation to Yuna on her degree!


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Mar 9, 2013
According to the competition results (for the Lily Cup, Kanagawa) posted on Twitter, Yuna skated to the FS program 'She':

3Lz+2Lo 3S 2A+1Eu+3F 3T 2A 3Lz+3Lo(fall) 2F

with a total of 125.47.

She should be winning the Sr. women's competition. Nice attempt of 3-3Lo in the second half!!

I'll post the protocol here later when it's up.

Protocol of the competition (Women's FS)
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