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Feb 19, 2014
From FSO -

The Instagram of Channel One has currently posted Alina's number in their account

1tv Olympic champion, world and European champion Alina Zagitova @azagitova appeared on the competitive ice for the first time in 11 months 🔥

In the fight for the Rostelecom Cup medals, the athlete who suspended her sports career last year , did not participate. But she presented two demonstrative numbers at once.

Watch the full performances of the tournament on the site of the First One ➡️


May 28, 2019


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Feb 10, 2018

Interesting to compare those two pictures, on the first one is Alina aka femme fatale, vampire duchess, queen of the night and all this, and then on the other she's again the cute and friendly girl next door you invite to the cinema, take her for a walk in the park and offer her love forever 🥰
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Feb 19, 2014
From Keira at FSO -

Another friendly review about Alina's performance yesterday

How missed her! Inimitable Zagitova overshadowed the champions of the Russian Grand Prix

Alina's brilliant return to the Moscow stage. The champion brought the audience to tears.
The crazy outcome of the women's competition at the Grand Prix stage in Moscow will be remembered for a long time. However, for a separate (and very impressive) part of the fans, the main event of the tournament took place after the medals were drawn. At the demonstration performances, fans of Alina Zagitova gave their favorite a luxurious reception with applause, posters and gifts. And the Olympic champion paid back with sensual and soulful skating.
How she is missing on the ice!
Alina is on the ice again!
For nine months, Alina Zagitova did not go out on the ice in front of the public. Therefore, two performances of the skater in two weeks became a real holiday for her fans. In early November, Alina interrupted a prolonged pause at the show "In love with figure skating." The host of the evening Dmitry Guberniev did not hide his admiration for Alina, and the fans sadly noted that without Zagitova figure skating had become impoverished.
It was still unknown then that a new opportunity to enjoy the champion's skating would fall out very soon. Fans rejoiced at the news of Alina's participation in demonstration performances at the Moscow Grand Prix stage no less than her sports victories. Tickets were sold out even more actively than for the competition itself, and on Sunday the Megasport hall was full of bright posters in support of Zagitova and her photographs.
Zagitova returned to the Moscow Grand Prix stage two years later after a magnificent victory. And even though now she skated only in the demonstration, the return was brilliant.
Zagitova fell, but admired The
skater did not disappoint her fans and skated with full dedication, backhand. Obviously, Alina still maintains high demands on herself. Unlike the champions of the Moscow stage of the Grand Prix, who showed one number each, Zagitova went on the ice twice.
The first performance was to the track М83 - Outro. This touching number is dedicated to the memory of Lyudmila Shalashova, Alina's former mentor and mother of choreographer Daniil Gleichengauz. Zagitova skated tenderly and sensually, putting all her sadness into this performance, and the touching finale with a blossoming flower in the hands of the skater brought the audience to tears. One can only imagine what Gleichengauz was experiencing at this moment, not taking his eyes off Alina.
Technically, Alina, as well as at the show at CSKA, was not perfect, but for the amazing transfer of the image and the bewitching skating, she can be forgiven both the uncertainty on the first triple lutz, and the fall from the second. Obviously, due to her studies and work in the Ice Age, Zagitova trains less than before. But even in such conditions, it retains the height and power of jumping. It seems that she should pay a little more attention to working on the technique, and the mistakes will go away by themselves.
The character with her
In the second act, Zagitova got an honorable place - the skater performed right in front of the champions of the Moscow stage. Alina again showed her splendid program to music from Notre Dame de Paris, which premiered in early November. And this time the bright dramatic production was even better for her. It seemed that in two weeks Zagitova got even deeper into the image of the passionate Esmeralda and was able to transfer her tragic story onto the ice with amazing reliability.
In addition to the soulful image, Alina surprised in the second issue and jumps. Zagitova again showed her champion character, correcting a mistake made in the first box office. The skater performed an excellent triple lutz, and then jumped and a triple flip, but it worked a little worse.
At the end of the number, the audience instantly jumped up from their seats and bathed Alina in a standing ovation for a long time. Daniil Gleichengauz also applauded his beloved student, who was very worried about her every jump.
Is it time for Zagitova to return?
So, instead of the expected extravaganza of Trusova and Shcherbakova, the Moscow stage of the Grand Prix became a benefit performance for two adults and experienced skaters. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva delighted the fans with a sensational victory, and Alina Zagitova was incredibly good at demonstration performances and eclipsed all Russian Grand Prix champions.
The example of Tuktamysheva and the form that Alina herself showed, hint that the Pyeongchang champion can still be competitive at the largest starts. The only question is whether Zagitova wants to give up everything that has appeared in her life recently, and again practically settle at the rink. Some fans almost beg her to do this, but still, most of Alina's fans are ready to accept any choice of their favorite. If only he brought her happiness.… ideo.html?