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Article on upbringing of Chinese skater An Xiangyi


Record Breaker
Jan 5, 2019
... often the parents' ambitions are the greatest dangers to their children ...


Oct 30, 2014
The new search engine for the forum is great(the old one was awful) and I was looking for early mentions of Yuna Kim. The following article came up in a thread and shortly after I saw this thread listed in a "similar threads" listing:

A Young Figure Skater Who Took a Long and Lonely Road​

Here's an interesting anecdote from the thread the article was linked from:

As far as the original article on An Xiangyi, I have a hard time taking it at face value. Seems to be mythologizing to some extent. An Xiangyi to me seems happy enough and I don't think it's just her mother telling her to smile for the camera. Hope she's successful enough to get others to try training in rhythmic gymnastics as a supplement to figure skating.