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Boots Issue


Apr 9, 2024
I got new boots about a month ago. I've had no problems before, but that's not the case so far with this pair!

After skating on them for about 4 hours, I was feeling that I was favouring the inside edge on my right boot & it got to the point where getting onto an outside edge was a real struggle (e.g. doing a RFI inside to set up for a toeloop - I couldn't stay on a strong enough outside edge to get my right foot to come past the picking foot properly). Went back to my skate guy, he did a regrind because it looked like the inside edge on that boot was much duller than any of the other edges & so we thought it might have just been a ropey initial sharpening. That made things better for a couple of sessions, but then I felt all my problems coming back, to the point that if I tried to hold a flat on that boot, I'd end up drifting wildly to the left.

Back to the skate shop again, this time we've moved the blade over as far as it will go to the inside. Again, that has made things better for a while - skating last Thursday, Saturday & Sunday I felt like everything was fine. But then last night I could feel again that none of my edges on that boot were secure - I can't get comfortably on to the outside edge unless I really carefully place it, and if I'm on an inside edge it feels like the edge is completely dull and on the verge of shooting out from under me. At least I'm not drifting on a flat any more, but it still doesn't feel right.

It's at the point where I don't want to jump at all because I have no confidence that I can hit & hold the back outside edge on landing. There's no room to move the blade in any further, it's on securely & hasn't moved from where it was re-positioned to. The edges aren't dull, my foot feels fine in the boot, I've got no issues with overpronation & the boot is only a month old & there is no creasing so it's not a question of the boot itself breaking down - I've got no idea what to try next! Does anyone here have any suggestions?


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Jan 9, 2017
What kind of boot and blade is it?

What is your foot type etc that we can determine if you are even in the right brand for you.

Also, while rare, there are possibilities that you have either a defective boot or blade.

Good luck!