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Canadian artistic clothing


Oct 25, 2023
So a person at my club was mentioning that their artistic solo clothing was just a plain black thing because that's what we have to wear for artistic. Then I looked online and the Skate Canada artistic booklet showed photos of people in all black. And I looked here and people from Canada mentioned that they had to wear plain black for artistic.

I have to put together an artistic solo for a month from now (because the competition doesn't have freeskate for adults for some reason), and look terrible in black. But today I bought a black dance bodysuit and figured I'd wear it with black leggings.

Texted my coach tonight and she said that it's recommended that people wear "plainer" clothing for artistic but the rules don't require black anymore. And that my pink dress that I wear for freeskate (with draping and rhinestones and gold in the skirt) would be fine. And that the artistic packet is outdated. What have been people's more recent experiences with this?


Mar 3, 2021
I am in Canada and my artistic dress is black with some pink ombré. It also has rhinestones but nothing crazy like my freestyle dress. I feel like for adults they are more lenient with “dress code”. I’m not sure about ISU rules but I will be inquiring about that since I’ll be going to ISU competition for adults in Calgary.


Dec 23, 2014
My daughter was in a cheerleader costume last week in an artistic event and had no issues. There were many skaters whose costumes were not much different from freestyle dress but I didn’t see any costume violation deduction.


Nicer When Fed
Mar 24, 2019
I've seen some really "costumey" outfits in the artistic section at major adult internationals! Whilst I don't like them, I think the costumes mentally just sigh and ignore them. I would say that artistic attire no longer needs to be plain black, it shouldn't detract from the skating.