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Denis Ten


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Jan 5, 2019

Denis Ten, Thirteen is a memorial in sound and vision: , from: , a very large commemorative page of facts and features on Denis.

In 50 minutes, a variety of subjects were met:

- Little funny Denis tells under the camera how he came to figure skating, who teaches him how to skate, why he wants to become a champion and at the same time has never been ill
- The honored trainer of Russia Elena Buyanova-Vodorezova recalls working with Denis, is surprised at his depth, maturity, hard work, admires Denis’s mother and explains the reasons for the separation
- Honoured Master of Sports of Russia Alexei Yagudin cannot restrain his tears, telling how easy it was to be friends with Denis, how high his sports potential was, what he dreamed about and when his friends talked for the last time
- People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR Roza Rymbaeva is proud of Denis, who was a real national hero and the leader of the young generation, deeply empathizes with his mother, admires the artistry and precisely selected images
- The first coach of Denis Aigul Kuanysheva first confuses him with a girl, and then listens to the psychic and takes the future champion not to Australia, but to Courchevel and Minsk
- Journalist Sergey Raylyan cannot believe that you can be so mature at such an immature age, and he remembers almost literally the commentary on Denis's rental at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi
- Honoured Master of Sports Il'ya Il'yin cannot forgive himself for not being on the Denis Ten and Friends show, recalls the day he met, considers Denis to be a real champion and marvels at the versatility of his nature
- Social activist Zhanna Spooner wants to believe that Kazakhstan will become better in memory of Denis - simply because, remembering Denis, everyone is getting better
- Denis Ten is trying to look into the future, but does not know where he will be in 2018 ...


“Denis Ten. Thirteen". columnist Konstantin Stolbovsky and Kazakhstani journalist Sergey Raylyan’s copyright project is dedicated to the tragedy that has become personal to millions of figure skating fans around the world. And in Kazakhstan, it went to the national level.

Denis Ten, who was killed in July 2018, was one of the most talented skaters of his generation. In thirteen chapters, friends and relatives, athletes and coaches recall him: Alexey Yagudin, Il'ya Il'yin, Yelena Vodorezova, Aigul Kuanysheva and others. At the disposal of journalists are unique archival footage of how Denis Ten was just starting his way.

01:15 - 8-year-old Denis - about how he wants to become a champion
04:20 - How they killed Denis
06:34 - Honoured Coach of Russia Yelena Vodorezova - about how she first saw little Denis on the ice and what impression he made on her
08:18 - Honoured Master of Sports Alexey Yagudin - that it will never become easier
10:44 - People's Artist of Kazakhstan Roza Rymbaeva - how proud Denis was at home
10:45 - Yelena Vodorezova - about the obvious extraordinary Denis
12:42 - 8-year-old Denis - about how to learn elements, jumps and rotations
13:34 - The first coach of Denis Aigul Kuanysheva - about how he first came to the rink
15:05 - Kazakhstan journalist, author of the film Sergey Raylyan - about how Denis formulated his thoughts
17:16 - Honoured Master of Sports Ilya Ilyin - about what common interests a weightlifter and a skater can have
19:32 - Alexey Yagudin - about friendship with Denis
20:58 - Il'ya Il'yin - about the understandable complexes of the younger to the older
22:15 - Yelena Vodorezova - about what role his mother played in the formation of Denis
23:59 - Rosa Rymbaeva - about the birthday of mom, on which she sang, and Denis danced
25:27 - Alexey Yagudin - about the huge potential of Denis
27:09 - Sergey Raylyan - about how Denis won the “bronze” of Sochi
29:07 - Il'ya Il'yin - about how champions differ from mere mortals
30:28 - Yelena Vodorezova - about how Denis was transformed on ice
31:33 - 8-year-old Denis - about what he is praised and scolded
32:05 - Alexei Yagudin - about Denis's dreams and plans
33:57 - Yelena Vodorezova - about what Denis lacked
35:30 - Public figure Zhanna Spooner - about how Kazakhstan was shocked by the death of Denis and what country needs to change
38:02 - Yelena Vodorezova - about breaking up with Denis in 2010
38:50 - Aigul Kuanysheva - about how they listened to the advice of a psychic and what came of it
40:14 - Denis - about his interests outside the ice
41:12 - Roza Rymbaeva - about Denis's unique artistic gift
42:32 - Il'ya Il'yin - about Denis's interest in cinema
43:22 - 8-year-old Denis - about the secrets of health, which he does not yet have.
44:30 - Alexey Yagudin - about how he found out about the murder of Denis
45:55 - YElena Vodorezova - that Denis is alive for her, they just don’t see each other
46:40 - “Match TV” journalist, author of the film Konstantin Stolbovsky - that it’s not a shame to cry
48:43 - Denis - about what he wants to do after finishing his sports career

Transcript in the Russian language original.


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Jun 27, 2012
two years have passed since his death..:cry: Denis was so special he enjoyed the life so much! He had some kind of differents talent! R.I.P.!


Onward and forward, Sota!
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Nov 12, 2013
Yes, a sad anniversary, this one. :( We won't forget him. I am glad there is the Denis Ten Memorial Trophy to commemorate him. I hope it comes back next year if it doesn't happen this year. May it be a success.


On the Ice
Nov 22, 2020
Just realized that this thread has been moved from "Men" to "Retired Greats".
So sad. IMO it should remain in "Men" forever. He never really retired. He never stopped skating, not even for one season, not even in his lowest time. Not even after Pyengchang.
I just feel undeserved.


Onward and forward, Sota!
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Nov 12, 2013
Stopping by to commemorate Denis, it's been 4 years from now. I'm grateful IFS magazine reminded folk on Twitter. Today of all days, the FS community is like a beehive and this sad anniversary would be easy to miss. 🌹


On the Ice
Nov 22, 2020
Sorry I forgot to pass this message here((((
Denis's movie (remember the script he wrote back in 2018 which won a contest and was planned to be filmed? It is filmed!) came out on big screens on July 28th. It's called Blind Love and tells about how a deaf girl and a blind boy fall in love through social media. All necessary information can be found on the official account of the film team @blindlove_by_denisten (IG)
The team also released two songs written and sang by Denis, which were the only soundtracks the film used, on basically every music platform including AppleMusic, Spotify, TikTok, etc.. We can find them by searching "Denis Ten." One track is She Won't Be Mine; the other is called Blind Love and, I think, before was only released as a video clip without background music.


On the Ice
Nov 22, 2020


On the Ice
Nov 22, 2020
I was just browsing Insta and saw this video of a BB!Denis being interviewed:

No idea what he's saying but "awww".

Gone too soon 😞
He said he was 8 and had been skating for 3 years. The journalist asked if he wanted to win medals or just skate for fun, and he replied he wanted to become a champion, 'I think everyone else wants the same, too'. (typical Denis answer))))
He also talked about studying music.