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The Finn

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Feb 27, 2015
Ekaterina Andryevna Kurakova (Russian: Екатерина Андреевна Куракова) is a ladies' single skater who represents Poland.

She was born on 24 June 2002 in Russia.

Until the end of 2017/18 season she represented Russia. Then she decided to switch the countries and starting from 2018/19 season, she represents Poland. She did so because "she felt there was no place for her in Russia."

She is the 2019 CS Warsaw Cup champion, the 2019 Mentor Toruń Cup champion, a three-time Four Nationals champion (2019–2022), and a three-time Polish national champion (2019–2022).

She is coached in Toronto, Canada by Brian Orser, E. Pryhitka, Karen Preston, and Tracy Wilson. In Poland, she represents the Axel Club from Toruń.

Biographical links

ISU bio


Allskaters.info bio

Fskate.ru bio (archived September 2019)



Social media
Instagram - https://instagram.com/ekaterina_kurakova

Personal Best Total Score204.7315.01.2022ISU European Championships 2022
Personal Best Score Short Program67.4713.01.2022ISU European Championships 2022
Personal Best Score Free Skating137.2615.01.2022ISU European Championships 2022

Programs and Videos
SP: Kill Bill
FS: Solas by Jamie Duffy; My Way by Luca D'Alberto; White Flowers Take Their Bath by Meredi, Mari Samuelson

SP: Can't Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley; A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley
FS: We Are In The Club Know (Up soundtrack) by Michael Giacchino; Married Life (Up soundtrack) by Michael Giacchino; Up With Titles (Up soundtrack) by Michael Giacchino; Memories Can Weight You Down (Up soundtrack) by Michael Giacchino

SP: Steppe by Rene Aubry
FS: Terry Theme from Limelight (Charlie Chaplin) performed by Lisa Batiashvili

SP2: Janet Jackson Medley; choreo. by Benoît Richaud
SP1: "La vie en rose" (Tribute to Edith Piaf); choreo by David Wilson
FS: "Charlie Chaplin"; choreo. by Benoît Richaud

2021 Polish Nationals
SP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW27otmr7c4
FS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDqN1mdpppg

SP: "La vie en rose" (Tribute to Edith Piaf); choreo by David Wilson
FS: "Le Corsaire: Act II - 3. Grand Pas: (le Grand Pas De Deux a Trois Classique): Adagio" by Riccardo Drigo; choreo by David Wilson

2020 Junior World Championships

2020 European Championships
SP: https://youtu.be/GgTobRvG1vo (geoblocked in USA)​
FS: https://youtu.be/nufuCh3cZKo (geoblocked in USA)​

2020 Mentor Torun Cup

2019 Four Nationals

2019 Warsaw Cup

2019 JGP Latvia

2019 JGP Poland

2019 Minto Summer Skate
SP Behind the scenes (wrong music): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-IHs7ba1ps

SP: "You Raise Me Up" by Celtic Woman
FS: "Poeta en el mar" / "Amor dulce muerte" / "Poeta en el viento" by Vicente Amigo
Ex: "You Raise Me Up" by Celtic Woman

2019 Polish Junior Nationals

2019 Mentor Torun Cup

2019 Four Nationals Championships / Polish Nationals

SP: "Mas que nada"
FS: "Poeta en el mar" / "Amor dulce muerte" / "Poeta en el viento" by Vicente Amigo

2017 Moscow Open Championships

SP: "You Raise Me Up" by Celtic Woman
FS: "Poeta en el mar" / "Amor dulce muerte" / "Poeta en el viento" by Vicente Amigo

2017 Cup of Russia Final

2017 Russian Junior Nationals

2017 Mentor Toruń Cup

3rd stage of Russian Cup

2nd stage of Russian Cup

SP: "Knock On Wood" by Safri Duo
FS: "Mulan" soundtrack

2016 Russian Junior National Championships
SP: no video found​

2016 Mentor Nestle Nesquik Toruń Cup

Competitive History
Rows in azure - Russian domestic competitions

2024 World Championships11
2024 European Championships25
2023 Four Nationals1
2023 Cup of China7
2023 Warsaw Cup1
2023 Skate America7 (173.75)
2023 Nepela Memorial4 (181.98)
2023 Lombardia Trophy4 (178.62)
2023 World Championships16 (181.43)
2023 European Championships4 (186.90)
2022 Four Nationals1 (185.14)
2022 Warsaw Cup1 (189.98)
2022 MK John Wilson Trophy5 (190.44)
2022 Skate America5 (178.68)
3 (188.41)
2022 World Championships13 (186.43)
2022 Winter Olympics (Individual Event)12 (185.84)
2022 European Championships5 (204.73)
2022 Four Nationals1 (190.06)
2021 Rostelecom Cup9 (175.64)
2021 Warsaw Cup3 (187.80)
2021 Skate America9 (188.60)
2021 Nebelhorn Trophy2 (193.58)
2021 Lombardia Trophy2 (187.65)
2021 World Championships32 (52.28)
2020 Polish National Championships1 (178.54)
2020 Junior Worlds Championships7 (184.51)
2020 Polish Junior Championships1 (184.07)
2020 European Championships10 (170.24)
2020 Mentor Toruń Cup1 (181.97)
2020 Four Nationals1 (177.96) /
2019 CS Warsaw Cup1 (201.47)
2019 JGP Poland7 (172.59)
2019 JGP Latvia5 (175.97)
2019 Minto Summer Skate1 (182.77)
2019 Polish Junior Nationals1 (182.64)
2019 Four Nations Championships / Polish Nationals1 (178.80)
2nd stage of the Cup of Russia3 (186.78)
1st stage of the Cup of Russia1 (193.96)
2017 Moscow Open Championships5 (167.75)
2017 Cup of Russia Final5 (188.61)
2017 Russian Junior National Championships9 (180.79)
2017 Mentor Toruń Cup1 (174.62)
3rd stage of the Cup of Russia 20162 (195.04)
2nd stage of the Cup of Russia 20162 (187.80)
2016 Moscow Open Championships4 (172.29)
2016 Moscow Elder Age Championships7 (170.98)
2016 Cup of Russia Final5 (176.52)
2016 Russian Junior National Championships15 (149.81)
2016 Mentor Nestle Nesquik Toruń Cup1 (153.62)
3rd stage of the Cup of Russia 20155 (165.04)
2nd stage of the Cup of Russia 20158 (160.32)
2015 Moscow Open Championships8 (149.35)
2015 Russian Younger Age Championships11 (190.13)*
2015 Bavarian Open1 (117.95)
2015 Moscow Younger Age Championships4 (192.81)*
2014 Tallin Trophy1 (120.82)
2014 Volkov Memorial4 (145.58)
2014 Ice Star Minsk1 (113.25)
2nd stage of the Cup of Russia 20147 (133.77)
1st stage of the Cup of Russia 20148 (131.26)
2014 Moscow Elder Age Championships18 (113.42)
2014 Bavarian Open1 (106.58)
2014 Moscow Younger Age Championships7 (185.71)
2013 Volkov Memorial2 (150.03)
3rd stage of the Cup of Russia 201313 (116.73)
2013 Moscow Open Championships14 (123.09)
2013 Moscow Younger Age Championships24 (35.54)*
2012 Volkov Memorial3 (111.33)
Prizes of the President of the Moscow Figure Skating Federation 20123 (120.26)
2012 Moscow Younger Age Championships12 (119.94)
2011 Volkov Memorial6 (95.70)
2011 Prize of Maria Butyrskaya13 (81.92)

* In Russian younger age competition consist of 3 segments: elements, SP and FS. The total score is the sum obtained in each of them. The results table does not include the Elements scores.

In the 2015 Russian Younger Age Championships Ekaterina was 9th in Elements and received 43.80 points.
In the 2015 Moscow Younger Age Championships Ekaterina was 5th in Elements and received 46.92 points.
In the 2014 Moscow Younger Age Championships she was 10th in this segment and received 21.43 points.
In the 2013 Moscow Younger Age Championships she was 6th in this segment and received 35.54 points.

Videos and Interviews
25 December 2018 - Ekaterina Kurakova with Orser: who is she? Why with Orser? Why (skating) for Poland? (in Russian) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHLaj1JHN3w
18 December 2018 - Ekaterina Kurakova about training with Orser in Canada (in Russian) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFUyaWjnqtw
18 December 2018 - article in sport24.ru - "«Хочу перенять у Медведевой силу духа». Она уехала из России к Орсеру и будет выступать за Польшу. Интервью суперталанта Екатерины Кураковой." - https://sport24.ru/news/other/2018-...iny-kurakovoy-o-yudzuru-khanyu-brayane-orsere

Original post by The Finn

She was really great today at the 3rd stage of Russian Cup and so was her total score of 195.04 points. Many times that is more than enough to win most senior events but this time it wasn't enough to win a junior event because Anna Shcherbakova scored a half a point or so more but that doesn't matter here.
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Match Penalty
Dec 24, 2015
very nice improvement after having small jumps and under rotations last season, she is very much improved....
hoping next season Kurakova gets a JGP assignments.

her flexed legs and skating skills remind me of Kanako Murakami


Record Breaker
Nov 21, 2015
She reminds me a bit Tara Lipinski.

This is the first time i saw her and wow, she is definitely ready for Junior grand prix next season.


Record Breaker
Feb 16, 2014
Although she only placed 9th this weekend, I thought she was one of the more interesting girls to watch. I really hope she won't get lost in the sea of talented Russian skaters.

And I just love her dress that she wore to the opening ceremony!


The Finn

Record Breaker
Feb 27, 2015
Preliminary entry lists of Nationals Elder Age have been published. Obviously no one expected that Kurakova's name would be there at this early because she didn't take part to the Moscow Qualification event but it will be interesting to see if Russian Fed will add her name to the final entry list. I don't know why she didn't skate at the Moscow qualification event, maybe she was sick, or maybe she was injured. Maybe she still is, I haven't seen any info about that. Anyway, since so many girls are fighting for the last few JGP spots it would be highly beneficial for her if she would be allowed to skate at the Nationals Elder Age. Hopefully she is fit to skate and Russian Fed gives her a chance to impress one more time.

The Finn

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Feb 27, 2015
I hope she can break through next season...

Her placement at the Junior Nationals was somewhat decent but because Shcherbakova wasn't there and also because some of the ladies who finished behind her at the Junior Nationals have done great since Junior Nationals it kind of seems unlikely that she would get JGP assignment. She still might of course, if she is really impressive at the test skate event. Having 3A would surely make a difference.


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Jan 14, 2016
Clip of her practicing her new SP, Mas Que Nada...looks good!


It's nice to see that Katya is progressing. :)

We also should add that she is two times Champion of Torun. She won this event two times in a row, but it was with diffirent sponsors. First time it was Nestle Nesquik Cup, this time Mentor Cup.

Her FS at her Nestle Nesquik Cup. It was at this tournament that I learned about her the first time. Now we can compare difference in her skating skills and StSq. She also fixed her UR. I'd say that much work has been done.

Keep going, little cutie :love: