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Elliana Peal & Ethan Peal


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Jul 26, 2003
Elliana Peal (born May 11, 2007 in Chicago, Ill.) and Ethan Peal (born Feb. 3, 2004 in Chicago, Ill.) are an ice dance team representing the USA.

They are the 2024 US Junior National bronze medalists, JGP Yerevan 2023 silver medalists, and the 2023 JGP Linz bronze medalists.

They are coached by their father. Robert Peal and Bianka Szijgyarto.

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Social Media:
Elliana: Instagram | Tiktok
Ethan: Instagram
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Season 2023-24:
RD: "What Have You Done For me Lately" by Janet Jackson; "Rhythm Nation" by Janet Jackson
FD: "Sound of the Shire" (Lord of the Rings soundtrack) perf by City of Prague Philharmonic; "Melody" (Lord of the Rings soundtrack) by Lindsay Sterling; "The Hobbit" (Lord of the Rings soundtrack) by The Piano Guys; choreo by Robert Peal

Season 2022-23
RD: "Otra Noche En La Viruta" by Otros Aires and "Bamboleo" by Gipsy Kings
FD: Halo soundtrack by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori

Season 2021-22
RD: "Still" and "S Gon Give it to Ya" by Swinghopers and "Swing Set" by Jurassic 5
FD: "Unsteady" by X Ambassadors and "Follow You" by Imagine Dragons

Season 2020-21
RD: “Do I Hear a Waltz?” by Elizabeth Allen and “Thank You So Much” by Elizabeth Allen and Sergio Franchi
FD: “Fall on Me” by Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli and Christina Aguilera

Personal Best Scores

Personal Best Total Score155.8307.10.2023ISU JGP Armenian Cup 2023
Personal Best Score Rhythm Dance62.5206.10.2023ISU JGP Armenian Cup 2023
Personal Best Score Free Dance93.3107.10.2023ISU JGP Armenian Cup 2023


Junior Worlds Championships 2024Taipei2024-03-03Junior
5 (154.09)
U.S. Championships 2024Columbus2024-01-22Junior ice dance3 (152.10)
Midwestern Sectional Singles and U.S. Ice Dance 2024Bloomington2023-11-13Junior ice dance2 (150.46)
JGP Yerevan 2023Yerevan2023-10-04Junior ice dance2 (155.83)
JGP Linz 2023Linz2023-08-30Junior ice dance3 (142.83)
2023 Lake Placid Ice Dance InternationalLake Placid2023-08-01Junior ice dance2 (152.21)
U.S. Championships 2023San Jose2023-01-21Junior ice dance4 (152.31)
Eastern Sectional Singles and U.S. Ice Dance 2023Norwood2022-11-07Junior pairs5 (141.06)
JGP Baltic Cup 2022Gdansk2022-10-05Junior ice dance6 (141.87)
JGP Courchevel 2022Courchevel2022-08-24Junior ice dance4 (134.50)
Lake Placid Ice Dance International 2022Lake Placid2022-07-26Junior ice dance4 (140.77)
Bavarian Open 2022Oberstdorf2022-01-18Junior ice dance7 (131.03)
U.S. Championships 2022Nashville2022-01-01Junior ice dance3 (140.67)
U.S. Figure Skating Championship Series 2021 - AlpharettaAlpharetta2021-11-15Junior ice dance5 (139.56)
U.S. Figure Skating Championship Series 2021 - MinnesotaBlaine2021-10-04Junior ice dance2 (144.75)
2021 Lake Placid Ice Dance InternationalNorwood2021-08-12Junior ice dance5 (115.59)
U.S. Championships 2021Las Vegas2021-01-09Junior ice dance8 (109.73)
U.S. Championship Series 2021Virtual City2020-12-01Junior ice dance8 (74.95)

.Novice, Intermediate, and Juvenile Competitions
2020 Egna Dance Trophy, Adv. Novice – 1st

2019 Mentor Torun Cup, Adv. Novice – 6th

2020 U.S. Ice Dance Final, Novice – 1st

2020 Midwestern Sectional Challenge, Novice – 1st

2019 Bavarian Open, Adv. Novice – 6th

2019 U.S. Championships, Novice – 4th

2019 Midwestern Sectionals, Novice – 1st

2018 U.S. Championships, Intermediate – 1st

2018 Midwestern Sectionals, Intermediate – 1st

2017 U.S. Championships, Juvenile – 3rd

2017 Midwestern Sectionals, Juvenile – 1st

2016 Midwestern Sectionals, Juvenile – 8th