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Evelyn Walsh & Trennt Michaud

Jan 24, 2006
Evelyn Walsh and Trennt Michaud are Canadian pair skaters.

Evelyn was born on 8 July 8 2001 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.
Trennt was born on 22 August 1996 in Bellevile, Ontario, Canada.

They teamed up in 2016 and are the 2020 and 2019 Canadian national silver medalists, 2017 Canadian national junior champions, and placed sixth at the 2017 World Junior Championships.

They are coached by Alison Purkiss.


Evelyn - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evelyn_Walsh
Trennt - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trennt_Michaud

Skate Canada Bio

Tracings profile

Evelyn - http://www.rinkresults.com/skater?skater_id=20587
Trennt - http://www.rinkresults.com/skater?skater_id=10352

Social Media
Evelyn's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/evelynwalsh_/
Trennt's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/trenntmichaud/
Trennt's Twitter - https://mobile.twitter.com/trennt22

Personal Best Total Score177.58ISU Four Continents Championships 2020
Personal Best Score Short Program62.97ISU Four Continents Championships 2020
Personal Best Score Free Skating116.83ISU World Championships 2021

Programs and Videos

SP: Lost Without You by Freya Ridings
FS: Dreaming With a Broken Heart by John Mayer

2022 Canadian Championships

SP: "Someone You Loved" by Lewis Capaldi
FS: "Vai Vedrai" (from Cirque du Soleil), "Le Lacrime Nascote" composed by Karl Hugo

2021 World Championships

SP: "Bennie and the Jets" by Elton John
FS: "One", originally by U2, cover by Cinematic Pop

2020 Four Continents
All events may be viewed here, even in the US​

2020 Canadian Nationals

2019 Finlandia Trophy

2019 North York Summerskate

SP: "Come Together" by Gary Clark Jr & Junkie XL
FS: "Romeo and Juliet" Medley
Ex: "Show Me How You Burlesque" by Christina Aguilera

2019 World Championships

2019 Four Continents Championships
FS: no video found​

2019 Canadian National Skating Championships

2018 GP Skate Canada
2018 GP Skate America​
FS: no video found​

2018 GTSA Summerskate​

SP1: "Take It All" by Maury Yeston​
SP2: "The Light That Never Fails"by Andra Day​
FS: "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Hugo Pereth​
Ex: "Instead"​
2018 World Junior Championships​

2018 Canadian Championships​

2017 JGP Riga, Latvia​

2017 JGP Zagreb, Croatia​

SP: "El Tango de Roxanne" by Mariano Mores​
FS: "Rise Up" by Andra Day​
2017 World Junior Championships​

2017 Canadian Junior Nationals​

2016 JGP Dresden (Pokal der Blauen Schwerter)​

2016 JGP Tallin​

Competitive History

Season 2021-2022
Canadian Nationals 20222 (66.88)2 (119.64)2 (186.52)
Golden Spin 20218 (59.31)10 (109.56)9 (168.87)
NHK Trophy 20216 (56.97)6 (111.01)6 (167.98)
Skate America 20218 (54.03)8 (93.58)8 (147.61)
Season 2020-2021
2021 World Championships12 (59.41)12 (116.38)12 (176.24)
Season 2019-2020
2020 Four Continents Championships6 (62.97)6 (114.61)6 (177.58)
2020 Canadian National Championships3 (70.34)2 (125.95)2 (196.29)
2020 Skate Canada Challenge2 (63.04)2 (116.34)1 (179.38)
2019 GP Rostelecom Cup5 (62.76)7 (106.20)6 (168.96)
2019 Skate Canada International3 (70.34)2 (125.95)2 (196.29)
2019 CS Finlandia Trophy8 (48.03)6 (103.69)6 (151.72)
2019 North York Summer Skate2 (62.23)1 (109.67)1 (171.90)
Season 2018-2019
2019 World Championships12 (59.84)12 (114.56)12 (174.40)
2019 Four Continents6 (61.91)8 (97.14)7 (159.05)
2019 Canadian Nationals2 (65.20)2 (134.67)2 (189.87)
2018 Skate Canada International6 (59.59)6 (112.94)5 (172.53)
2018 Skate America8 (44.71)8 (84.35)8 (129.06)
2018 CS Nebelhorn Trophy5 (51.85)7 (101.86)7 (153.71)
Season 2017-2018
2018 World Junior Championships5 (55.31)6 (103.65)6 (158.96)
2018 Canadian National Championships5 (62.61)5 (120.26)5 (182.87)
2017 JGP Croatia Cup7 (49.12)4 (101.20)4 (150.32)
2017 JGP Riga Cup5 (50.15)1 (103.58)3 (153.73)
Season 2016-2017
2017 World Junior Championships6 (51.93)5 (98.81)5 (150.74)
2017 Bavarian Open (Junior)2 (55.26)1 (100.24)1 (155.50)
2017 Canadian Junior Championships1 (56.22)1 (99.51)1 (155.73)
2016 JGP Pokal der Blauen Schwerter8 (49.02)5 (94.90)5 (143.92)
2016 JGP Tallinn Cup9 (46.46)11 (76.37)11 (122.83)

Interviews, Articles, Other Media

May 2020 - Interview with PJ Kwong​
January 2020 - Moore-Towers and Marinaro defend national title in Mississauga​
January 2020 - Moore-Towers and Marinaro captivate at Canadian Nationals​
January 2020 - Canadian Championships SP Interview​
January 2020 - Canadian Championships FS Interview​
December 2019 - Senior Pairs Winner's Interview with Ted Barton at Skate Canada Challenge​
August 2019 - High Performance Camp​
January 2019 - Moore-Towers and Marinaro win Pairs’ title in Saint John​
January 2019 - Moore-Towers and Marinaro lead heading into Pairs’ Free Skate at Canadian Nationals​
January 2019 - Canadian Championships SP Interview​
January 2019 - Canadian Championships FS Interview​
January 2019 - Athlete Spotlight: Evelyn Walsh/Trennt Michaud by Skate Canada​
August 2018 - High Performance Camp Interview​
January 2017 - Junior Pairs FS Interview​
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Jan 24, 2006
Since Evelyn and Trennt will participate in two Grand Prix events (Skate America and Skate Canada) and they did not have their fan fest, I decided to create one. They are juniors recently ascended to seniors (last season they participated in both junior and senior events), but I hope we'll hear more about them in the upcoming years. They're the future of Canadian pairs.


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Jun 18, 2008
Jan 24, 2006
Evelyn and Trennt have been assigned to the Four Continents and Worlds. Congratulations and good luck!!!

And congratulations on the silver medal at the Nationals. They must be happy and satisfied.
Jan 24, 2006
Here is an article I did on Walsh/Michaud. They talk about how their partnership started & what they've learned in their first senior season. http://figureskatersonline.com/news...ud-our-partnership-has-grown-a-lot-this-year/
Oh, a very nice article. Thanks for sharing! Evelyn and Trennnnnnt :) both seem very warm, positive, supportive and with good sense of humour. I liked how they praised their coach and were proud to be her first senior students to medal at the Canadian Nationals.
The part about Trennt suffering from school bullying and receving help from Eric Radford and Dylan Moscovich is very interesting. It must be really hard for a boy from a small town pursue his figure skating and not hockey dream.


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Jun 18, 2008
They appear in a few fluffs from the Canadian Championships:

Nationals Opening Montage (720p): https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x727kf5

Favourite Motto Fluff (720p): https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x71wsy8

Men SP & Pairs SP Opening Fluff (720p): https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x71uzsz

Top 3 Pairs SP & Men SP Closing Montage (720p): https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x71b20b


The following are "bonus material" that was filmed by TSN, but not aired during the Nationals television broadcast (as far as I know---I don't actually have TSN). They were made available only in 540p.

My Inspiration Fluff: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x70s2qz It's 24 seconds longer than the 2018 SCI version.

Favourite Emoji Fluff: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x70s7qr It's 32 seconds longer than the 2018 SCI version.
Jan 24, 2006
They have been assigned to GP Rostelecom Cup. Skate Canada's TBD spot is still empty, so there's a chance we'll see them there.

Good luck in the 2019/20 season!
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Jan 10, 2014


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Jun 18, 2008
I now have the ability to download the fluffs and interviews on TSN.ca (although the original files are still only 540p), and these are the clips that feature Evelyn & Trennt:

Hope Their Connection Comes Through for the Crowd Interview: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7rdrqm
Pairs Partners Quiz Fluff: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7rdl65
Who Is the Smartest Person Fluff: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7r14to
Who Has the Best Fashion Sense Fluff: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7r1jut
Who Has the Funniest Laugh Fluff: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7r41l6