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Free Dance Preview and Virtual Program Sun. Nov. 14 , 2:00 PM EST


On the Ice
Dec 20, 2007
I reed some reports saying tha Vanessa injured her shoulder. Good luck to them and all the teams.

Mrs. P

Uno, Dos, twizzle!
Record Breaker
Dec 27, 2009
hm... what's the deduction for W/P?

That said, the Shibs are guaranteed a medal! Yay!


You can't explain witchcraft
Jan 8, 2009
Go Maia and Alex!!! So happy they are guaranteed a medal. They had a strange mistake on their SD, and have one of the very best FDs of the season. Great job! I was in tears by the end :)


Final Flight
Dec 28, 2005
Even with the deductions, Meryl and Charlie kicked ***. Better to make the mistakes now, than later.


On the Ice
Nov 8, 2007
You know even with the falls- I can see the improvement in the interpretation by Meryl and Charlie. They've added in some small details in the movement and I also feel that they have a stronger sense of the emotional story.

There was one move at the beginning when Charlie has Meryl hooked around his legs- his expression was the most overtly sexy and adult that I've ever seen from him. Woah!!:cool:

I saw that they got 3 deductions- the first 2 obviously for the falls but I wonder what the 3rd one was for-- one of the lifts overtime?

Flukey last couple of performances in the FD.
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