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How to deal with coaching change?


Jul 16, 2022
Hello, so I know I post here a lot but I kinda need help. So I been skating for a year and then I took some time off because I had an injury which is healed and I am getting new skates this week. Anyways I just found out that my coach is going back to school and not able to coach me anymore from my parents. She is trying find me a new coach.I loved her and she was really good. She supported me and she was also really pushed me into achiving all my goals and even got me out in a skating show. But I am worried of getting a new coach because I get nervous new people and when I met my first coach that have currently it took us a week for me to get comfortable with her. I am fortunte we gotten along quickly. Also I am starting on the skating skills test and starting to jump but I am worried that changing coaches is gonna put be behind when changing coaches.

Has this happen to any of you that skate, how did you overcome a coach change?

Thank you so much for reading this rant.

Edit- Hello again this an update so I went to a skate session today and I think we found a good coach so we will see if its a good match for me. Also she was my learn to skate teacher before I went to private lessons so I know her well. Then my old (current) coach texted and gave 4 coaches she reccamends so now we have some options my old learn to skate coach or the other coaches. This a hard decision but are there any tips to go about this. I never had to change coaches before until now.
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Oct 2, 2015
Change (in all aspects of your life, not just in coaching) is just something you have to learn to accept and deal with. It's not always easy. Be aware that some degree of anxiety, apprehension, nervousness, or trepidation is normal at any age, but more so when you are young. Just don't get too frazzled.

When you change coaches there will be three possible outcomes: (a) the new coach will be about the same as your present coach, (b) the new coach will be better than your present coach, or (c) the new coach will be worse than your present coach. Since you are really happy with your present coach, two out of the three possible outcomes [(a) and (b)] are favorable, but only one out of the three possible outcomes (c) is not favorable. And if your present coach can recommend a new coach that is similar to herself, the odds of a favorable outcome are enhanced. Good luck! And as the skaters at my rink are fond of saying, "Have a good skate!"


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Jun 17, 2014
As tstop4me says there are 3 possible outcomes, and the first 2 are the most likely as your current coach knows you and will hopefully look for a coach with a similar style. It can be helpful to get different perspectives, and sometimes you find that someone new will notice something and explain it in a way which is actually easier to understand.
I think it's great that you understand that you need time to get comfortable with someone new so give yourself that time to adjust, and if after a few weeks it doesn't appear to be working then talk to your parents, but do give the new coach a chance. They may do things differntly, but that doesn't mean it's wrong.