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HYOEN Basara - Kabuki meets figure skating!


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Nov 14, 2007
"Hyoen" thank you to kind uploader. You are in for a treat!


Thanks for the link! :thank:

SOme hilights for me:
-Goddess Shizuka at the opening of course :love:, but omg! I loved ten times more Demon Shizuka from 59:00. :cool:
Shizuka's powerful yet graceful skating was well-known by judges/coaches, often described as a Mercedes Benz among mini/conpact cars, back in the days. However, her remarkable transformation into an artist post her competitive career is just amaging! What a talent she is. Just WOW.

-Daisuke off-skates and dancing on the floor btwn 1:20:10-1:23:35. :rock: He can dance any type of dance and to any music, regardless on or off-ice. :jaw: Are there anything he actually can NOT do???
Shizuka is born to skate and Dai is born to perform! :luv17:

-Emiya Ichikawa(kabuki-actor)/Iwanaga-hime btwn 1:32:40-1:35:30: head rolling and banging with fury, which does require a maximum balance while on-skates for someone who isn't a skater, is a must to watch for sure. :cool:

Costumes and make-up are also amaging. This is something extraordinary a GEM than just calling it an ice show. I pretty much enjoyed it. I hope other fans of the sport will see it before it's gone. :)