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Ice Dance - FD!


Final Flight
Mar 7, 2011
I can appreciate that what Meryl & Charlie do is fast and difficult, but their skating leaves me cold!
I find it destracting that Meryl doesn't bend her knees much, it give the impression that Charlie is bobbing up and down, whilst she is staying in the same position!
I feel this is an athlete's program rather than a dance program.
Where is the connection, the dancing, the extended limbs, the elegance, the character, the beautiful dresses?
There should be way more to dance than well executed tricks!
Bring back dance!!!

You must be thinking of another couple.


Oct 31, 2009
I don't know if is juts me but i was wating for masterpiece from D/W. It was waltzy, it was fast, light and clean but it was pretty :think: Nothing really difereni and inovating , not even the lifts.

Three lifts were brand new - the opening lift and the "ballerina" split lift. The others were variations of a lift they used last year. And I think it is a masterpiece - a classic grand waltz with a light airy feel and great speed. So far no one has gotten a higher score for their FD. I saw it live, so perhaps I appreciate it more.