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Top 5 favourites from Nationals?


Record Breaker
Jul 29, 2003
1. Piper and Paul winning in iconic fashion with their stunning FD
2. The entire ice dance FD event. So many great performances from top to bottom, especially the two new podium placers Fabri/Ayer and Lauriault/Le Gac
3. The final flight in the pairs competition: Laurin/Ethier having the skate of their lives, then Pereira/Michaud showing how far they've come, followed by Deanna and Max skating like champions
4. Though the jumps didn't work, seeing Roman Sadovsky's new SP, which is a work of art
5. Seeing some of the up and coming women: Fée-Ann Landry, Hetty Shi, Rose Théroux

Honourable mentions: Wesley Chiu's SP, Maddie Schizas SP, Kaiya Ruiter LP, Anthony Paradis, Carignan/Pierro's SP


Record Breaker
Mar 7, 2015
1) Piper and Paul's FD
2) Fabbri Ayer getting a medal
3) Hensen Lickers FD and finishing 4
4) Laurin-Ethier overall improvement
5) Quebec women in general. They didn't get to the podium but are a strong group improving every year. I am looking forward to seeing how Fée Ann and others evolve

Honorary mention : Anthony Paradis, at 16, being a boss despite having to take a penalty to fix his laces. Kept his composure. Came back. Didn't sacrifice much (popped a lutz but he does pop a jump here and there in normal times...) and earned a senior bronze without much technical content and a heavy penalty.


Jun 11, 2023
1 - Terry Yu Tao Jin's free skate
2 - Les Supremes (senior) short program
3 - Rose Theroux's free skate
4 - Laurin/Ethier's entire competition, they are a joy and I hope to see their joy at 4CCs and Worlds.
5 - Conrad almost pulling a Gogo and coming in second for the free skate after a bad short. I liked his Challenge performance of it better, but I'm putting it here for the fact that he almost did it and came so close to the podium.

Honourable Mentions - Breken Brezden, Natalie Roccatani, Antoine Goyette, Damien Bueckert and Ethan Scott were skaters I enjoyed during Nationals. I was just happy to see them skate here, and making senior Nationals is an accomplishment in its own right :)


Dec 31, 2014
1. The entire Ice Dance Free Dance competition was the highlight of the entire event, which is surprising, considering the dark cloud over it before the competition started.
2. Laurin/Ethier. Their Free Skate was by far the crowd favourite.
3. Anthony Paradis - both programs
4. Gilles/Poitier Free Dance
5. Fabri/Ayer. Their FD was also a crowd favorite.

Honorable Mention to Hensen/Lickers who have improved tremendously in a short time.