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IF Osmond wins World Gold will she quit!


Nov 1, 2004
Please don't kick someone while they're down...

“Please don’t kick someone while they are down”. How many times have you kicked Kaetlyn when she was down. It’s a different story when the boot is on the other foot or skate in this situation. I was happy that Alina won the OGM and beat Med. and I am also happy that Katelyn won the World Championship and beat Alina. You said that it would never happen and Other not so nice words. You should never say never. How many kicks did Kaetlyn get? Too many to count!!🙂


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Jan 25, 2013
I do not think she would quit... but then again, the chances of her winning gold are really minuscule, if I were to bet, it would be around 1%.

I am pretty positive she will continue until Beijing, the Canadian junior field is relatively weak... so her and Gabby are very likely to compete in three Olympics.

And I'm 100% thrilled with the result! :biggrin:


May 23, 2017
You know, many skaters gets a lot of hate on this forum (it’s a trademark, really), particularly those who are successful. While reading competitions threads, people are so nice and sweet about the skaters in the first groups, but once they reach the last groups, the venom comes out. I wonder why that is, it’s really unfortunate.

It's so usual in sports. So so sad. For example our Dutch Soccer team. It's losing and losing and isn't going to the Championship this year. Everybody is picking on them: They are playing bad, etc. Yesterday they won a practize game from Portugal. And now everybody is shouting: Oh man, they were sooooooo good. Like the old team, when they were winning! Sigh...... It's so easy to tear people down in stead of giving compliments it seems. We found out in the taxi, the day after the FP of the ladies. He asked what we thought about Carolina Kostner. He said she shouldn't be there and that she skated very bad. Man, she's a legend! I didn't reacted, as I know better. Bad energy. Which lady skater can say she's in full competition at the age of 30? So let's hope everybody is treating everybody with respect! ;)

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Dec 6, 2004
I have no problems with people saying they don't like someone's skating. It's when they act like that person is bad or a horrible person because they outperformed your own personal favourite. Skating has screwy judging sometimes but it's not the skater's fault. And I don't follow skaters on the Twitter or Insta-Ham so I don't care what so and so said about such and such.