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2024 Junor Worlds: Thoughts?


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Mar 3, 2015
Thanks. I originally thought you were referring to a skater but couldn't figure out who those initials would apply to. Then I wondered if it might mean something like that.

Don't share this story with my son, who already thinks I'm not very cool. :laugh:
I edited to say sorry.. should have spelled it out.. 🤗


On the Ice
Jun 8, 2014
Sadly, I found Mao's skate to be passionless. She is stuck in juniors for several more years and she looks like it. It's very sad to hold back this skater who likely could win senior worlds, but I suppose the ISU has to 'protect' her from herself, or something. She's throwing quads and triple axels anyway, so why not let her compete against the world's best? Jia is delightful, but she's lacking an authority and command of the ice, IMHO. Good for her to do well. I get all the Japanese and Korean skaters confused, there's always seemingly a different skater in these slots. Hopefully these skaters will define themselves much better in the future.
did you watch Jia's gala though?


Jun 26, 2012
I really enjoyed it. I am a big fan of Olivia Flores and Luke Wang ever since I saw their FS at US Nationals, and though they were better then, I still loved to watch them! With the men I can't praise Anthony Paradis enough, but I also enjoyed many other Skates including Arlet Levandi's Free. Had a blast with Dance but I must admit that Leah and Artem were having real senior programmes already. I don't care about the fall in the FD, as they were so much in front. Loved the Israeli and German Dancers as well. Lovely rivalry between them. Pitied the Italians who were great to watch until the last second.

Ted gets top marks for his commentary.


Record Breaker
Jun 11, 2012
I think my biggest take away is how some of the junior women skaters are so far ahead of most of our senior ladies when it comes to jumps. A quad toe and triple axel from the winner? Multiple girls doing 3As?

And Anthony Paradis is one of my new favorites. Just needs to slow down a bit. I think that would improve his consistency. Love his flare and his whole vibe. Refreshing.