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Ilya Klimkin signs contract with RTR


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Jul 28, 2003

Ilya Klimkin signs contract with RTR (TV station)

Russian skater Ilya Klimkin will not be representing Russia in the upcoming season. As IA "Sportcom" found out, the skater signed a contract with RTR, and will participate in the show "Dances on Ice".

Klimkin started talking about wrapping up his eligible career last season. However, up until know he has not verbalized his official decision to leave the sport
Vadim KOMAROV, IA "Sportcom"


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Jul 26, 2003
This is wonderful news. I hope he can make a good living with skating and continue as long as he is healthy.
Jul 11, 2003
A very special skater. That is what Ilya Klimkin was/is. His Apresmidi d'un Faun was one of those rare classic moments in figure skating It went beyond competitive skating. I wish someone would put it up on youtube.