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Ladies' Entries - 2012 Rostelecom Cup

Jul 30, 2012
So far, the most likely to get into the GPF are:

Wagner (188.37)
Asada (181.76)
Lipnitskaia (177.92)

There are still 3 events left, but provided that these three skate clean at their next GP, they'll be locks for Sochi in December.

"P. Shelepen (RUS) out of NHK Trophy I heard." Tatjana Flade
It means (most probably) second Event for Osmond, i.e. 1st and 3rd or higher (most probably) places for her. It means Final.
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Oct 30, 2012
My prediction: Murakami & Sotnikova will medal.
Zhang, Zawadzki & Helgesson almost no chance to medal.
The rest: hard to say.
Jul 30, 2012
Ladies - who has chance to win

Gracie GOLD - yes, if as at Junior Worlds-2012.
Polina KOROBEYNIKOVA - yes, if as at FS Euro-2012 and others not very good. Very low probability that it will be so, but possible.
Adelina SOTNIKOVA - yes, if good jumps.
Kanako MURAKAMI - yes, if no URs and others not so good.
Kiira KORPI - yes, if others as at previous competitions this season.
Alena LEONOVA - yes, she can. She was 2nd at Worlds-2012 after not good skating at Euro-2012.

Others - no.

Unpredictable Event, 6 Ladies may pretend on gold medal, most of them may be at second half (only for Sotnikova and Korpi it is not probable, but Korpi has some little chance to be in second half).

My prediction: Murakami & Sotnikova will medal.
Zhang, Zawadzki & Helgesson almost no chance to medal.
The rest: hard to say.
Also Valentina MARCHEI has almost no chance to medal.
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May 19, 2011
My dream podium would be:

1. Adelina
2. Kanako
3. Agnes/Valentina

Adelina is by far my favorite of the Russian ladies; if she can get through the SP cleanly and nail the majority of her jumps in the LP, she'll win here. She hit both 3-3s last time so if she can replicate that and not make silly mistakes, that gold is hers.

Kanako suffers the same fate Akiko has suffered for so long...a lot of the good things she does are under-appreciated. If she skates like she did at her last event minus all of the URs, she has a great shot at the podium.

I'd like to see Agnes breakthrough here. She's the best jumper the US has and she's strong in other areas of her skating as well (spins, speed, performance, etc.). If she can get herself together she'd be very tough to beat.

I loved Valentina's SP and her LP is charming as well. I enjoy watching her and she appears to be getting stronger the closer we get to Sochi. I'd like to see her medal.

Everyone else...

Kiira has a great shot at the podium, especially if she lands her 3T-3T and others make mistakes. She's probably more likely to get 2nd or 3rd here depending on how she skates. The judges adore her...

Gracie desperately needs a good showing here. Her stock is way down after SC so a strong performance here might renew some of that (premature) confidence people had in her. Another showing like SC and there will be a for her she skates first.

Caroline needs to add that 3L-3L if she wants to get out of the bottom of the standings. With that 3-3 and a few mistakes from others she could sneak into 5th place...

Polina K. is a lovely skater. If she's upped her difficulty and can perform cleanly, she'll be a darkhorse here...

Alena skates with great energy but I hate her skating. It'd be nice to see her do better than she did at SA, but I really don't want to see her on the podium. She skates pretty well at home so she's got a great chance at medaling here if she has a solid skate. Alena's a late skater though (after nationals) so there's a chance she'll continue to struggle here.

Viktoria has a shot at top 5 if she can hit her jumps and others make mistakes...

This isn't a very strong field...I really hope Adelina pulls it together and wins here and if she skates well, there's no reason she won't.


Aug 21, 2012
They adore Gracie, too. I hope she makes it on the podium--95% sure that she'll place ahead of Agnes, regardless, and probably Marchei. She'll have a tough time contending with Korpi, Sotnikova, and Murakami for those 3 medals.


Apr 8, 2012
I hope & pray that Grace comes out on fire I love to watch her skate she is great & has a great coach


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Jan 4, 2010
Helgelson looks like a 50yo woman using anti-aging cream to shave off a few years. Poor thing, her hair stylist should be shaved.
Korpi is spectacular looking. This girl exudes beauty and elegance.
Marchei looks like a mall rat. Nothing remarkable.