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Lake Placid International Dance Competition Aug 4 to 7th


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Re: Junior Section B Short Dance

Section B Jr Short Dance just finished.

Lorraine McNamara & Quinn Carpenter
Jack booted military khakis
Pink and white print floral dress, green belt sparkly
Open with Viennese
He can’t point his toe in the fake boots
Twizzles off first set, stray apart on 2nd set
Straight line foot trying to be tangoish, not working
Lift,rotational, fair speed in the turns
They seem very young. I don’t know the music.
Little lift to end. She’s hanging on his waist (don’t go!)
Score: 31.20

Marissa Van Ays and Troy Findel CAN
She’s in off green ugly prom dress
Black short jacket, white shirt
“I see the candlelight”
Neat lift (s/l)
Song is “I Remember Natalie”
Viennese Waltz
Twizzles, he stumbles. First set has leg to side, second
set arms behind.
Into quickstep, song is "Big Time"
s/l fw slow
"need a shady accountant who can cook the books!"
Rotational lift to end
Score: 28.92 in 2nd

Anastasia Olson & Jordan Cowan
royal blue rag dress, blackvest, white shirt, black pants
Fallin by Alicia Keyes for the PD part
Jump into twizzles. Back twizzles
Now into some quickstep
Down with Love
SL f/w ordinary
Lift a little messy onthe arms

Score: 38.07 into 1st place

Natalie Wojton & Michael Soyfer
blue shirt & black pants, red dress with blue fishbone on bodince and blue crinoline. asymmetrical skirt
Decent twizzles
When I was younger
You are " the only exception" by Paramore written by Farro
legline mismatch
weak choctaw
This stupid Heart no transition Heartbroken by Meaghan Smith
f/w unison problems but not dull
weak rotational lift to end
Score: 35.69 into 2nd place

Sameena Sheikh & Paul Bellantuono
white long sleev business shirt black buttoned vest black pants
red backless dress with fancy gold bodice and a black swatch of gauze stuck to the rhs of her waist.
waltz to start basic steps then PD
Not masquerade waltz but like that
their timing does not match with each other first bit
faster better now
into tango
square foot up in lift ?
jump into twizzles missed the start of the second set
besti squats in the s/l f/w
rotational lift
bent tango leg kick to end
Score 30.11 into 4th

Joylyn Yang & Jean-Luc Baker
pink dress, black trim, lace up & tied back& black mittens
frontof skirt is a drape in dk & lt pink
There is a non-tiffed-ness look to this costume.
Coat sort operetta prince black pants
My favorite things in some foreign language
s/l f/w
he has flair
leg lines don't match
PD not great
good kick
simple weak rotational lift
score: 37.03 into 2nd

Gabrielle Friedenberg & Benjamin Nykiel
Dark long sleeved mandarin collar dress, asymmetrical skirt
He's all in black too
Off to the funeral, er I mean Tango
s/l step not complex Jump 3turns
Unison OK
Violin into the music
Waltz Masquerade for the Viennese Waltz
Beat not emphasized as I would like
rotational lift
steps into twizzles not bad unison out 2nd set a bit
jump and stop
Score 45.43 into 1st

Maeve Pasco & Samuel Rashba
Kiss From a Rose by Seal
Rose pink dress sleeveless backless
Black outfit work jumpsuit for the guy
simple lever over the knee
bad stumble that keeps stumbling in close hold
Now that your rose is bloom
both fall
I've been kissed by a rose on the bed
jump into twizzles and she falls again :(
they stop and see the referee
Somethings wrong with the blade
They have 2 minutes to fix it.

Start again from the twizzle sequence
S/L slow but at least she stays up
Lift to end.

Score 18.92 in 8th place (last)

And that's the end.

There must be an extra level for jumping into your twizzles because so many teams are doing it.
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On the Ice
Aug 23, 2008
Re: Junior Section B Short Dance

Doris, thanks for the quick and detail report. What I heard some changes needed to get level 4 twizzles, e.g. jump into it or mirror image,etc. If they do the same level 4 twizzles as last year, they'll receive only level 3.


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Re: Junior Section B FD

Junior B FD

Lorraine McNamara & Qwynn Carpenter
He's in a black suit and tie (short jacket)
She's in a pale pastel pink dress with silver bodice trim
Their performance is missing “On Demand”
Score 47.84

Larissa Van As & Troy Shindle, Vancouver SC
He has a blue dinner jacket with black lapels and a white shirt and black pants.
She has an entirely gold lame long dress with a deep V neckline.

"Aint’ that a Kick In the head" Dean Martin

Labored twizzles
f/w sequence sl It went quite well with the music
two foot lift crouched, she has both feet touching her head

Different song
"Longer than Always" Dean Martin

She hangs under his leg by her knee lift. Cute
Pair spin, pretty much to music. Stops and starts though
This is a very 50’s FD
Rotational lift to end

Score: 46.28 into 2nd place.

Heather Buckner and Nicholas Taylor
He has a white tee shirt and a black open vest with T Shirt on the back and black pants
DA She has a bright lemon yellow skirt with a wide black cummerbund With a big sequin stencil and a white short sleeved blouse. And a semi-ponytail hairbow. Yellow.
Somehow I think, 50’s again, but rock this time? (Grease, ya think?)

“Summer Lovin”
“Hopeless Devoted to You”
Some stumble in some slow f/w here
“Greased Lightnin’”
This does not feel like dirty bop and it should during the Greased LIghtnin
Into twizzles. Very slow twizzles
The besti squat thing works well, though in this segment
Very simple slow spin
To End.
Score: 49.41 into 1st place

Amanda Bertsch & Semen Kaplun
Music: Amelie?
Magenta rag skirt. Ruffle placket shirt/pants
Well skated with long somewhat overcomplex lift
59.86 into first

Jenna Dzierzanowski & Vinny Dispenza
Black one arm dress with big sequins and magenta underskirt. Black Jump suit. What you want to bet, Latin?
Yup Latin.
edges shallow on first f/w Music full of funny squeaks
Take Off Your Coat Tangoy stuff -Spin Average
SL lift over the knee hohum
Some famous rhumba?
Some trippiness on f/w
not my cup of tea
Another Latin rhythm
seq twizzle way off Not on same timing
Bows very polished
40.43 5th

Charlotte Lichtman Dean Copely
He's in silver gray striped suit coat with tight striped leggings with a inset white shirt She's in V neck open black long sleeve dres
Interesting pair spin position
This was telling some kind of story but I'm not sure what.
ETA: The music is Beetlejuice. Now I have to watch the program again!
66.01 into 1st

Anastasia Cannuscio & Colin McManus
He's in black Red/orange sash deep v
She's in Latin skirt
Carmen, Habenera is the music
twizzles out and he touches foot down
nice back spiral for him with her in straight line lift on his foot
close hold f/w nice
better speed here
some feel for the music
flip over lift that actually has something to do with music
What: Music from The Deer Hunter as a transition?
pair spin. Some nice pos.
another rhythm with guitars Carmen and drum machine
rotational lift nice good drama by Anastasia. Nice little 1x jump by Colin.
Good ending
63? in 2nd

Danielle Gamelin & Alexander Gamelin
spangled magenta & chartreuse dress with ruffle
black suit with chartreuse neck ruffle & ruffle cuffs
Or Music is "Let's forget about it."
Twizzles OK
This is a good show
Everybody hurts instrumental
rot lift average
Now some kind salsa? "Bingo Bango Bongo"?
Ugly cartwheel thingie lift?
59.90 in 3rd

Milakirstie Kulsa & Eric Greengold
I don't know the music
royal blue halter dress
twizzles badly out
royal blue top black pants
not very good
unison out
guitar music swap
this complex lift is not smooth, position to position
8th place

Sameena Sheikh & Paul Bellantuono
She's in white rag dress wide gold belt
white underpants? redrag?
simple back sl/lift
2nd twizzles no forward movement to speak of
Some GFB-"When You Believe" Mariah Carey perhaps?)
Spin average. his sit position is nice
"who knows what miracles you can achieve when you believe somehow you will When you believe"

Middle eastern music
He has white pants.
Crossing guard shirt in back (blue, white diagonal, gold trim collar egyptian)
Arm waving
Up facing palms mideast end pose
60.58 in 2nd

Madeline Heritage & Nathaniel Fast
She's wearing a table cloth wrapped around her.. He grey vest, white shirt black pants
Twizzles way out 3 sets?
"Winter to spring but I love you till the end of time"
Song is "Come what may"
"suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste" :rolleye:
spin average stops too much on the reverse
av s/l lift into rotational that got a bit away from them
really ugly rotational lift
She dies on his lap to end ("Till my dying day" :ugh:)
47.64 8th place
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Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Senior SD

Sr SD just finished.

It was won by Chock& Zuerlein. Their Edith Piaf SD is much, much better than the FD. They used Milord, & Padam Padam.

K/G-S were 2nd with a nicely performed number to The Trouble With Love, with Harvey & Gagnon were 3rd with a fast and rather sloppy dance (I couldn't place the music, but should have known it, part I think was Danse Macabre). Cannuscio & Lorello did a nice SD to Piano Man (Billy Joel) They just need some more speed at this point.

More details later
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Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Junior Group A Short Dance

Short Dance Jr A
Viennese Waltz is the Pattern Dance

Nicole Orford & Thomas Williams CAN

He's in a red band jacket (think Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band) & Black pants, she in an orange and red dress and orange psychedelic dress

“I once had a girl” (Norwegian Wood, Beatles)
Viennese Waltz to open
good speed
nice chocktaw
CD skated to decent music is more fun to watch.

some lack of line unison on a kick
missed a hand grip
lift rotational on 2 levels

Music switches to (Help! Beatles)
sbs s/l f/w very nice
there was a step down I didn't like
quickstep sort of
neat flipping lift that's hard to describe
Quite enjoyable.

Score: 46.83

Milakirstie Kulsa & Eric Greengold SCNY
He's in a black suit
She's got a red sleeveless dress with one shoulder strap with a pointy hemline and a wide white bottom ruffle.

start with a french song into the Waltz
mess on the choctaw
kick good
2nd iteration better
she puts in a quick spiral in the middle.
Into some tango Roxane, really abrupt, no real transition
twizzle sequence crossing, not even
straight line footwork slow & too far apart. He tripped twice
kind of a stumbly end

Score: 22.87

Amanda Bertsch & Semen Kaplun

He has ecru ruffle shirt, black pants
She has red dress with black sash belt
white cap sleeves and white placket

starts with the waltz
"Have you Really Ever Loved a Woman"
better speed
some two footedness
drag her around at the end of the second repetition
jump into twizzles
she didn't have enough revs 2nd set
Side by side footwork: she put foot down
he's better than she is.
odd ending musically, but they finished on it
Whole thing done as a waltz

Score: 33.57 in 2nd

Kara Vick & David Lenz

Black dance length halter dress lots of sequins
Masquerade Waltz
whippy leg out twizzles arm behind back twizzle
His weren't right.
lift average
another waltz
not enough speed
leg swing OK
timing off or my computer is
Now we have Mack the Knife as a quickstep
not very quicksteppy
and creepingly slow across the ice
there was a bit of a pepper pot before
the side by side straight line footwork
kind of botched lift ending

Score: 20.40 in 4th place

Lauri Bonacorsi & Travis Mager

He is in tails and tux shirt black pants
She's in a peach pastel prom dress with a weird sash tail hanging from it- it's way too long
Carousel Waltz
Start with the Viennese
nice kick
nice choctaw nice speed
decent timing
speeds up
PD quite good
twizzles right into it and feet down all messed up
In fact, really nothing good about this one element
hydro move
nice interaction between them
interesting pickup into lift but easy lift

Charlotte Lichtman & Dean Copely
Odd suspenders, white shirt pants almost overallish
red prom dress low cut
twizzles 2nd good
when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie-"That's Amore" by Dean Martin
Viennese Waltz to this?
into ending over knee
"On an Evening in Roma" by Dean Martin
f/w lost unison one point, and there was a stumbly twizz exit
Lift average
To end
Odd. Just Odd.
I think this was intended to be all waltz? because it wasn't tango or quickstep.

Score: 48.41 in first place

Danvi Pham & Vu Pham
He's in dark red faux tux jacket and pants
She in white dress with lots of red rags on arms and skirt and
a sideways heart cut out. Way OTT outfit (true ice dance style)

I don't recognize the music
legs don't match. She needs more extension.
cute as bugs
PD first
pretty good speed.
twizzles out to lunch
straight line footwork
timing not bad
Rotational lift smoothly landed
is this a tango
lift to end kneeling (is that OK for end new rules)
Score 36.34 into 3rd place.

Madeline Heritage & Nathaniel Fast
She has a red orange backless halter style prom dress with spangled hemline.(pleasantly simple)
He's in black tails and pants

Little spin to start
Twizzles out of unison
To Mr. Bojangles as a waltz with whistling
Into Westminster Waltz steps
Not bad choctaw
Quickstep with charlestony steps
ha ha ha Thinking about the things we used to do
"Walk in the park" song part into s/l f/w and he got lost in the middle of it Blew the element
complicated and rather ugly combo lift


Danielle Gamelin & Alexander Gamelin
Teal v neck puffy sleeved shirt with black pants
Spangly Teal spaghetti strap prom dress.
"You're not alone"...(Song is "Keep holdng On!")
twizzles he has one more rev
PD good speed
timing quite good
nice edges
cartwheel at end of PD
Lift to end
Quickstep abrut :eek:
"What good is Music "It Don't Mean a Thing ( if it Aint Got that Swing)"
Straight Line Footwork: not crazy about this element
off center rotational lift
to end in nice pose

Score: 36.59 into 3rd

Anastasia Cannuscio & Colin McManus
Black v neck puffy sleeve shirt, black pants
hot pink dress with long tail to one side
silver trim
A bit bare for juniors
"This is a Man's World"
Tiwzzles with legs out to the side and unison out
start the PD
something nice about the arm hold variations
nice and smooth
rotational lift to the end of it
into Tango
"I Bust the WIndows out Your Car"
Straight Line Footwork: fairly close together, and worked well with the music.
some dramatic hands
end pose

Different music choice :)
Score: 40.56 into 3rd place

Sara Aghai & Qwynn Dalmer CAN
Tail coat black white tux shirt black pants
royal blue dress wide straps black gloves and pearly ropes
"If I had a golden umbrella" by Diana Decker, 1954
into twizzles with a messed up 2nd set
did they miss a step?
rotational lift
abrupt transition to
"I Can't tell a Waltz froma Tango" by Patti Page
Straight Line Footwork OK
little lift to end
Score 34.32 in 6th place

Alexandra Aldridge & Daniel Eaton Detroit
very pale blue pastel dress
black tail coat blackpants tux shirt
"Falling in love with love" as an instrumental
Timing issues? Or is it me?
Leg line not great
Good kick
little jump to end
and abruptly into quickstep
"Let's Face the Music and dance"
Lots of feet down in twizzles
straight line footwork not bad
small lift to end

Score: 43.50 into 3rd place

Heather Buckner & Nicholas Taylor
Royal blue dress white bodice, white hem edge long gloves,
Quite pretty dress
black tail coat and pants and white shirt

Quickstep pepperpot start
don't know the music
off the beat lots of tuba
straight line footwork slow she has bad trip
twizzle sequence: 2nd set off
into waltz
timing off sometimes

steps to roll in and out and rotational lift to end

Score: 24.88 into 11th place.


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Senior Short Dance

Senior Short Dance
The Golden Waltz is the pattern dance part of the program

Shannon Wingle and Timothy McKernan
She’s in light acid blue with a deep asymmetrical veed ffront
Painted with white at the bottom
He has a white shirt and black pants.
Masquerade Waltz
Right into the Golden Waltz
Good speed
Twizzles. He completely messes up the first set.
Fast lift up to him on one leg going backward. Nice
They slow down a lot in the straight line footwork
Score: 43.61 into 1st of course

Lauren Corry & Alexander Lorello
He’s all in black with silver trims. She has on a red halter dress.
Start with twizzles. He messes up the first ones
“Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica
Into Golden Waltz.
Overly careful in some of the turns
Attitude turn sloppy.
Dead stop abrupt transition to next part.
Quickstep- Song is “Telephone” by Lady Gaga, I think
Straight line footwork
Lift with her in split. Not secure
Score: 30.44 into 2nd place.

Kristen Nardozzi & Robert Cuthbertson;
blue sparkly shirt black pants
light blue skirt . Bright blue bodice
"Fallin" by Alicia Keyes
jump into a rotational lift
back bend and change directions
Golden Waltz
shoot the duck
Turn after it not so good
He's pulling her along; not too great
into twizzles crossing they nearly run into each other
straight line footwork to very slow section. She puts a foot down early.
Lift to end way after the music.
(3rd version of Fallin- this could get old.)
Score: 31.51 into 2nd

Lynn Kriengkrairut & Logan Giulietti-Schmitt;
Red dress. Black button vest white shirt and black pants
"The trouble with Love Is" (not sure if this is Kelly Clarkson?)
very smooth
complex lift
twizzles (jump into Some problem on 2nd set)
Golden Waltz
a few little leg line issues, but very sexy
The attitude turn hopped
straight line footwork-crossing very close. nice
nice skid move
Rotational lift to end.
I liked this
Score: 48.98 in 1st place

Meredith Zuber & Kyle Herring
black dress, a little too long a tail. Bathrobish somehow
black shirt, gray vest & pants & tie on the boy
Alicia Keyes "Fallin' " (AAAAAgain...)
Lift with girl in split, her foot on his foot.
Into Golden Waltz.
Turn in the Shoot the duck not good
Fast turns have timing issues
Leg sloppy in attitude turn
Twizzles (one way only? Did I miss the other set?)
straight line footwork very slow relatively simple
far apart too.
Rotational lift to end
Score: 35.33 into 3rd place.

Isabella Cannuscio & Ian Lorello;
Black v neck suit on the boy, and
Orange shaded painted prom dress on the girl. Asymmetrical neckline.
Music is Billy Joel's "Piano Man"
nice skid turn
nice twizzles with a waltz lilt (good touch, that)
straight line steps quite close
good attitude arms need work a little.
"Sing us a song" to start the Golden Waltz.
Into the lift
Nice waltz feel to the whole thing.
cartwheel onto his lap to end.
Nice job. Just a little speed needed.
Score: 45.18 into 2nd

Natalie Feigin & Ievgenii Krasniak;
Hot pink dress. White shirt black pants
Song is "What's New Pussycat"
Golden Waltz to start;
leg line issue
Light humorous treatment of the dance
Taps her on the nose "pussycat nose" to end the Golden Waltz
Twizzles not terrible. A little slow onforward motion
Song is "Baby it's Cold Outside"
Straight line footwork, average
Lift kind of blown and very labored
Still, kind of fun.
Score: 34.18 into 5th

Madison Chock & Greg Zuerlein

He's in a black tee & black pants.
She's in a black dress with really clunky looking
black practice leggings.
French songs by Edith Piaf-starts with "Milord"
crossing sl steps
This is quite good
Different Piaf song-"Padam, Padam"
into Twizzles, good ones!
into Golden Waltz
nice dramatic gestures
Much better than their FD
fast rotational lift on 2 levels
end a hair late, otherwise very good.
52.31 into first, well deserved.

Katharine Zeigler & Baxter Burbank
White suit coat with naval touches, black pants
white dress hot pink trim
do ya "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley (not sure of the performer?)
straight line footwork nicely to music
twizzles a little off but good
into Golden Waltz: stumble by him
rotatational lift to slow part
Quite pleasant
Score: 37.76 into 9th.

Tarrah Harvey & Keith Gagnon; CAN
black suit for Keith with red shirt
black dress for Tarrah with red and black crinoline material under it
Straight Line footwork well done
it is clearly tango though
cannon booms
waltz of something or other classical I should remember, I think Dance Macabre?
They are not doing the Golden Waltz turns not all that well. They set this to a fast timing,
and perhaps it was not the greatest idea.
Into twizzles he has trouble with holding his foot
Good speed, but a touch sloppy, especially in the Golden Waltz
score: 46.85 into 3rd place


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Junior FD, Group A

During the Group A free dance, we had a terrible thunder storm, including a tornado warning, and lost power and the internet. I watched the Group A FD today, and here's my report:

Danvi Pham and Vu Pham
She has black leggings with fringes and a black very sequinned top
He has white pants and a stylized vest over white.
She's wearing a very long pig tail.

Kind of a near east program with lots of palms up motions, and angular arm and leg positions.

They look very young and cute as bugs.

They jump into the twizzles which are all disjointed, They were supposed to be split jump into twizzles.
Then there's a cool lift entrance where she jumps on his back and then twists around into a more usual position.
Interesting spin entry.
They both fall in a lift,
Score: 46.84 Includes a 2 point penalty for both falling.

Sarah Aghai & Qwynn Dahmer Vancouver

music box mechanical noises, then ooo ooo ooo
She has folk dress with a crinoline under the skirt? French folk?
He has a vest/pants/shirt

Some French number Piaf?

average lift. average twizzles. Nice flow for young juniors.
labored spin position and the crinoline gets away from her.
crinkling saran noises and drums

Nice close holds
who ahoo and other funny noises

strumming on a guitar
fall on rotational lift
Voodoo gaga song

problems with final position including she put a hand down.

44.10 (2nd place) (5.0 points worth of penalties :eek:)

Alexandra Aldridge and Daniel Eaton
I should recognize this song. Romeo & Juliet
Girl in average blue dance dress, guy in black v neck
jumpsuit with sparkling v edging, lacing and stripe on puffy sleeve
Flip into lift very complex
change of music
twizzle one foot nice
pull through
girl cross his knee lift
30 seconds or so of posing
into steps to spin
Spin. rather slow and I don't know whether they got the revs
on the second direction
to end.
Nobody died at the end. Good for R&J.

Score. 66.53 into first.

Natalie Wojton and Michael Soyfer,
Crayon box dress in primary colors in stripes on the skirt and an orange bodice.
Black suit with green and orange on it
Twizzles OK
Air guitar by boy
Lift rotational
French song I don't recognize it, but it reminds me of a
French version of The Searchers' "Bumblee" song, "Oo EE you hurt me like a bee, a bumblebee, an evil bumblebee?"
A different French song
Much da da ing
Spin kind of slow and lost its center at the end
drums & another song
A jive thing
Split lift. She does not have good leg positions.
Slide under to end.
Score: 48.90 into 2nd place

Anastasia Olson and Jordan Cowan
Orange shirt black pants, suspenders
She has a red and orange dress
Drums to start this is definitely a 40's jive thing
"Who's your daddy yes I am" "Zoot Suit Riot" is the song.
It's got the right feel for the period
Then into
"Don't you feel my leg" by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, I think
Blues now
Standard across the leg lift
Really nice quick spin
Jump into twizzles which really works with this music
Messed up the exit from the second to last lift
Flip over lift exit to end.
Score: 58.93

Laurie Bonacorsi and Travis Mager
Yellow and black wide striped vest, white shirt, bow tie, black pants with a stripe. He has a spike on hair that doesn't work with the outfit or the 40's.
Red dress with Yellow under skirt & red gloves
I don't know the first song, but this is a swing, jitterbug program.
"Business of Love" is second song.
Lift with her lying flat on his back
Rotational lift with her hanging in a ball off his arm
They are having some sort of problem and stop skating.
Song is now "Hey Pachuco"
Long delay, and they resume
Good speed at the end-It's still "Hey Pachuco"
Cool last lift-she lies back and he kneels on her leg
Flip to end.
Score: 58.58 (this includes a 2 point penalty for the stoppage.)

Janine Halstead and Robert Knopf
He's in black with a black stripe down the leg
She's in black with gold hem ruffle and a thinner version of a ruffly clown collar in black and gold
Music is sort of bride of the grandfather of Zorro.
Lots of Lala lala ing.
Across the leg lift one way and then the other
la la lala
twizzles a mess he puts a foot down and the second set hardly starts
The footwork is not working either the steps aren't to the music
Spin that makes it up to average
She has a nice subtle sideways position that works with Latin in the spin
Rotational lift
arm changes like hokeypokey or something
They're exhausted.
I hope this impoves as the season goes on.

Score: 43.03, including a one point penalty. (And there was an error in the score as reported live)

Nicole Orford, and Thomas Williams
She's in a royal blue dress with a rag skirt with a one side strap on the shoulder
Black pants, grey/silver shirt, royal blue vest with a point in the back, white edging, and a kind of sewed on loose ascot in front.
Music sounds like the soundtrack to something or other. I don't recognize it.
I thought there was a foot down when it shouldn't have in the
first footwork sequence. Good speed, and smooth.
into spin. Good speed in the spin.
nice leg out to the side twizzles, then arms behind the back twizzles,
well done.
Straightline lift, rather simple
He's going back on one leg, she's lifted in front of him
footwork sequence
rotational lift. Again a simple one.
Simple lift to end.
They skated this with a lot of speed and conviction.

Score: 67.68 into first.

Joylyn Yang and Jean-luc Baker

She's in a brown/gold dress, asymetrically cut, gold belt,
He's in a white shirt with a v neck with a black lace & black pants
Start in a spin
"Round like in a spiral in an every spinning wheel"
doing a footwork sequence
Song is "In the Windmills of Your Mind" (male singer)
into a lift that kind of reverse, interesting shapes
This is quite nice
she sits on his knee, up into standing on his knee lift
slight stumble apart a bit on a back twizzle bit
"the color of her hair" in the song and then they switch
to a different singer (female) same song with a different beat.
steps to end.
A little monotonous, but the choreo matches the music very well. And they skated very smoothly. I could see them on the JGP.

Score: 61.95 into 3rd place.

Kara Vick, and David Lenz

He's in a royal blue shirt and black pants.
She's in a white strapless dress with a royal blue edge around the top and a v back.
Start in a combo lift into a biellman rotational lift.
footwork sequence
Kind of slow across the ice
Violin music, I don't recognize it.
She messes the first twizzle. they do 3 sets.
Into the spin. Slow, leg positions need work.
faster music to drum machine
He had a stumbly two foot bit
Simple back straight line lift
Rotational lift with very bad leg positions to end in a pose
Score 42.12 into 10th.

Gabrielle Friedenberg and Benjamin Nykiel

He's all in gray with a silver random streak down the side
She's wearing a light blue spangly dress painted into pink in a rag skirt, and it isn't particularly becoming
Sounds of water. She appears to be sitting on his knee
Moonlight sonata
but with drum machine
twizzles he has problems on the first set but no foot down
Lift, she in spit, one foot on his foot
Footwork. She foot down slight stumble
Spin average
The drum machine keeps going
rotational lift
She goes into a split, her leg supported by his nonskating leg, nonlift
Lift her in Biellman. (Three very similar lifts in this program)
End to water sounds with her dead over his knee.

Score 55.90 into 6th place.
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