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Liberty 2013 Summer Competition July 16th to 20th


Record Breaker
Aug 25, 2003
^^^ That's MasterB's YouTube account. Thanks for taking the time to film/upload these videos!

I'm wondering if anyone knows where results/protocols are posted for senior ladies...can't find them anywhere...
Detailed protocols were published online for the first time last year by the Liberty host club after the competition was over, but I don't know if/when protocols and complete official results will be posted this year. I've compiled links to official results sheet photos and other results/news in my blog:

ETA: Lacoste did not register at Liberty - withdrawals from summer competitions are fairly common.

Senior Ladies recap article with quotes by Ashley Cain, Yasmin Siraj, Samantha Cesario & coaches:

Article about the Senior Men's FS (Manella and Messing), Junior/Novice roundup, confirmation of Gedevanishvili's coaching change, plus news from the Hackensack, NJ rink:

A few backstage photos:


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
This year they were selling protocol sets for $10 a pop. They may not be hurrying to put them up.


Record Breaker
Oct 22, 2005
They probably won't put up skater's detailed sheets if they do post results. Protocol sets include the detailed skater sheets.