Loicia Demougeot & Theo Le Mercier


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Mar 17, 2015
Loicia DEMOUGEOT, born 31st January 2002 in Belfort, France, and Théo LE MERCIER, born 18th October 1999 in Belfort, France, are ice dancers who represent France. They are two-time French Junior champions. The team finished fifth at the 2019-20 Junior Grand Prix Final and sixth at the 2020 World Junior Championships.

They are currently coached by Karine Arribert-Narce, V. Zalkhliupana and V. Pastukhov, and list their former coach as Eric Le Mercier.

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Biographical Information

ISU Bio: http://www.isuresults.com/bios/isufs00055030.htm

Tracings.net: http://tracings.net/demo-leme.html

Stats on Ice: https://www.statsonice.com/skaterteam/loiciademotheole-mer/

Loïcia's Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loïcia_Demougeot

Théo's Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Théo_Le_Mercier

Loicia's rinkresults: http://www.rinkresults.com/skater?skater_id=32664

Théo's rinkresults: http://www.rinkresults.com/skater?skater_id=32665

Social media

Loïcia's Instagram (private): https://www.instagram.com/loicia.demougeot/ (@ loicia.demougeot)

Théo's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/t0_lm/ (@ t0_lm)

Total162.70ISU JGP Baltic Cup 2019Junior
RD65.82ISU JGP Baltic Cup 2019Junior
RD Technical36.28ISU JGP Baltic Cup 2019Junior
RD Component30.42ISU World Junior Championships 2020Junior
FD97.64ISU World Junior Championships 2020Junior
FD Technical51.33ISU JGP Baltic Cup 2019Junior
FD Component46.54ISU World Junior Championships 2020Junior

ISU personal best scores (historical):

TypeScoreEventJunior Ice Dance
Total118.17ISU JGP St. Gervais 2016Junior Ice Dance
SD/RD51.52ISU World Junior Championships 2018Junior Ice Dance
SD/RD Technical28.64ISU JGP Egna Neumarkt 2017Junior Ice Dance
SD/RD Component23.71ISU World Junior Championships 2018Junior Ice Dance
FD69.61ISU JGP Egna Neumarkt 2017Junior Ice Dance
FD Technical35.75ISU JGP St. Gervais 2016Junior Ice Dance
FD Component35.13ISU JGP Egna Neumarkt 2017Junior Ice Dance


RD: "Your feet's too big" from Ain't Misbehavin' by Ken Page; "How Ya Baby" (from "Ain't Misbehavin'") by Deshields, Woodard; choreo by Karine Arribert-Narce


RD: "Your feet's too big" from Ain't Misbehavin' by Ken Page; "How Ya Baby" (from "Ain't Misbehavin'") by Deshields, Woodard; choreo by Karine Arribert-Narce
FD: Habanera (from "Carmen") - Chuy Remix; Carmen Suite by Rodion Shchedrin; choreo by Karine Arribert-Narce
EX: "Me And The Devil" by Soap&Skin and "Strange" by Apollo-G'eeze


SD Tango: "Codigo de Barras" by Bajofondo; choreo. by Karine Arribert-Narce
FD: "Killing the Name Tab" by Rage Against the Machine, "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica, "Born to be Wild" (Easy Rider) by Steppenwolf; choreo. by Karine Arribert-Narce


SD: Cha Cha: "El Pescador" by Toto La Momposina, Rhumba: "La Colegiala" by Rodolfo y su tipica, Samba: "Onda Tropica" by Punkero Sonidero; choreo. by Karine Arribert-Narce
FD: "Light of the Seven" by David de Miguel, "Strange" by Apollo Geeze; choreo. by Karine Arribert-Narce


SD: Blues: "Black Swamp Village;" Swing: "Black Swamp Village;" choreo. by Karine Arribert-Narce
FD: "Tomay Gaan Shonabo;" by Sunidhi Chauhan; choreo. by Karine Arribert-Narce

Competitive History under -/+5 scoring system:
Video links in results

Gala video
Season 2020-2021
2019/20Junior2020-21 Masters de Patinage (Junior)68.18 (1)91.48 (1)159.66 (1)
Season 2019-2020
2019/20JuniorWorld Junior Championship 20206 (64.88)6 (97.64)6 (162.52)
2019/20JuniorFrench Junior Championships 20201 (71.22)1 (107.44)1 (178.66)
2019/20Junior2019 Junior Mentor Torun Cup2 (61.82)3 (95.19)3 (157.01)
2019/20Junior2019 Junior Grand Prix Final5 (62.84)5 (93.42)5 (156.26)
2019/20Junior2019 Volvo Cup3 (58.01)4 (86.76)4 (144.77)
2019/20Junior2019 Minsk-Arena Ice Star64.09 (1)97.06 (1)161.15 (1)
2019/20Junior2019-20 Masters de Patinage (Junior)66.41 (1)104.60 (1)171.01 (1)
2019/20JuniorISU JGP Baltic Cup 201965.82 (2)96.88 (3)162.70 (2)
2019/20JuniorISU JGP Grand Prix de Courchevel 201963.78 (1)97.23 (2)161.01 (2)
Season 2018-2019
2018/19Junior2019 Junior World Championships59.33 (7)85.00 (9)144.33 (8)
2018/19Junior2019 French Junior Championships59.45 (1)91.21 (1)150.66 (1)
2018/19JuniorEgna Dance Trophy 2019 Egna59.89 (1)92.00 (1)151.89 (1)
2018/19JuniorMentor Torun Cup 2019 Torun58.22 (3)87.19 (3)145.41 (2)
2018/19JuniorPavel Roman Memorial 2018 Olomouc57.89 (1)86.68 (1)147.57 (1)
2018/19JuniorISU JGP Canada58.36 (4)84.60 (5)142.96 (4)
2018/19Junior2018-19 Masters de Patinage (Junior)57.37 (1)82.32 (1)139.69 (1)
2018/19JuniorISU JGP Slovakia55.72 (5)77.86 (4)133.58 (5)

Results under -/+3 scoring system:

Video links in results

Season 2017-2018
2017/18JuniorISU Junior World Figure Skating Championships51.52 (14)66.08 (15)117.60 (15)
2017/18Junior2018 French Junior Championships46.18 (3)62.90 (3)109.08 (3)
2017/18JuniorMentor Torun Cup49.46 (5)66.90 (5)116.46 (5)
2017/18JuniorTallinn Trophy49.22 (8)71.26 (6)120.48 (8)
2017/18JuniorISU JGP Italy47.11 (9)69.61 (8)116.72 (8)
2017/18JuniorISU JGP Latvia42.48 (10)57.55 (10)100.03 (10)
2017/18Junior2017 Masters de Patinage (Junior)52.99 (1)71.33 (1)124.32 (1)
Season 2016-2017
2016/17Junior2017 French Junior Championships56.14 (1)73.74 (4)129.88 (4)
2016/17JuniorMentor Torun Cup47.74 (4)57.55 (10)100.03 (10)
2016/17JuniorTallinn Trophy SD pdf -- FD pdf52.25 (8)69.57 (9)121.82 (8)
2016/17JuniorISU JGP France48.74 (7)69.43 (8)118.17 (8)
Season 2015-2016
2015/16Junior2016 French Junior Championships45.04 (6)65.50 (9)110.54 (6)
2015/16Junior2016 Bavarian Open (Junior)44.32 (11)58.76 (11)103.08 (11)

Original post by daphenaxa:​

Loicia and Théo are from Belfort, France. They train under Karine Arribert who is also their choreographer and they are getting famous for their originality. They have had a very good junior GP season finishing 5th and 4th at their two events. I love that they are so passionate and different. :luv17:
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On the Ice
Dec 16, 2018
Loïcia and Théo just competed at the Junior World Championships. They achieved new personal bests in both the free dance and rhythm dance, finishing seventh in the RD, ninth in the FD, and eighth overall. Congratulations, guys!

Here are their programs:

I see so much potential in them. I appreciate their FD since it is different but I hope to see them go in a different direction next season. Someone on another thread mentioned that their EX was very good so I will make sure to check that out. I know they are at a school with a bunch of junior teams but I wonder if they will stay there when they go senior (which will probably not be for a few years)

Roast Toast

Apr 13, 2017
Oh great, a thread for these two! They are interesting imo. I like their depth of edge — they really dig into the ice. The programs are tacky and they are too rough around the edges still, but they have that great French basic SS foundation to build on.


On the Ice
Oct 26, 2016
Love their RD ! It is really original and full of character. I'm looking forward to seeing them get better and better!


On the Ice
Oct 4, 2017
So I watched them in Torino and I jave to say they were my favourite performers in the entire competition. They really own their programs.