Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue


Final Flight
Feb 13, 2018
The problem is, Madi and Zach seem pretty stubborn. If losing medals and competitive ground hasn't been enough of a wake up call, what will be? I do think they need to look outside their camp for choreography. They need to let someone from the outside tell them what would best suit them. Not every skater has the ability to be their own creative director.

I also agree that they need to rehab their image with the general skating community. I think that may be the hardest part. It's unfortunate, but in ice dance, general image goes a long long way.


Mar 3, 2015
Or .. perhaps they might enhance, capitalize on the image they have created...
This song "Fool" by the Sweeplings seems tailor made for them and I can imagine their FD to it with appropriate costuming... would be smashing!!

Hope they dig a little deeper at least musically....


On the Ice
Mar 3, 2012
Now seems like a good time to reinvigorate the thread after FCC. It's well established their programs are not great, nor are they a likely contender for Worlds. So, I think a more productive conversation is how they can salvage their standing and reputation if they really want a shot at the Olympic podium.

I think the basic problem is that H/D and their coaches have yet to properly adapt their programs to meet the post Olympic shifts in judging criteria. Amongst all the activity and flux resulting from the Gadbois expansion, some teams were going to get short-changed in some capacity and H/D wound up being one of them. Regardless of the coaching team's intentions going into next season, timing wise I don't think H/D can afford to give Gadbois a third chance at getting things wrong. As difficult or expensive as it may be, they need to go outside of their training center.

I don't buy into online perceptions of people you've never met. But if trolling culture has made them shut off audience feedback altogether, they really need to differentiate vitriol from respectful, negative feedback. You can't have a successful program without understanding why you connect or fail to connect with the audience.


On the Ice
Dec 7, 2017
I just watched their performances from the 2015 Grand Prix final and they had such a lovely subtlety to their skating along with their power. It makes me sad cause they are so good but the last two years’ programmes seem like they are trying too hard now in comparison. I hope they bring back some of the subtlety to their new programmes.

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