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Makar Ignatov


On the Ice
Jan 11, 2014
Wow! I had to scroll down that far for Ignatov? That was a magnificent skate from Makar at Skate Canada. Yes, the spins were wild but I was really feeling this. He skated with such passion when others seemed to going through the motions. The under- and overscoring was so evident. Because none of my favorite skaters were at the event, I could see bias and reserved scores clearly. Watching on Peacock with no commentary and just the live scores was a real eye-opener. One skater got full credit for a triple in a combination that was clearly doubled.

I get the feeling that Makar has dashed hopes in the past. If that’s the case, he’s the perfect skater for me, as I always seem to pick skaters who do that, lol.

But I’m going to put my faith in him and root for him anyway. He’s still relatively young. Go Makar! Hope he does well in LP!


Jan 31, 2019
Good luck to Ignatov, and here is hoping he could keep his top three finish after the free, more stamina, and the beautiful 4Lo.