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New-to-me Used Skates


Nov 24, 2020
I've recently acquired a pair of used Jackson Debuts with the LCL heel/sole and Protege blades, with no creasing and showing very little wear. (I've been in Freestyle Fusions for a couple of years but never been entirely happy with them.) The Debuts are the same size as my Freestyles (5 1/2 R), but because they're built on a different last and were heat-molded for the previous owner, they're painfully pinchy in the area of the big toe on both feet, slightly more so on the left. My question is, would you recommend having the boots stretched slightly, having them re-molded, or both? (If it matters, I'm female, 5' 4", 140lbs, working on LTS Adult 5 and 6 elements.)


Final Flight
Oct 2, 2015
Bring them to a competent tech experienced with Jackson skates. Have him evaluate the skates and your feet, and see what actions (which may include, "Sorry, no can do") he recommends.