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Dec 7, 2018
Nozomu Yoshioka is a men's singles skater representing Japan. He was born on the 15 December 2003, in Osaka, Japan.

He is the 2023 Junior World bronze medalist, the 2022-23 JGPF bronze medalist, the 2022 JGP Czech Skate champion and placed 5th at the 2022 JGP Solidarity Cup. He has qualified for the 2022-23 JGP Final.

He is coached by Sayaka Yodo, Utako Nagamitsu and Keiji Tanaka in Hyogo, Japan.

ISU Bio:
Rink Results:
Skating Scores:

ISU Personal Bests

Personal Best Total Score233.5621.10.2023ISU GP Skate America 2023
Personal Best Score Short Program87.4420.10.2023ISU GP Skate America 2023
Personal Best Score Free Skating147.6502.09.2022ISU JGP Czech Skate 2022

2023-2024 Season

SP: Lullaby for Sadness by Eternal Eclipse; Fate of the Clockmaker by Eternal Eclipse
FS: One Day ( from "Pirates of the Caribbean - A World's End" soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer; He's a Pirate ( from "Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl" soundtrack) by Klaus Badelt

2022-2023 Season
SP: Malaguena by Stanley Black
FS: Pirates Of The Caribbean (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, Geoffrey Zanelli


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Congrats to Sota, #7 in World Standings!
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Nov 12, 2013
Congratulations to Nozomu on his bronze! šŸ’ I was rooting for him to podium.
I think he's the one to watch from the up-and-coming Japanese male juniors. He has nice jump foundations, he has personality and is easy to remember (I remember both of his programs, which doesn't happen to me very often with juniors), and his coach Keiji will help him in the emoting department that still needs work.
Good luck in the next season to Nozomu!


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Nov 14, 2007
oh, why no one has visited this thread yet right after his fabulous SP at the SkAm this past weekend??? ;)

THAT was out-of-this-world SP for me! I mean it! :clap::party2::rock::hb:
He did have nice solid jumps already in the last couple of seasons for a junior skater, but not much else skating-wise for me tbh.
But this SP by Lori just blew me away! He HAS IMPROVED SO MUCH of every aspects of his skating since I saw him at the last J-Nats; basic skating skills, edge work, gliding, spins, posture, even his already good enough jumps are now bigger with better landing flow! @_@ And his Step Sq!!! So much power and speed, which was something I never really would have expected from him this season. Kudos to Team Utako sensei, Lori, and most of all Nozomu himself for all his hard work! :points: It truly is a pure joy for me as someone who's been following the sport for decades to encounter/witnesss young skaters to break through. :)

He says he has a new Free by Lori and plans to debut soon. Really looking forward to see it! Way to Go Nozomu!