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Mar 17, 2015
Rion Sumiyoshi (Japanese: 住吉りをん) is a Japanese Ladies figure skater. She was born on 15 August 2003 in Tokyo.

On the senior level, she is the 2023 GP Espoo silver medalist and the 2023 GP de France, the 2022 GP de France and 2022 NHK Trophy bronze medalist. She qualified to the 2023-24 GP Final.

On the junior level, she is the 2021 Japanese Junior silver medalist. She is the bronze medalist of the 2017 Bavarian Open. In 2018 she debuted in the JGP circuit (she won the bronze medal in the JGP Richmond, Canada and was 4th in the JGP Ljubljana, Slovakia). Earlier in her career, she is the 2017 Japan Advanced Novice National Champion.

In 2019-20, she withdrew from the Junior Tokyo Regional completion and did not compete during the remainder of the season.

She is coached by Koji Okajima.

ISU Bio entry

Personal Best Total Score197.7604.11.2023ISU GP Grand Prix de France 2023
Personal Best Score Short Program68.6517.11.2023ISU GP Grand Prix Espoo 2023
Personal Best Score Free Skating136.0404.11.2023ISU GP Grand Prix de France 2023

Programs and Videos
SP: "Un homme qui me plaît" (from Love Is a Funny Thing); choreo by Misha Ge
FS: "Symphonic Adiemus: In Caelum Fero" by Karl Jenkins; choreo by Shae-Lynn Bourne

SP: "Blood in the Water" by KSHMR
FS: "Enchantress" by Two Steps From Hell; choreo by Misha Ge

SP: "White Flowers Take Their Bath" by Mari Samuelsen, Meredi, Scoring Berlin & Jonathan Stockhammer
FS: Enchantress, choreo by Shae-Lynn Bourne

SP: "Ja Suis Malade" by Alice Dona and Serge Lama, perf. by Lara Fabian; choreo by Noriko Sato
FS: "Ancestors" (from Mulan soundtrack) by Harry Gregson-Williams; "Mulan & Honghui Fight" (from Mulan soundtrack) by Harry Gregson-Williams; "I Believe Hua Mulan" (from Mulan soundtrack) by Harry Gregson-Williams; "Reflection" (Epic Version) from Mulan Epic collection by Samel Kim; choreo by Cathy Reed

2021 Japanese Nationals

2021 Japanese Junior Nationals

SP: The Rose by Amanda McBroom; choreo by Kenji Miyamoto (SP)
FS: Les Desmoiselles de Rochefort by Michel Legrand; choreo by Noriko Sato (FS)

2021 Japanese Inter High School Competition

SP: The Rose by Amanda McBroom; choreo by Kenji Miyamoto (SP)
FS: Les Desmoiselles de Rochefort by Michel Legrand; choreo by Noriko Sato (FS)

2019 JGP Riga

SP: "East of Eden" (soundtrack) by Lee Holdridge
FS: "Black Swan" (soundtrack) by Clint Mansell

2018/19 Japan Junior Championships
SP: no video found​
2018 JGP Ljubljana, Slovenia
2018 JGP Richmond, Canada

Competitive History

Galas and Exhibitions
22 April 2017 - World Team Trophy (WTT) Exhibition -
2016 - GP NHK Trophy Exhibition ("American Patrol" by M.W. Meacham) -

Original Post by daphenaxa
Rion was born 15th of August 2003. She represents Japan and made her debut on the junior GP where she won bronze this weekend in Richmond (Canada). She is a gorgeous skater with beautiful flow and a nice 3F3Lo combo!

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Apr 10, 2018
She is 2016-17 season National Novice champion.

Her coaching staff is Koji Okajima (jump), Noriko Sato (skating),
Nana Takeda (choreo), and Risa Mochizuki (spin),
same team with 2018 World silver medalist Wakaba Higuchi.

She trains in Tokyo.

She had hip injury in early 2017-18 season and edge issue on Lutz.
It's likely reason of why national novice champ didn't compete JGP her first junior season.

She fixed edge issue.

I think you can find her winning FS(Black Swan) in Feb 5 2019 on YouTube


Jan 24, 2006
I've just updated her OP. I've added her major domestic and international results, programs and all the videos I could find. Enjoy :)


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Nov 11, 2019
Congratulations to Rion on making the podium at the IdF! Her two skates, video from the ISU YouTube channel, so a VPN may be needed to view.





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Nov 11, 2019
SP photos.

Rion's own post on the IdF.

DeepL translation:

Thank you so much for all your support!!!

When I was on the podium, it was like a dream, I could finally feel it☺︎ I feel this bronze medal was a big step for me, a confidence boost!

Of course, I wanted to make a quad, and I was so close to the 2nd place... I feel frustrated, but I think the biggest thing was that I could enjoy my first Grand Prix Series from start to finish!

I will try to make the best of it in the next NHK Cup 💪💪.