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Risport electra lights breaking down?


Feb 23, 2024
I’m a 5’0 55kg 20 year old girl and i’m just wondering advice on boots and I skate about 8-10 hours a week. I got the Risport Electra Lights in November (i previously had some jackson mystiques which were serverely broken down). Since getting my new boots, I’ve broken them in no problem but in the last 5 weeks, I’ve learnt all the single jumps (excluding obviously axel) and can land them - which is quicker than i expected. I’m worried that my boots may break down quick as all my friends who are just starting to learn waltz jumps have much stiffer boots (i am a little shorter than them) and people have said generally for adults they break down too quick.

How quickly should i expect to need new ones and any advice on which ones I should keep an eye out for (i know sometimes getting hold of stuff is a nightmare)