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Russian Senior Test Skates 2021 - Short Program


Record Breaker
Dec 31, 2019
Seriously, why would Dani G. give her such hideous music that was recently used by SB and also trash talk her in the press before she skates? The environment is toxic, for her. She rushed in leaving Plushenko. She should have stayed everything just takes time. His Angels have really upped their game this year.
She CHOSE her music. And she DOES seem to really like it. She was also rushed in joining Plushy.

Flying Feijoa

On the Ice
Sep 22, 2019
Been a bit busy - paradoxically insomniac - caught up at an unearthly hour - brief notes.
Liked these programmes (on a music/choreo basis, not based on technical cleanliness; excluding recycled ones):
-Dance: Davis/Smolkin, Khudaiberdieva/Bazin, SinKats
-Men: Gumennik, Samarin, Kondratiuk, Ignatov, Aliev
-Pairs: Artemeva/Nazarychev
-Women: Scherbakova, Tuktamysheva, Sinitsyna

Several of my favourite skaters don't have nice programmes :(


On the Ice
Dec 7, 2017
In defense of Z/G, I don't think Kus/Alex are the coaches to help you develop in that area. Anastasia S., partner to Kiril A. has stalled for years now. You either have to work with Zhulin or Morozov, no other Russian coach seems to be able to help with that.
I do wonder if Russian teams would ever take the chance and train outside Russia? It might help them!


Mar 28, 2006
A little late to comment, but better late etc. The SP day was ok - Russians are really investing in making their skating known! Remember a couple years ago when the programs came out in fanvideos and everyone was wearing practice clothes? But I am happy they do this, coz it was interesting to watch.

I did the top pairs and singles for SP. Think that the Swan Lake for B/K was good in its darkness and that T/M have found a storyline program which suits them (it's all in the first and last pose and the rest of the time they can concentrate on just doing their elements). G/M seemed somehow shallow and cheap with bad costuming and plenty of cliche choreo.

In men I did think it was impressive to have that many skaters who all at least tried two quads and 3A. The results were more of a mixed bag. None of the programs were really big hits with me, nothing very original or interesting choreographically. I did laugh out loud at Kolyada's super busy armography (one way of trying to make him look interesting? The Mozalev recipe does not work, more is not more, but rather too much). Was glad to see Danielian back on ice and Dima was ok.

In the ladies, the first group was mostly meh, Usacheva perhaps my fave despite the music. Apparently she can't upgrade her tech which is a pity as her interpretation side is ok. The second group was ofc the thing, though my expectations were mostly met by what was revealed. Shcherbakova is stuck doing one thing, Valieva seems to go the same way. It was nice to see Alena back, thought the music was ok, but somehow most of the choreo seemed to have little to do with it. It is a pity that a girl who could have the ability to do different things is put into one box.

Trusova and Tuk were the positives surprisingly enough. I don't know what the intent was in Trusova's program - like what made it somehow about Frida Kahlo or anything - but at least some of the moves were interesting and the music was not the current fashionable stuff. The tango version for Tuk is a good vehicle for her on a good day. They kept her arm mannerisms to a minimum (only came out with 3A) and she has almost enough credibility to make the theme work (the lyrics are about the end of a love affair).

Overall, Valieva had the best tech content and overall quality. If she keeps that up in the FS, I don't see how the others can touch her. She is also good enough to be an acceptable Olympic champion in my eyes. They could try and give her something to smile about during the programs, the perpetually worried face is beginning to irritate me.