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Sara Honda


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Jan 14, 2016
Sara Honda (本田紗来) is a Japanese figure skater. She was born April 4, 2007. She trains in Kyoto Daigo Figure Skating Club.

Sara is the younger sister of Marin and Miyu.

One of the programs:

Cute video with Sara and Miyu:

Recent skating:

Kinki Regional Championships 2020Junior37.031665.4214102.4516
Japan Junior Championships 2019Junior41.6228
Japan Novice Championships 2019Advanced novice80.924
Kinki Regional Championships 2019Advanced novice80.203
Challenge Cup 2019Advanced novice44.85179.221124.071
Japan Junior Championships 2018Junior44.452395.1612139.6117
Japan Novice Championships 2018Advanced novice95.802
Kinki Regional Championships 2018Advanced novice100.741
Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy 2018Advanced novice45.36282.672128.032
Japan Novice Championships 2017Basic novice B76.471
Kinki Regional Championships 2017Basic novice B79.271
Japan Novice Championships 2016Basic novice B65.544
Kinki Regional Championships 2016Basic novice B65.091
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Apr 16, 2006
Wow, their parents must be *really* rich to have three girls in figure skating at the same time. :shocked:

She's got potential, I'm excited to see her in 2-3 years! It seems like the camera can't keep up with the rotation of her jumps, it's so fast (especially on that 2A O__O).


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Oct 25, 2012
Sara is the younger sister of Marin and Miyu.

Wow, their parents must be *really* rich to have three girls in figure skating at the same time. :shocked:

Disappointed that people are forgetting about the girls' big brother, Taichi. :disapp: He was the first member of the family to come to our attention.

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In fact, despite Marin being more successful than Taichi in recent years, I still think of her as "Taichi's sister", rather than him being "Marin's brother".

But, that may change in time. Look at Carolina and Isolde Kostner. When Carolina first came on the scene, she was referred to as "Isolde's cousin". Now, Isolde is referred to as "Carolina's cousin"!

It's amazing how perceptions can change.

Who knows, in 10 years time, we may be talking about Taichi, Marin and Miyu in terms of being "Sara's brother / sister!" ;) :biggrin:

All the best to her!



Feb 12, 2015
I too was about to say “Don’t forget Taichi!”, he’s also the eldest of the skating siblings (not counting the oldest sister who’s not a skater). He doesn’t have a very high level of FS, but he’s got good potential, and qualified for Nationals.
But regarding Sara, she has talent for sure. A skater to look forward to!