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Season's Best scores for Pairs


Record Breaker
Sep 1, 2017
1Anastasia MISHINA / Aleksandr GALLIAMOVRUSISU European Championships 202213/01/2022239.82S
2Evgenia TARASOVA / Vladimir MOROZOVRUSISU European Championships 202213/01/2022236.43S
3Aleksandra BOIKOVA / Dmitrii KOZLOVSKIIRUSISU European Championships 202213/01/2022227.23S
4Wenjing SUI / Cong HANCHNISU GP Gran Premio D'Italia 202106/11/2021224.55S
5Cheng PENG / Yang JINCHNISU GP Gran Premio D'Italia 202106/11/2021211.86S
6Riku MIURA / Ryuichi KIHARAJPNISU GP NHK Trophy 202113/11/2021209.42S
7Alexa KNIERIM / Brandon FRAZIERUSAISU GP Guaranteed Rate Skate America 202123/10/2021202.97S
8Ashley CAIN-GRIBBLE / Timothy LEDUCUSAISU GP NHK Trophy 202113/11/2021202.79S
9Vanessa JAMES / Eric RADFORDCANISU GP Internationaux de France 202120/11/2021196.34S
10Laura BARQUERO / Marco ZANDRONESPISU CS Finlandia Trophy 202108/10/2021189.99S
11Minerva Fabienne HASE / Nolan SEEGERTGERISU CS Finlandia Trophy 202108/10/2021188.37S
12Kirsten MOORE-TOWERS / Michael MARINAROCANISU CS Finlandia Trophy 202108/10/2021184.37S
13Karina SAFINA / Luka BERULAVAGEOISU European Championships 202213/01/2022184.05S
14Nicole DELLA MONICA / Matteo GUARISEITAISU GP Gran Premio D'Italia 202106/11/2021179.26S
15Rebecca GHILARDI / Filippo AMBROSINIITAISU European Championships 202213/01/2022178.90S
16Ioulia CHTCHETININA / Mark MAGYARHUNISU GP Rostelecom Cup 202127/11/2021175.80S
17Hailey KOPS / Evgeni KRASNOPOLSKIISRISU CS Nebelhorn Trophy 2021 - OWG Qualifying24/09/2021167.08S
18Miriam ZIEGLER / Severin KIEFERAUTISU GP Rostelecom Cup 202127/11/2021163.80S
19Jelizaveta ZUKOVA / Martin BIDARCZEISU European Championships 202213/01/2022159.73S


Jan 11, 2014
It will be a very tough decision as to which U.S. pair does the team event (i’m assuming one will do both segments); the season’s-best scores are only .13 apart. Several months ago, K/F looked like they were clearly ahead. But the 2nd GP was much better for C-G/L, who continued their momentum by skating 2 strong programs at Nationals. On the basis of that momentum, i’d go with C-G/L.


Record Breaker
Sep 1, 2017
What I find interesting is that, while sometimes you feel strongly about one pair or skater being clearly better than the other, in the team event it doesn't matter that much. The reason is that while there are, for example, three pairs or skaters who would definitely place between the two pairs (or skaters) in question, they may not be in the team event at all, therefore there is no difference in which you choose.

Just a general observation not entirely related to the post above.

As for CG/L and K/F, I was looking at short program scores and here is some data (only international events):

Most recent SP score: 70.75 CG/L vs. 66.44 K/F
Average SP score: 64.25 CG/L vs. 69.78 K/F.

I too would choose CG/L for the team event.