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Senior GP Final: Predictions Game Round 7


Dec 1, 2015
Agreed. But, as I said at the time, putting them at the bottom was only a result of it being a very small but very quality field. They will definitely not finish last again this season. And even if they finish 6th again, it will not be as bad as there will be many more below them than there are ahead of them.

The best thing for Madi and Evan is to just take it on the chin and move on.

I understand. Sorry for the snarkiness/scrunchiness in my emojis, no offense intended, I'm just a die-hard C/B fan.

Judging by their IG, it looks like they are bouncing back nicely as they tour Paris.


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May 2, 2015
first of all - big congratulations for apgold (now, that's the fitting nickname!) for winning the game and equally big congratulations to daylightescapades for getting the silver!:cheer2::hb:

I am in a big shock about my humble bronze overall medal - never saw that coming, especially that I reconed that I am in top 5 scorers after...Paris GP (which was hilarious). I was a bit annoyed by myself and my predictions in GPF round, because actually my 2nd change in Pairs and Ice Dance would get me around 50 pts more (including bonus for ID podium), but scores in the game is not that important when we have strong competition and some excitement in results.

Also - big congrats to sabinefire who I already put on overall podium, still one of the best in Ladies predictions which are the hardest, most complicated thing for me!

And finally - BIG, BIG thanks for all organizers, scorers, records-keepers who enabled all us participating to have so much fun and excitement playing:thank: and a big cheer for all who played in GP prediction game this season:cheer:, see you all in next prediction games threads!
Great! Bronze stayed in hands of Pole! :biggrin:

Congrats to everyone, especially those who predicted Tarasova/Morozov to win :) (other winners were not suprising at all IMO)


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Jan 7, 2016
Bit late to the party, but nevertheless, congrats to all the aces who did so well in this comp, especially of course apgold :points:
I stuck to my bronze medals like there's no tomorrow :laugh:
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Jan 23, 2015
So apgold is the overall winner of this marathon with 1770. Getting the dance podium right became the decisive factor.

daylightescapades is second with 1760. Again dance podium made the difference.

NoNameFace is third with 1750. Quite a strong overall GPF performance

sabinfire is left only with a pewter medal. A strong leader for the whole second half of the game missed the very final chance and the competition did not forgive that. 1745 - just 5 points off the podium.

I have to be fair to say that sunnyouyang shared the 4th place with the same 1745.

My own result is similar to the last year - 36th place with 1640. But the company that share this place with me is quite respectable so that I don't complain: 4everchan, Poice, xibsuarz

Anyway, it was fun and we all hopefully play next year. May be guessing the gold in ladies will not be such a no-brainer as this season, who knows.

I will push again with the idea of team competition. There's a lot of tension not only in the world but at GS as well. Hence, making pure national teams might not be the best idea. On the other hand, if GS buddies either from one of from different countries team up and develop joint strategies - it might add extra fun.

I can't believe I forgot to check the final placements :palmf: but thanks! And yay for 36th place users! :hap10: Proud of it, hopefully we will all do better next year (or at least for Euros/4 CC/Worlds/WTT) :biggrin: