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The Kween is jumping again!!!


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Mar 30, 2006
Kimmie actually stated somewhere (or maybe it was Peggy Fleming commenting... I can't remember) that the program is in her muscle memory, and starting to change things can get her confused.

Maybe she should listen to the music more instead of just skating programmed.



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Mar 3, 2007
A female skater when reaching the age of 20 has all the high tech she can possibly do, however, her presentation can and should go on till she retires.

In general, I tend to agree. But are there exceptions? Irina Slutskaya, for instance... Didn't she try out some really crazy triple combinations after 20? She was notoriously inconsistent before 20, wasn't she?


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Mar 1, 2004
Even with the 3 toe/3 toe, when was the last time she did them.? I don't recall seeing them in 2003 Worlds which she won with the absence of Irina, an overanxious Sasha, and a high tech at the time, but a so so presentation of Elena.

Joe's Law: A female skater when reaching the age of 20 has all the high tech she can possibly do, however, her presentation can and should go on till she retires.


Last time Michelle did a 3/3 was the QR at Worlds in 2002.

And I think feraina is correct -- IIRC, Irina was 21 when she became the first woman to land a 3 lutz/3 loop combination -- and she was (I think) about 26 when she did her technically demanding FS at Worlds in '05.
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Dec 29, 2004
Despite being the world's biggest podium snob, I must ask this question: after all she's done, accomplished and given to this sport - who gives a rat's *** where she places?
:bow: I simply want to see :bow:the Kwan :bow:competing on ice, healthy & happy, one.more.time - that's all I'm asking: one.more.time.:bow:

And if you don't get that, then you simply don't understand... :disapp:
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Jul 11, 2003
That Totendanz was choreographed by Tarasova, I believe. I didn't realize it was kind of a jazzed up version. Dance of death and she wore black.


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Aug 23, 2003
Those combos for Irina were clearly cheated, but she got credit anyhow. Kwan has landed several 3/3 combos. I think the last one was at QR Worlds 02. IIRC, Irina won that year without a 3/3. She didnt' even attempt one. I think that was the first time in a long time that a female won Worlds without a 3/3. Strange that Irina won without one, considering many felt she was technically superior to any other female skater at that time. How many 3/3's has Cohen actually landed? IIRC, she only did it once successfully, which is hardly something I would call consistent since many thought it was cheated and she never did it again.
I think Kwan could do fine, maybe. Who knows? Not many little gals doing 3/3's successfully today, so I htink people are harping on the 3/3 just to hear themselves harp. Down with the 3/3's. Bring on the 3axels and quads. ;)

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Jul 27, 2003
Ah, but what about when Elaine (sp?) Zayak came back ten years later to compete at Nats? She was great, and had standing O's all around!

Zayak took fourth at 94 Nationals. Boitano was second and made the Olympic team. Funny how people consider that Zayak's return was a success, and Boitano's was a failure.


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Feb 17, 2006
Well, maybe because Boitano hadn't been gone as long as Zayak, and we were so used to his winning all the time?