Tiffani Zagorski & Jonathan Guerreiro


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Jul 26, 2003
Golden Skate has a very long interview with Tiffany and Jonathan, done at the Russian test skates.


They describe at length their choreographic process with Chris Dean for the FD, which I found very interesting.

Btw I like both their new programs, on the whole!


On the Ice
Feb 8, 2015
I really like them, so smiley, so spontaneous, its like they are radiating positive energy. Hope this season is successful for them :).

Before watching the FP I was worried it is too overused... but in singles :). Luckily Christopher Dean has done a very good choreography and they have very creative elements, really, really like the lifts (apart form the final), the twizzles are on the right place, the spin is interesting has to work on the speed though, I just would like the final lift to be changed a bit with faster lift or maybe to have there the slides, just something more surprising for the final and will be really one of the most interesting programs there.


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Nov 8, 2017
Does anyone know when their first competition of this season will be?