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U.S. teams: Worlds, 4CC, Jr. Worlds


Jan 27, 2013
yay christina is going to 4CC's! :agree: good for her! :)

I'm pretty surprised that USFSA didn't pick any lady who competed in the junior level to junior worlds. :think: I think polina deserves a chance to go...I mean she won...


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Jun 3, 2009
It seems unfair that Alex Johnson, who placed 7th, has no international assignments or even alternate assignments even though Brandon Mroz and Stephen Carriere (9th and 10th respectively) are both alternates for 4CC.

Does he have the minimum?

It's a bit of a vicious cycle, these minimums. I hope that Johnson gets a senior B and GP host pick next season.


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Feb 27, 2012
A few things I've noticed:

I'm glad that the federation has chosen Gao to represent at 4CC. It proves that, although her scoring wasn't fair, they're willing to give her some opportunities. Coming in 5th has finally yielded some results.
Tough break for Abbott. I doubt that he would pass up a spot at 4CC to give a lasting impression of his program for the season, but still... He didn't step up, but I don't think he should've been dumped like that (particularly over Rippon's mess of a FS and Dornbush's placement, speaking of which...)
Why do the judges keep holding out on Dornbush? Maybe Farris could've been sent instead, but even after last year's debacle, I doubt this is the best choice.

However, I have a problem with the Jr. Worlds Team. I disagree with sending Siraj and Hicks. I can't comment for Cesario, but juudging from the report, I assume she earned her spot (particularly following an injury). Leaving Wang off the team is a mistake, she's had a good season with the Jr. Grand Prix, and even when she messed up the SP, she has never been out of the running. Her technical aspect is superior to everyone else in the field, and her placement should've been above Siraj, regardless of the small gap between them. Siraj doesn't have any International experience this season, limiting her results (regardless if she skates lights out). Also, her jumps are "Spindly" and small, resulting in inconsistent landings due to difficulties checking the jump's momentum. She has musicality, but her skating doesn't particularly project outwards. With Hicks, I believe that she was far gifted. With absolutely abysmal posture, uninspired choregraphy, zero attention to line in terms of JUST her PCS mark. Had her jumps been marked correctly due to her poor technique (such as her swingy axel and tendency to under-rotate her Triple-Triple, as well as her long set up time and breaks in posture AGAIN. Everything she does outside of jumps pales in comparison to Miller. Although her jumps are small, she, herself, isn't exactly statuesque. With some International experience, she will take off like a rocket. Her presence on the ice is remarkable and something that Hicks will never have; if John Nicks can't fix it, I don't think anyone can. A Jr. Team consisting of Cesario, Wang, and Miller would have been very potent and made a mark for the States.
Aug 16, 2009
I'm really glad that Gao was chosen for 4CC and hope she accepts. It's a great chance for her to gain international cred.


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Feb 17, 2010
Tough break for Abbott. I doubt that he would pass up a spot at 4CC to give a lasting impression of his program for the season, but still... He didn't step up, but I don't think he should've been dumped like that (particularly over Rippon's mess of a FS and Dornbush's placement, speaking of which...)

I highly doubt Jeremy was not offered the 4CC spot. He did, after all, come in a respectable 3rd and didn't have a total meltdown by any means. It's unfortunate that these athletes don't have an opportunity to take a day or two to let the federation know whether they want to do.


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Feb 25, 2006
Yeah, judging how depressed Jeremy looked backstage, I wouldn't be surprised if he (maybe based on emotional reasons in the immediate aftermath of the comp), declined the 4CC invite.
Jan 22, 2004
I find those assignments quite controversial.

World Championships

I don't agree with Denney/Coughlin being given a bye. Scimeca/Knierim's results this season have been fantastic for a new team. They didn't have one bad competition, iirc. D/C's shape by the time Worlds roll around is a very big unknown.

Four Continent Championships

Hicks has earned her spot fair and square with two very strong performances.

Farris has earned his spot fair and square with two very strong performances also. Yes both of them are getting Junior Worlds but they should get the option of 4CC as well. And sorry but Rippon got more than enough opportunities already.

I really hope that Abbott was offered a spot and declined.

I don't understand why Donlan/Speroff are higher on the substitute list than Denney/Frazier.

World Junior Championships

If Hicks was sent to Four Continents, this could free the spot for Polina Edmunds. She doesn't have the minimum score but there's still time for her to earn it. I guess she's still young and will hopefully finally get two JGPs now (it's outrageous she didn't get any this season, really).


Well the only real beef I have is D/C getting a bye to Worlds and Farris not getting sent to 4CC.

USFS should have left the second Worlds spot open to see how the three teams did at 4CC and do a test for D/C before Worlds to see if they are ready.

Farris had a strong season so far, gave two good performances at Nationals and is still quite young and very promising. He deserved to get both 4CC and JW. I am all for spreading the wealth but Rippon got a lot of opportunities already and doesn't seem to be going anywhere.


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Nov 1, 2006
Farris had a strong season so far, gave two good performances at Nationals and is still quite young and very promising. He deserved to get both 4CC and JW. I am all for spreading the wealth but Rippon got a lot of opportunities already and doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

I hope that its Farris getting a choice of one or the other. But Adam was put ahead on the Worlds alternate list too. I frankly really don't agree. Now personally I find him a bit boring, but I think the programs can slowly be more exciting... However in terms of quality he of the US men is the most likely to become a champion....

I like Brown but until I see a quad coming around and a consistent triple axel, I'm not holding my breath. I get spreading the wealth, but I can't believe the USFSA doesn't realize this kid is someone who should be getting opportunities.

I refuse to feel to bad for Jeremy. I think in terms of Adam, he's been given a TON of chances, and I don't blame USFSA for being done.


Jan 21, 2013
I have to assume that the Denney/Coughlin assignment could change if his recovery is not satisfactory before the worlds and that Scimeca/Knierim have been told not to stop training until the day before the team depart for Worlds. USFS was furious a couple of years ago when Rachael Flatt was injured right before Worlds and did not withdraw herself. Hard to believe they would not keep an eye on Coughlin.

For women's 4CC assignments, one has to assume that Ashley turned it down. It's impossible to tell whether Hicks was offered 4CC or not, actually. Both Gao and Hicks are age eligible for JW. I am more inclined to think that Hicks had the first pick and chose JW instead of 4CC. Currently the US junior women's international assignment is a blood bath. I am not surprised that Polina Edmunds was not chosen, considering that she does not have a qualifying TES, while Angela Wang and Hannah Miller both do and neither did poorly at Nationals --- both did quite well in fact. I hope USFS will spend the money to send some of them to this season's senior/junior B competitions to collect some ISU points.

For men's 4CC assignments, I assume Farris has already agreed to take JW even before US Nationals, unless he made top 2. He didn't, and to JW he goes. The choice between Omori and Nathan Chen is ... oh well. I'm not happy about it but I can't argue with the logic. Again I hope Nathan gets to go to Gardena or something like he did last year. Also I would be very surprised that Abbott was not at least offered 4CC. It would not look good for USFS if this turned out to be true.


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Nov 22, 2009
I think the USFS didn't do anything particular unpredictable but went down the line. A lot of it is clear if you look at the age limits and minimum score limits. My take on it:

Start by looking at eligibles for Jr. Worlds. Of the top 10 Seniors, only Farris and Brown meet the age requirements and you have to go way down the list to find another age eligible (Choate I think). Top junior is too young but #2 Omori is age eligible, and has a little international exposure. Very logical choices for 3 spots and alternates. However, it also makes Farris a poor pick for a confirmed Worlds or 4CC spot due to competition overload, though being an alternate for Worlds is OK. Worlds went pretty much right down the order of finish, except switching Farris and Rippon. Since it's unlikely that both Aaron and Miner would fall by the wayside between now and Worlds, it's unlikely that depth more than first alternate Abbott would be called up to serve as a backup. 4CC, I'd make a guess that Abbott declined and Farris' Jr Worlds assignment is too close to 4CC in timing. Skip over those two and USFS has gone right down the list skipping over Johnson who doesn't have the TES requirement and Brown who has Jr Worlds also.

Women: Lots of Junior Worlds age-eligible ladies, but Gold, Zawadski, and Gao have all been there before (and medaled)....and all have been on the Senior GP. So going back to Jr. Worlds makes no sense and I doubt any of them would have wanted an assignment there. Take them and the aged-out ladies out of the mix, and you get...Hicks, Siraj, and Cesario. With Wang and Miller (next on list) as the top two backups. Choice of 3rd alternate Leah Keiser is interesting, since USFS passed up Cain and any of the Junior podium (who may not have the TES requirements, I know Edmunds doesn't). To me, Keiser is the main departure from the norm I see here.

4CC: I'd be pretty sure Wagner declined, and with the Jr. Worlds picks and alternates off the list, you get Gold, Zawadski and Gao who are next up. And Alternates Nagasu, Zhang and Cain. This all makes sense to me and I don't have any quibbles with it. I can't come up with any combinations for any of the competitions that I can lay odds would do any better than what the USFS picked.

Denney/Coughlin: I'm sure they'll have to have a USFS monitoring session to see if they are fit to skate. Standard procedure. I personally don't have a lot of optimism that they will be in competitive form, so Pairs Alternate #1 needs to keep practiciing.


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Nov 13, 2012
After what happened during the LP I am so happy with these assignments for Womens. I think Mirai getting the alternate positions she got really will give her the boost that she needed, that she is still relevant. Caroline Zhang as well, she skated lights out for her LP and again was given an alternate spot. Thank god that Gao was given a spot or else that would have been a massive injustice.

This is a really good way to maximize our arsenal going into the Olympic year as it will give them all a tougher competition post nationals. I wouldn't even be mad if Gracie wasn't given 4CC and was replaced (although she could use the experience).

Resting Ashley was smart, she doesn't need another competition. She needs rest and needs to find her focus again.

3 spots. Let's go!


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Nov 14, 2007
I was a bit surprised USFSA did not offer a 4CC spot to Abbott. Are they losing faith in him?
I would be even more surprised if they actually did and Jeremy himself declined it...:confused: It's the pre-Olympic season. Not much time left for every skaters. He sure needs this opportunity, I mean, makes the best use of this opportunity, to perform well in front of international judges and to finish as high as possible,doesn't he?


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Nov 26, 2012
I wonder if Gao will decline the spot to concentrate on school. Also will Mirai want to go.

I hope Gao goes. She has such elegance and grace on the ice. Certainly more than either Ashley or Gracie. Maybe she can work on projecting her personality a bit more, develop more "stage presence"