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2024 U.S. Nationals Senior Free Dance


On the Ice
Jan 19, 2018
I thought they looked notably cautious here right from the beginning and that equalled a distinct lack of speed compared to their grand prix medal winning FD earlier in the season.
When did the Browns win a grand prix medal this season?


Final Flight
Dec 7, 2017
Wow. That is shocking to remove Green/Parsons. I am a huge fan but this has not been a great year for them overall. I can understand how giving Bratti and Sommerville the spot is viable; they showed excellent technique and performance yesterday. If I were on the selection committee, I would see how 4CCs go. Unless Green/Parsons can really light a fire, I think B/S is the right move.
I’ll get slated for this but I think they should go to Montreal! Marie-France would get their Martha Graham style (which I love). Say what you want about too many teams being in Montreal but so many of their teams keep improving and rising up the ranks (Lithuanians for example). Being surrounded by other strong competitors would help them. I really like Green/Parsons so I’m so sad for them that they’ve had such a tough year and aren’t even going to worlds now so hope they are able to find somewhere that can nurture their obvious talent. That being said, they came out so strong as a new partnership this could just be a year where they plateaued a bit and it has nothing to do with their training camp. No reason they can’t come back stronger next year.


Record Breaker
Nov 30, 2016
IMO, the Browns skate plenty big (Johnny Weir 's benighted hot takes notwithstanding). More speed, yes, more "big", no. I can't imagine a skater who projects more or skates "bigger" than Gage, in any event.

Kaitlin had a wonderful interview where she talked, among other things, about height and height difference between partners and how if you know what you're doing, it's not a factor. Not some secret sauce, just plain old knowing how to do it.
I've also heard bigger used in the sense of the amount ice coverage, whether a team consistently uses the whole ice. Which can be an issue for a smaller and/or slower team. I don't notice the amount of ice coverage that much watching on video, and I haven't seen the Browns live, so idk if that applies to them. But I think that can have an effect on how "big" the skating looks overall when watching in person.

I agree their projection is not an issue (though they were more cautious at this event).