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News Ukraine’s Mariia Andriichuk finds solace in training



Record Breaker
Jun 21, 2003

"We got there by train," said the 18-year-old. "It was very difficult under the sirens and stops. We slept in the aisle because there were eight people in each compartment. First, we went by train to Uzhhorod, stayed there for the night, and then crossed the border on foot. In Uzhgorod, we stayed with friends for one Sunday and then my mother and I went to Debrecen. I trained there for a a month while we decided what to do next. A few weeks later my coach, Vadym Chestakhovskyi, arrived and we found an arena in Riga, Latvia, and went there."

Her new FS to "On the Waves" is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing her perform it in Finlandia!