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Want loose ankles but have wrong foot shape for Edeas


Aug 29, 2021
Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any advice on whether or not I should switch to Edeas if I have the wrong footshape? Because currently i wear Jackson's since I have a wide Roman foot with a high arch, but hate having to wear traditional boots that overly restrict the ankle, and prefer to lace them like Edeas with enough space to stick a hand behind the tongue. As a result, I'm seriously conflicted as to whether or not I should switch to Edeas since it's gotten to the point of me intentionally underbooting in Jackson's to compensate for this excess of ankle support ontop of my loose lacing habits, but at the same time I feel trapped due to my foot shape and feel forced to purchase Jackson's even though I don't really want to wear them. Help!


On the Ice
Jul 3, 2018
Definitely second looking at the Risport Royals. I wear the Jackson Debut and was just fitted for the Royal Pro, it definitely gives you more freedom of movement in the ankle than Jacksons. And unlike Edea, they fit my wide feet pretty well!

In the meantime - rather than lacing the Jackson boots loosely throughout, try leaving the top hook undone. This should constrict your ankle less without making the boot feel too much less supportive.

Another option would be to lace the hooks in the following order (assuming your boots have 4 sets of hooks): 1 (bottom), 4 (top), 2, then 3 - making sure you're wrapping the lace around the hook from the top before pulling it through. This also reduces the degree of constriction at the top of the boot, but not to the same degree as leaving the top hook undone. Try both and see what feels better!
Dec 6, 2022
Risport Royal Pro for sure. They have the ankle flexibility you're looking for, and they're also amazing for high arches compared to Jackson, in my experience.