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Your hightlights and your nightmares of Moscow 2011??


Jan 26, 2008
So whe championship we feared will never take place finally went on its way and left us with tons of thing to remember, what were your fave and not so fave things about this Worlds?? These are mine..

Best Lights Out Perfromance:
Takahiko Kozuka LP. It's like after Nobu was beaten by Maths and Taka screwed by his boot screws :)laugh:), Kozu decided to fight for the honour of JPN team and performed like the real champion we always knew he was.

Worst Meltdown:
Thankfullly there wasnt a real meltdown at the top. But I'll go with Kavaguti & Smirnov. They made lots of mistakes which solidify the change of guard in favor of V&T.

Most Underscored:
Javier Fernandez!! Solid SP and an amazing LP with two quads and lots of charisma yet his PCS are still a joke:disapp:

Most Overscored:
Technically it should be P. Chan but he was so above the rest of the field that it doesnt matter, so I'll choose a case where the actual placement wasnt deserved: Kiira Korpi, she bombed so badly that she shouln't be on the top 10.

Happiest Moment:
Alena Leonova!! Damn that girl totally enjoyed every second of competing at Home Worlds. So great to see her with that fire on her. Honorable mention to Tatiana and Maxim making a huge splash and finally smiling.

Saddest Moment:
Pechalat & Bourzat's Kiss & Cry after the FD. Nuff said..

Most Awesome Moment:
Watching V&M and Yuna's programs for the first time. They were sooo brilliant that I really hate we only could see them once during the whole season.

Most What the... Moment:
Amodio with the help of Fergie making a precedent for the revolution of vocals in single skating.:eek:

Soo please tell me yourss..

Violet Bliss

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Nov 19, 2010
My memorables

- The wrong screw came off for Daisuke.

- The looks his coaches gave each other when Nobu screwed himself once again on ice.

- Two Olympic Champions debuted and ended their season with Silver medals. One team was very happy and the other O Champ weeped on the podium and lost her smile at the gala.


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Mar 5, 2004
Highlights - Taka's silver medal, the whole ice dance podium, Miki's win, Alena's joy/spark,

Nightmares - the fall in Pechelat & Bourzat's free dance, what happened to Nobu (please count your jumps!) & Daisuke

Lucky Star

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Feb 27, 2009
My biggest nightmare was P/B's FD. Oh God, why did they fall??? They had a great chance for their first Worlds medal and who knows if they will ever have it again, but they gave it away. And also D/W beating V/M, I was soooo afraid of it to happen! I like V/M very much and don't like D/W at all, so I won't comment the judging because I'm biased, but I was dissapointed by the result. Also Russian ice dance teams perfomances, but I think it's all for better, they know their weaknesses now and next year it will be better. Also Mao... to see her like this is just heartbreaking... She looked like a shadow of herself and I even agree with her low PCS for that skate... Almost every jump looked UR and I'm surprised she got a full credit for her flip in the long... I still have a hope though and wish her all the best, next season should be better.

The best were first two days. All three medalists in men skated their best and were just great! And all three did quads. Although I feel sorry for Takahashi and Oda I'm happy with the podium!
Also pairs event. S/S and V/T especially, that was amazing! I expect a great rivalry between them the next year and I'm sure it will be very exciting to watch.

I was also happy to see Caro doing so well in the LP and of course Alena's perfomance was great! And Miki, well deserved gold! Usually I prefer Yuna to other ladies, but this time she skated without spark and made mistakes and her new programs didn't really impress me. I think it's all because of her injury and hope to see her and Mao coming back strong the next season.

And I have to add, it was nice to see Irina Slutskaya and hear her commentaries, she looks so young and is very cute!


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Jun 3, 2009

1. The pairs competition: Radford showing his guts, Pang/Tong demonstrating why we shouldn't write them off, Tatiana and Max rising to the occasion, Aliona and Robin giving the best performance of their career.

2. Miki Ando's short program.

3. Virtue/Moir's sizzle and spark.

4. Patrick Chan's dominating victory that no one disagreed with. Takahiko Kozuka finally earning those marks.

5. That the season is over. Seriously, that was a long season.


1. Shibutanis on the podium with the attendant accusations of Shpilband/Zoueva manipulating the judges/judging.

2. Speedy mocking the Japanese contingent/Daisuke's mishap.

3. P/B falling in the FD (as they pointed out, an eight point loss).

4. Crone/Poirier falling to the bottom of North American ice dancing.


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Nov 5, 2009
-Crushed that Daisuke had such a rough skate but his good attitude about it made me feel better.
-Frustrated that Oda still can't count.
-Sad that Mao struggled so much and finished off the podium.
-Bittersweet that Alissa had her best worlds over but barely missed the podium--
-Heart really goes out to Rachael. What a total bummer for her. Also, darn about the third spot.

-Happy Alissa had her best worlds yet and she had a gorgeous smile at the end of the her LP (this one goes into both categories :) )
-Loved Yuna's Arirang even with the mistakes and it doesn't matter to me at all that she didn't win gold.
-Thought Caro had a splendid LP. I'll be rooting for her next year.
-Great to see Alena prove the naysayers wrong and have a good worlds in her home country. She's not my favorite but I was one of those who couldn't help but like her quirky witch program this year.
-Thrilled that Patrick didn't fall and ran away with the gold medal. It drives some people crazy. Nyah, nyah.
-Delighted to see Kozuka have such a wonderful skate and step to the plate after the other two Japanese men struggled and it seemed like the unthinkable would happen: no medal for the Japanese men.
-Pretty much the whole Ice Dance competition. The podium was marvelous and the medalists had such amazing skates. V/M came back strong. First World gold for the Americans and plus a bronze for a the delightful Shibutanis. Hurray!!
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Violet Bliss

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Nov 19, 2010

Patrick Chan smashed three records on his way to his first World Champion title. Like he had said, go big or go home.

Takahiko Kozuka finally broke through his shell to shine at a Big Event. May the medal be the first of many.

Tessa and Scott steamed up my computer and then TV with their new FD. Smoking smoldering hot.


Mar 23, 2010
-Pretty much the whole Ice Dance competition. The podium was marvelous and the medalists had such amazing skates. V/M came back strong. First Olympic gold for the Americans and plus a bronze for a the delightful Shibutanis. Hurray!!

LOL, we are in Moscow, not Sochi yet.


Feb 21, 2010

For a moment, I thought she was going to pull off a Surya Bonaly on the podium...

Not surprised to see such a comment from you, because you deliberately choose to misunderstand her. Yes, she was sad on the podium, but not out of a Surya Bonaly-like bitterness at the judges. Laura Lepisto spontaneously started crying when she was on the podium last year, but there was nothing Surya Bonaly about that or Yu-na's reaction.

Yu-Na's expression after she saw she was in 2nd in the Kiss & Cry.


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Jun 3, 2009
He did? What did he say?

When the screw came off Dai's skate and he rushed over to get it fixed, the camera focused on Speedy and Scott Hamilton, with Speedy clearly mocking the Japanese by demonstrating them screwing the heel back on (with appropriate gestures) and a big grin on his face. When he saw the camera was on him he abruptly stopped and looked chagrined. Basically, it make him look like he was happy with a top Japanese competitor having a big problem. In context, not cool. Out of context... still not cool. The audience just laughed, but I was really quite surprised.


On the Ice
Apr 27, 2011

- Savchenko/Szolkowy’s performances
- the number of quad attempts in the men’s competition


- the fall of Pechalat/Bourzat and the loss of the bronze medal
- Virtue/Moir not winning gold
- Kim Yu-na ending up second
- Oda’s mistake that cost him bronze / Takahashi’s misfortune
- too low scores for Fernández López and Joubert


Mar 23, 2010

kozuka's lp
yuna's comeback, fought hard
kostner's lp


speedy mocking dai


Feb 21, 2010
More like can't wait to get the hell out of the Kiss&Cry:

You're seeing what you want to see, and you're trying to poison other people's perception of her. She smiled at her scores and placement, she waved. Then she got up.

This is something that you do, not only with Yu-Na. It's with Meryl Davis, the Shibutanis...never any Canadian skater or team, of course. You try and plant seeds of discord in other posters' minds here; sometimes you stick to purely technical skating issues, but when that fails and you haven't converted anybody to your side, you switch to off-ice actions that you deliberately slant in order to try and sway the support for them. You're a master of politicking. Ohhh, the Shibutanis just aren't good looking enough. So, what, they should quit skating? So their PCS should be lower than everyone else's? I get the feeling that you say these things because you want to will it to be true, not because they are true. Oh, that Meryl Davis, so "dismissive" and "cold" (your exact words) towards the injured Tessa Virtue at 4CCs. Evil Meryl! You accomplished what you wanted, though, you sparked a lengthy, negative discussion about Meryl Davis that had nothing to do with them on-ice that appalled me.

Actually, I should have known this was coming with Yu-na, the earlier attack you did on Meryl Davis's character was just a hint of what to come. After all, you previously indicated that you were inclined to mark Yu-na down over the split with Brian Orser, a post that was made here at Goldenskate. It's funny because you consistently spend so much time defending the integrity of the judging system and the credibility of the judges, but then reveal that off-ice things can play a factor in scoring on-ice. Well, you threw it all away with that remark, and you continue to do so with these personal attacks on (consistently non-Canadian!) skaters. Maybe non-Yu-Na fans won't care that you're targeting Yu-Na right now, but one day, you're going to turn your expert analysis to one of their favorite skaters, and they'll see how much they like it. It's a pity because when you stick to skating, I find much validity in your posts. But when you stray towards interpreting things off-ice, you are just as petty, biased, and cruel as the people on Youtube who spend all day long making hate videos.


Final Flight
Dec 31, 2009
- Figure skating in Russia!
- Irina Slutskaya
- Alissa Czisny's smile, her high expectations from herself, her determination.
- Ksenia Makarova, Carolina Kostner such sweet girls and solid skating.
- other European girls also showed great promise and doing their best.
- S/S German Pairs team
- Miki Ando, moving performances (especially Gala), deserving of a champion.
- seeing Mao and Yu-Na skate
- Flawless LP from Takahiko Kozuka
- Daisuke's positive and stay happy attitude, also taking responsibilities for himself.
- Meryl Davis / Charlie White winning
- Euro youngsters challenging Plushenko, ie. Gachinski, Brezina, Amodio.

- Canadian ladies doing so poorly, desperately need powerhoues such as Jo Rocket.
- injuries to Rachel and reportedly Yu-Na, hopefully they can make a full and strong recovery.
- seeing Mao & Yu-Na distracted by factors other than skating, hopefully things will work out for the best.


Feb 17, 2010
Kozuka's LP and awesome quad at worlds
Czisny holding it together all season
Mao's entire season, with the exception of 4cc
Leonova's costumes/hair


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Feb 25, 2006

- Patrick Chan winning the men's title
- Kozuka's long program
- Many quads being landed in the mens' free skate
- Joubert redeeming himself after a bad SP, even though he didn't medal
- The Russian women: Makarova's SP and Leonova's LP, specifically
- Weaver/Poje coming top 5 in the world and finally defeating Crone/Poirier: not that I don't like Crone/Poirier, but I felt sorry for Weaver/Poje always losing to them by like half a point
- Volosozhar/Trankov's SP and LP, and their eventual silver medal finish
- Megan Duhamel/Eric Radford skating the free and getting a good result despite his broken nose
- Ross Miner and Richard Dornbush giving good performances and getting respectable placements at their first worlds, despite the people who said they may not make the free skate
- Seeing Tessa and Scott's FD in entirety, skated really well


- Takahashi's boot problems, hands down the worst thing
- The meltdowns of Kevin Reynolds and Joey Russell
- Ryan Bradley performing below his best
- Nobunari Oda breaking the rules yet again, resulting in tons of points loss
- Amodio's joke of a free program
- Joubert's short program, leaving him in 9th with almost no hope of a medal
- Mao Asada's performances in both phases of the competition
- Cynthia Phaneuf's 13th place finish after coming 5th last year
- The below-expected performances of Viktoria Helgesson and Rachael Flatt, two personal favourites of mine
- The fall by Pechalat/Bourzat in the FS, losing them the bronze medal
- Kavaguti/Smirnov losing to Bazarova/Larionov in the SP and missing the podium (felt bad for them, even though they aren't favourites of mine)
- Eric Radford getting his nose broken in the short program, although that turned out to not end badly for he and Meagan Duhamel
- Oh yeah, and THE LACK OF SHAWN SAWYER :disapp: