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Your Top 5 from Worlds 2021


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Jan 7, 2016
I'm so happy that it eventually took place:

My fave moments in no particular order, apart from first:
1. Piper & Paul winning their first Worlds medal
2. SinKats are World Champions
3. Mishina/Gallyamov are World Champions on their debut
4. Liza Tuktik wins silver
5. Sasha Trusova bounces back from 12th place to win bronze

Super kudos to the Swedish FS federation for pulling this off in a Covid-secure manner. They have proven that big international events can be organised and there's no excuse anymore for not having a full-on Olympic season next year.
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Feb 22, 2014
1. Sasha rocketing 🚀 all the way from 12th to 3rd (I enjoyed her FS step sequence)
2. Yuuuuuma! 🥰
3. Donovan Carillo at the SP, the FS and the Gala! 🇲🇽🥳
4. Hometown girl Josefin being all around awesome too! 🇸🇪🤩
5. Liza Tuk's silver, bow before the Empress y'all! 👑

Honourable mentions: Kaitlin and Jean Luc both their dances were brilliant! The return of Keegan's hat 🤠 and his beautiful skating! How 'bout Canada! 🇨🇦👏
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Jun 15, 2016
My fave moment is Liza winning silver and how emotional she was. I’m pestering the figure skating gods like mad wanting her to go to the olympics and win a medal!

My second is Yuma’s spectacular debut and a possible force within the next few years.


Jan 17, 2014
Great idea. After 5 intense days it's easy to see what stands out, in no particular order:

Tuk's silver :love2:
Josefine's face at the end of her FS

P/G FD and finally getting on the podium, they created a moment
Hanyu's SP (never expected him to do him this kind of music in that kind of outfit)
Chen's FS. I enjoyed the program. I didn't feel the quads.

Honorable mention
Mikutina's FS


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Feb 2, 2019
1) Liza Tuktik grabbing that silver medal in empress style.
2) Sasha coming back from the unfortunate SP to snatch her first senior worlds medal.
3) Olga Mikutina showing what she's capable of and her delight in the K&C.
4) Semenenko and Kolyada delivering and securing a chance for Russia to get that third Olympic spot.
5) Nathan's FS, just wow, nothing more needs to be said.


Ina Bauer
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Jan 29, 2015
1. Mishina/Galliamov winning the gold, my preferred (if slightly unexpected) outcome
2. Nathan Chen FS
3. Yuzuru Hanyu SP
4. Karen Chen getting 4th again and saving 3 spots for the Olympics
5. Estonian success - Selevko landing the first quad by an Estonian man and both him and Kiibus securing Olympic spots


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Mar 27, 2019
1. The last 30 seconds of Nathan's Free Program (and the whole performance). 🔥
2. Loena Hendrickx making the top 5 and setting a huuuge Personal Best with a clean Free skate. 👸
3. Mikhail Kolyada's delightful Nureyev program. 🥰
4. Baby Russians Mishina/Galliamov confidently skating to 'We Are the Champions' and winning. 🏆
5. The Hungarian pair team qualifying a spot for the Olympics. 💯

(and many more moments, it's hard to pick just 5!)
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Nov 28, 2020
1. Liza‘s silver medal and her emotions. Continuing to beat the odds.
2. Anna showing once again why she is a champion and a legend.
3. Mikutina taking the next step. She isn’t our little secret anymore. Her top 10 finish wasn’t a surprise to a few of us in this forum that have watched her grow this season.
4. Loena improving on her challenge cup skate. That competition being on a
pay stream kept a lot of people from seeing her true potential.
5. The US Fed decision regarding the second entry, which was much debated, ending up being the correct decision, with room to spare.


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Jan 28, 2013
Only four, as I think these are the only things I'll remember longterm about this championship:
  • Chen's FS is one for the ages. Astonishing.
  • Vindication for USFSA and Skate Canada for sending Karen and Keegan. I disagreed with both decisions (and I still would have chosen differently in both cases), but it's hard to argue about results.
  • Tukt's silver medal. There is still room for a grown woman on a major podium. It gives me hope.
  • Kagiyama's debut.

el henry

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Mar 3, 2014
Nothing but the men's discipline for this gal:

1. Sinnerman, where you gonna run to? Power!

An entrancing melding of skater, choreography and music, whenever it's skated, whether perfect or not. Second place to standing up on quad. URs matter less to me. :)

2. In the Mood, Bublé, and Mariachi fun at the gala besides.

A wonderful worlds for Donovan. Please let us see that smile at the Olys:pray:

3. Yuzu's SP.

I was thoroughly entertained. ;)

4. Nathan's LP:

Impressive. Beyond impressive. Really, what can you say

5. I'm having a difficult time settling on one skate for number five. Let's just say bravo to all the men again, for always bringing it, :cheer:


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Nov 29, 2020
1. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and her kiss&cry emotion when she realise that she is on the podium.
2. Madeline Schizas making the free skate with a clean and beautiful short program !
3. Alexandra Trusova who choose to go for 5 quads, really exiting to see and incredible to pass to 12th at 3rd place overall.
4. To see Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson in the kiss and cry with Yuzuru Hanyu make me wish that Evgenia Medvedeva come back one day with them.
5. To see Eteri tutberidze, always a pleasure to me to see her drama face with Daniil


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Jan 10, 2014
Only five?

1) Liza's tears in the KnC - what a moment for her after six years of being away from Worlds and making it back at the ripe old age of 24!
2) Yuma's skating and joy in the KnC with his dad - he's so adorable and I look forward to see him develop his performance style. The future is bright for Japanese men's skating once Yuzu and Shoma retire (although I'm not ready for them to retire yet).
3) Nathan's FS - he is so impressive, and I don't even care anymore that he was still wearing Shae-Lynn's costume or whatever it was.
4) Jason Brown - so good, deserves all the praise he gets for his skating skills and style.
5) Piper and Paul's FD and their reaction in the KnC when they realized they would medal. I'm so happy they found a great vehicle in "Both Sides Now." (Side note, I attended Skate Canada in 2018 and the same three couples were on the ID podium in a slightly different order).

Honorable mentions:
1) Karen Chen's beautiful skates and her placing 4th, enabling the 3 spots for the US ladies.
2) Loena Hendrickx placing so high and her scoring 140 for her "Fever" FS.
3) The first half of Misha Kolyada's FS was magical - I hope he keeps this program for the Olympics.
4) M/G winning the gold medal
5) Sasha battling back for bronze - her program wasn't really a program but you have to admire her fighting spirit.
6) Dad to be Keegan getting two spots for Canada and his good skates in both segments.
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Feb 14, 2018
God, so many things that I liked.

Only 5......

Nathan Chen's long program and gold medal win.
Karen Chen and her 4th place performance
Liza Tuktamysheva and her silver medal win.
Keegan Messing and his great skate
Loena Hendrickx and her top 5 finish.

Special mentions go to:

Jason Brown and his almost landed quad. I believe that was the first time in international competition for him.
Olga Mikutina and her free skate, and happiness at her result.
Kevin Aymoz and his success at the top 10 finish he wanted.


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Oct 20, 2017
Kevin Aymoz SP, FP landing in top 10
Olga... I've seen her skate a few times this season and I wasn't surprised.
Thrilled with Karen 4th place
Keegan Messing delivered 2 great performances.
Josefin getting to her first Worlds at 25, skating in her home country and delivering 2 show stopping performances.

Dr. Jenn

Jan 10, 2014
1) Nathan's FS - a wonderful combination of technical and artistic ability!
2) Keegan's solid performances - I'm so happy that he was able to get back two spots for Canada. :)
3) Maddie's impressive SP - What a way to debut at Worlds (or any major competition, for that matter)! She has a bright future. She keeps improving technically, and she seems to have a really good head on her shoulders.
4) Piper and Paul's stunning FD and bronze medal - They bring something really interesting to the ice dance field, and I'm glad that their talents were finally recognized with a medal at Worlds.
5) Mikhail's FS - a complete work of art: His lines and posture are a dream.


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Mar 5, 2004
So many! 💕 :cheer: :hap10:⛸️:ghug:

1. Nathan's free skate
2. Jason Brown - both programs
3. Tuk-Tuk winning the silver medal
4 .Gilles & Poirier winning the bronze medal
5. Karen Chen - both programs!

Honorable mention - Yuzu's short program, Yuma - both programs (and his K&C reaction after his free skate), Keegan Messing - both programs
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