Yuna Kim


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Record Breaker
Mar 23, 2010
Did anyone manage to catch The King Eternal Monach on Netflix? Very funny... you will know what I mean. Go.. watch!

Recent Philip Hersh article on the 10th anniversary of YuNa's Olympic win. E-mail interview with YuNa is included.

That was truly one of the most magnificent sporting and artistic moments in the history of the Olympics. Arts and Sports, the alchemy is inseparable for me.

What I realized at that point, without knowing a clue of who she is, is marveling (and wept) at witnessing the peak of human potential. How talent and hard work can rise to the occasion against adversity, breaks down cultural, social and political barriers in a human judged sport that has historically been very political.

No wonder she inspired and reinvigorated her country so much... and its subsequent knock-on effect that had been paralleled with the rapid transformation and elevation of S.Korea on the global stage makes it even more astounding. It even brought Olympic to her country, and North Korea to the world stage for a brief celebratory moment of peace and solidarity that seals her legacy.

Life's little miracles that is Yuna Kim.


Nov 13, 2012
I’ve been missing figure skating so much and have spent countless hours on YouTube watching past performances (competitions and shows) of my favorite skaters.

I’m so happy to discover this fanmade video of Yuna’s Olympic Send in the Clowns sp to the Beauty and the Beast song. I got CHILLS! This is a can’t miss for Yuna fans (and frankly any skating fan).

The music is almost perfectly aligned to her movements and her lovely arms wonderfully convey the emotion and soft romantic nature of the song. To top it off, Yuna’s elegant yellow dress resembles the iconic yellow ballgown that Belle wears during the waltz scene with the Beast.

It is so well done! Please enjoy.


On the Ice
Oct 2, 2007
Belated Happy Birthday to YuNa!!!!

Recently, she joined the Organizing committee for the 2024 PyeongChang Youth Winter Olympics as one of 14 executive members.