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Yuzuru Hanyu: 2012-13 Season


On the Ice
Feb 3, 2013

Shizuka: Watching your competitions last season,
Yuzu: Yes
Shizuka: instead of competing with two quad toes in the free, you incorporated two types of quads, a toe loop and a salchow. As I see it, last season could probably be the preparatory stage for you to include three quads. What do you think?
Yuzu: Well, for the time being (it's still tentative), I'm planning to do three quads. The degree of consistency I've had with quad sal is still low and falls short of the quad toe, but then for the sake of the upcoming Olympic season, I strongly felt that I have to gradually move forward even though its level was below acceptable last year.
Shizuka: Well, you were in a competitive situation where it wouldn't be a stretch to think that you could've switched over to two quad toes considering their degree of consistency and accuracy, especially if you competed with victory in mind. But you made a bold move to constantly challenge quad sal, not even once did you ever remove it from the program, so it got me into thinking that you've already looked ahead into the future and worked out the plan to include three quads.
Yuzu: Well, last year wasn't really a matter of victory or defeat. I also, by all means, wanted to properly give some thoughts to this quadrennial Olympic Games and prepare for it accordingly. So, I decided to include quad salchow last year.
Shizuka: It makes me think that you could probably work wonders with your short program as well. Given your current ability, I think there will come a time where you'll manage to include both quad toe and quad sal in your short program someday.
Yuzu: I'd like to do it someday
Shizuka: Someday, huh?
Yuzu: Yes, someday, as this season is ...
Shizuka: important.
Yuzu: Yes, it's only natural that I have to strive for stability. I feel that I should first give my due focus and priority to deliver perfect performances.

It's still not 100% confirmed that he's gonna include 3 quads in the free. But he plans to do so.


Record Breaker
Dec 29, 2011
Yunamao said:
Yes it is. But it if he does 4T3T he can't do a 3A3T I think. And that's my favourite combo... So I hope it'll be more something like 4T2T.

The -3T combo gets more points when it's in the second half, and since milking points out of this system is Wilsons biggest talent, I think he might keep the 3A-3T. And he should, if I'm not mistaken, none of the other men are doing that combo in the second half, hardly anyone is doing it at all.

But Yuzuru with two quads in the SP might break 100 :rock: I thought it might be better for him than doing 3 quads in the FS, because of his stamina, but of course, making mistakes in the SP counts even more and he might get buried in the standings. For now, 2 quads in the LP should be enough for him to content for gold, but he's a quad maniac, so it's not suprising he wants to go for it :biggrin:


Mar 23, 2013
The -3T combo gets more points when it's in the second half, and since milking points out of this system is Wilsons biggest talent, I think he might keep the 3A-3T. And he should, if I'm not mistaken, none of the other men are doing that combo in the second half, hardly anyone is doing it at all.

But Yuzuru with two quads in the SP might break 100 :rock: I thought it might be better for him than doing 3 quads in the FS, because of his stamina, but of course, making mistakes in the SP counts even more and he might get buried in the standings. For now, 2 quads in the LP should be enough for him to content for gold, but he's a quad maniac, so it's not suprising he wants to go for it.

Quad manic? LOL so match with Yuzu. :agree:

I would say it should be the idealize plan for Yuzu now if he skates short with one quad and free with two quads based on his current conditions of still recovering from injury, innconsistency on 4s and most of all his stamina. Moreover ISU changed the rule, failed landing jumps got -3 now, which largely requires all skaters should be focused on the consistency of jumps, particularly those big ones. But it's Yuzuru Hanyu, You-Know-Who we are talking about now, so he would have felt stifled if he's not proceeding with those crazy plans lol. The good thing is he just said he PLANS challenging himself a free with three quads not he will absolutely stick to three quads plan in coming season. Yuzu is Mr. Quad Manic for sure, but he highlighted, consistency and ability of delivering wonderful performance comes first. So I believe he would change his mind if three quads plan couldn't work very well.

It will absolutely break 100p as if Yuzu could skate a short with two quads clean. Actually based on his sparkle and fearless history of challenging himself, I would even go further, successfully landing at least one quad in second half in short program is one of his final destinations, for free program, maybe two quads in second half.

He's a quad maniac and even more now that he's training with Javi. He just won't stand to have "only" 2 quads in FP any longer as long as his teammate is doing 3.
Oh but I'm not ready, I'm really not ready to see him doing 2 quads in the short!:slink: Men's field is getting crazier!

Yuzu will not doing two quads in short this season which has been confirmed since he said in 6/26 My Olympic he would like to try a short with two quads someday. Three quads in free is what he would like to TRY this season but it's also not like he will absolutely skate his free with three quad whatever he goes. Well if everything goes superior, maybe we could see both this season lol.

But Yuzu did imply in 6/26 My Olympic, three quads in free and two quads in short is what he's trying to success in future. It's just sooooooooo Yuzuru Hanyu lol.


On the Ice
Feb 3, 2013


Shizuka: Hanyu, what kind of skating style do you think represents the ideal,.. the ultimate embodiment of figure skating?
Yuzu: Hmm.... ultimately, I'd like to be fully aware of the program I'm skating and think of it as a series of interconnected parts. You know, there are a lot of athletes who particularly excel in a certain element like jumps, spins or skating skills but are concerned about such imbalance, and those who I think would be much better if they improved on other aspects. And watching Worlds, there are also lower-ranked skaters with latent potential, aren't there? So, exactly for this reason, I think it'd be ideal if I'm able to solidify the other aspects as well, though jumps are currently my only strong point.
Shizuka: You were saying that the jumps are your only strong point, but I'm personally drawn to your spins the most.
Yuzu: *laughs in embarrassment* Spins, huh?
Shizuka: They have fast rotations and beautiful forms. There were not many young athletes who attempted to add in expressive movements within their spins. Ever since you're little, I've always thought that you're really good at spins. It's rare to find a male athlete who could spin with such fast rotations.
Yuzu: Thank you. It was around the time when I was a fifth-grader, I think that I lost my (home) rink and had to commute to another one. Stephane Lambiel came to that rink once, or maybe more than that, to attend an ice show in Sendai. He gave me some guidance on spins, spun together with me, we did things like that. To be honest, I love spins as well and I think it's probably the best way to showcase my flexibility.


Apr 23, 2013
zydeco88, thank you so much for translating these radio interviews. They have been a delight to read.

I agree with Shizuka about the spins. I noticed Yuzu’s fabulous spins right away because they are fast and not as forced-looking as spins done by most men. It is amazing to hear that Yuzu got to practice with Stephane Lambiel. In general, I am not a huge fan of men going the Biellman spin, but it does show his flexibility.


On the Ice
Feb 3, 2013
^You're welcome. And here's the last one. :)



Shizuka: How is your physical condition now?
Yuzu: Well, it's all right, probably. *laughs*
Shizuka: You've been doing very well despite undergoing a growth phase but conversely, it must've put a huge amount of burden on you. Your injuries must've caused a lot of concerns as well.
Yuzu: Indeed. Taking care of your body is paramount, as some say, it is your greatest asset, so I've been thinking a lot on how to avoid getting held back by things like cold or injuries.
Shizuka: Do you have anything that lets you unwind in between your training?
Yuzu: Yes.
Shizuka: I wonder what that is.
Yuzu: Chocolates, I eat them quite a lot.
Shizuka: You eat sweet things?
Yuzu: I'm quite fond of them. Well, basically I'm a light eater.
Shizuka: On the whole?
Yuzu: Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner, I can't eat too much food during those three meals. That's why, I [constantly*] eat chocolates *laughs*
[lost in translation: he made a pun using the words 'chokochoko' which means 'frequently/constantly' in English and 'choko', a loanword which means 'chocolates'.]
Shizuka: constantly, huh? *laughs* You're good (at puns)
Yuzu: *laughs* Yes, I've been gobbling them. And for such activities as studying, glucose is sometimes quite essential for your brain, isn't it?
Shizuka: Yes
Yuzu: So, during those times, I consciously eat them.
Shizuka: After all, you've just turned into a freshman.
Yuzu: Yes, and it's been quite tough, studying, that is.
Shizuka: Lastly, could you please say a message or two to the listeners of this 'My Olympic' radio show?
Yuzu: Yes. This coming season will be my first Olympic season, and it's totally nerve-wracking. *laughs* Last season, I ended up getting held back by various injuries, like the one in the knee, so going forward I'd like to avoid them. Precisely because of that, I'd like to keep my feet on the ground with regards to my training and work real hard to be able to deliver wonderful performances in front of everyone.
Shizuka: Yes, and cheer a lot of people up with your performance,
Yuzu: Yes. *Laughs*
Shizuka: I'm counting on you.
Yuzu: Yes.
Shizuka: Please do your best.
Yuzu: Thank you.
Shizuka: Thank you.


On the Ice
Feb 3, 2013
From Asahi tweets:

Today, Hanyu performed last season's SP "Parisienne Walkways". It seems that his team is hesitating over whether they should keep this SP for the Sochi Olympic season. Hanyu said that he, himself, wants to have a new program.

Indeed, Hanyu was able to set historical world records with this program and if it's done right, it will be unlikely for him to turn in substantially lower scores than last year. Strategically, keeping the short could be considered as one approach. It could also lessen concerns about injuries. However, we'd like to see him come out with a new program. It's alright to challenge yourself while you are still young.

http://sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp/sports/figureskate/headlines/article/20130628-00000010-spnavi (Translated the important parts only)
When asked about his thoughts on the Olympic season, he enthusiastically replied, "It's the stage of my dream. I want to take part in it."
"With regards to my programs, the short is yet to be decided, and the free skate is still not at the stage where it's presentable enough, but its form has been finalized."


Record Breaker
Feb 6, 2014
Stars on ice 2014

SOI Play Back

Group performance

Hana ni nare

The interview with Nobu

Yuzu: Even though I took gold medal, the performance which I was aiming for, well, it was regrettable
I was nervous
It wasn't my dreamed stage (From now on I want to skate “my dream stage”, skate better?)
So, releasing latest information, huh? Working on the quad loop
Oda: And Kanako was like “ohmygodohmygodohmygod!” So tell, how do you do it!
Yuzu: It's like, and I go, Shu-!
Oda: I can't understand! “Shu!?”
Yuzu: I'm getting a good feeling into it, I think I understand it now
then comparing it with salchow
Oda: Everyone surely wants to see it, but do it in your own pace
Yuzu: Yeah, it's like, more people can (try) to do it but when you're at a competition for now it's only up to salchow
Last season was great, medal and all, but Pyeongchang will be totally different, it doesn't really have anything to do with what happened until now, we can't know how good people will get, it's a different day, different rink, different place, every day everyone is getting better; Yes, that's one my dream, for everyone to be getting better

And from the interview after the skate:

Q: So how was the skate?
Yuzu: I had great feelings from it, I'm in happy mood, I think it couldn't have been better
Q: You won gold medals, did something change?
Yuzu: Inside me, nothing changed. I still feel the “do my absolute best!!” kind of thing inside

Thanks Darjaille for the translation! :clap:

With Mao and Tatsuki