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Russia’s Medvedeva first after Ladies’ Short Program in Moscow

by Paula Slater
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2019 Rostelecom Cup

Ladies’ Short Program

Russia’s Evgenia Medvedeva took the lead in the Ladies’ Short Program on Friday night in Moscow, followed by teammate Alexandra Trusova and USA’s Mariah Bell at 2019 Rostelecom Cup.

Medvedeva earned a new personal best of 76.93 after her flawless routine to “Exogenesis Symphony Part 3” by Muse. The 2019 World bronze medalist produced a solid triple flip-triple toe, double Axel and triple loop. The spins and footwork all received a level 4 with many high positive grades of execution (GOE).

“I am happy with my skate, because it finally worked out the way it should,” said the skater who will turn 20 in four days. “I hope that everyone has seen my work and Brian (Orser, coach) is happy. It was the right decision (to return to the triple loop). I’ve done that before and every time I did it, my points went up.”

Trusova took an adorable quirky fall while getting into her starting position, but it didn’t affect the 2019 World Junior champion’s performance. All jumps—double Axel, triple flip, and triple Lutz-triple toe—were clean. The 15-year-old also earned a level 4 on all elements and was awarded many positive GOEs on her on the footwork and spins, placing second with 74.21 points for her  routine to selections from Peer Gynt.

“There are still mistakes I need to fix and I hope I’m going to do everything tomorrow (in the Free Skating),” said the Skate Canada Champion. “In practice this morning, I was still doing Lutz-loop (for the combination), but afterwards, I was told to do a better Lutz-toe today.”

Skating to “Radar” and “Work” by Britney Spears, Bell opened with a strong double Axel, but fell on a triple flip-triple toe combination. However, the 2019 Internationaux de France bronze medalist landed a triple Lutz and earned a level 4 on her change combination spin and layback spin to finish third with 67.11 points.

“I’m overall a little disappointed in my performance today,” said the 23-year-old. “Regardless of where I place or how many points I get, I always feel best if I go out and skate the best I can and that didn’t happen today. I’m looking forward to the long program tomorrow.”

Switzerland’s Alexia Paganini produced a triple Lutz-triple toe in  her routine to “Sixteen Tons” and “Bei mir bist du schoen,” as well as a triple loop and double Axel. The two-time national champion is currently in fourth place with 65.12 points.

“I’m happy I could show what I did in training,” said the skater who turned 18 today. “I’m really trying to work on levels and GOEs of everything.”

Ekaterina Ryabova of Azerbaijan earned a new personal best of 64.01 for fifth place in her Grand Prix debut at this event. The 2019 CS Ice Star bronze medalist received an edge call on her triple Lutz in combination with a triple toe, but landed a double Axel and triple flip and earned a level 4 on all spins.

Satoko Miyahara of Japan doubled her opening Lutz, missing her combination, but was otherwise landed a double Axel and triple toe-double toe. The mistake was costly, however, and the 2019 Cup of China silver medalist is currently in sixth (63.09).

Teammate Yuna Shiraiwa sits in seventh (60.57), followed by Germany’s Nicole Schott (57.29).

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