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Sep 23, 2013
Nicole Schott is a Ladies Singles skater who represents Germany. She was born on 12th September 1996 in Essen, North Rhine, Germany.

She is the 2016 CS Warsaw Cup champion, the 2019 Golden Son bronze medalist, the 2017 CS Tallinn Trophy bronze medalist, a two-time NRW Trophy champion (2014, 2016), and a five-time German national champion (2012, 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020). She has finished within the top ten at three European Championships and placed 18th at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

She is coached by Michael Huth.

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Biography & Skating Style:

Nicole started skating at the age of three and is a two time national champion, who came 9[SUP]th[/SUP] in her first European Championships at Stockholm, securing the German Federation, two starting slots for Bratislava 2016, while achieving a new PB that still lasts up until today. (October 2015)

The 19 years old who landed her first single Axel at the age of six and once stated that jump elements would be her favorites, was coached by Gudrun Pladdies at the EJE (Essener Jugend-Eiskunstlauf-Verein) until summer 2014, when she moved to Oberstdorf to work with Michael Huth, who already coached her big idol, Carolina Costner to five European and one World title, including the Bronze at Sochi 2014.
As for Nicole herself, she was able to win two titles on the juniors tour (Warsaw Cup 2011, Crystal Skate 2013) and her first international seniors title at the NRW Trophy in 2014. Nicole who won her first national title already at the age of 15, has evolved to a very elegant and graceful skater with beautiful arms and positions. Her younger sister Vivienne is also a figure skater and her dad was a professional Ice Hockey player - so the talent for sports does lie in the family genes.
At worlds 2015, she reached the Free Skate and came 23rd in total and gave out as her personal goal for the next season, to reach the top 15 at Boston, 2016.

Biographical Info

ISU Bio:

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2023-24 Season
SP: "Rain in Your Black Eyes" by Ezio Bosso
FS: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Daisy Gray, Freddie Mercury; choreo by Andrea Vaturi, Carolina Kostner

2022-23 Season
SP: "Despedida" by Shakira, Antonio Pinto
FS: "Bohemian Rhapsody"by Daisy Gray, Freddie Mercury; choreo by Andrea Vaturi, Carolina Kostner

2021-22 Season
SP: Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzolla, performed by Milva
FS: Rain, In Your Black Eyes by Ezio Bosso

2020-21 Season
SP: "
Flashdance... What a Feeling" written by Giorgio Moroder, Keith Forsey & Irene Cara, performed by Caroline Costa; choreo. by Michael Huth & David Cipolleschi
FS: "The Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi; choreo. by Michael Huth, David Cipolleschi & Carolina Kostner

2019–20 Season
"Caught Out in the Rain" by Beth Hart and James House; choreo by Michael Huth, David Cipolleschi
FS: "Brush on Silk" (from “Memoirs of a Geisha” soundtrack) John Williams; "Oogway’s Legacy" (from “Kung Fu Panda 3”) by Hans Zimmer; "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (soundtrack) by Tan Dun; choreo by Michael Huth, David Cipolleschi

2018–19 Season
"With You" (from "Ghost the Musical")
FS: "Pas sans toi" performed by Lara Fabian

2017–18 Season
"Nella Fantasia performed by Jackie Evancho
FS: "Schindler's List" by John Williams performed by Itzhak Perlman

2016–17 Season
“Cell Block Tango” (from “Chicago”) by Catherine Zeta-Jones
FS: “Nocturne No. 20” by Frederic Chopin, performed by Joshua Bell, Michael Stern, and Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

2015–16 Season
“Send In the Clowns” by Ruthie Henshall
FS: “A Time for Us” (from “Romeo and Juliet”) by Nino Rota, performed by Bárbara Padilla

2014–15 Season
“The Chairman's Waltz” (from “Memoirs of a Geisha”) by John Williams
FS: “A Time for Us” (from “Romeo and Juliet”) by Nino Rota, performed by Bárbara Padilla; “Prayer for Taylor” by Michael W. Smith and “Requiem for a Dream” by Clint Mansell

2013–14 Season
“El Tango de Roxanne” (from “Moulin Rouge!”) by Craig Armstrong
FS: “Prayer for Taylor” by Michael W. Smith

2012–13 Season
“El Tango de Roxanne” (from “Moulin Rouge!”) by Craig Armstrong
FS: “Prayer for Taylor” by Michael W. Smith

2011–12 Season
“El Tango de Roxanne” (from “Moulin Rouge!”) by Craig Armstrong
FS: “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica

2010–11 Season
“El Tango de Roxanne” (from “Moulin Rouge!”) by Craig Armstrong
FS: “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica

Personal Best Scores under +5/-5 GOE

Personal Best Total Score197.7624.03.2023ISU World Championships 2023
Personal Best Score Short Program67.7723.03.2022ISU World Championships 2022
Personal Best Score Free Skating130.4724.03.2023ISU World Championships 2023

Personal Best Scores under +3/-3 GOE

Short Program61.84ISU World Championships 2018
Free Skate116.85ISU GP Internationaux de France 2017
Total Score174.13ISU World Championships 2018

Competitive History

2022-23 Season
2023 World Championshipssenior767.299130.477197.76
2023 European Championshipssenior1654.339113.909163.82
2023 German Nationalssenior164.891127.781192.67
2022 Golden Spinsenior652.369110.607162.96
2022 Warsaw Cupsenior552.943119.624172.56
2022 MK John Wilson Trophysenior562.927121.036181.41
2022 Skate Americasenior1056.478103.887160.35
2022 Budapest Trophysenior1151.45896.0110147.46
2021-22 Season
2022 World ChampionshipsSenior667.7714120.6510188.42
2022 Winter Olympics (Individual Event)Senior1463.1319114.5217177,65
2022 Winter Olympics (Team Event)Senior662.66--9TEAM
18-23 Jan 20222022 Bavarian OpenSenior455.592114.442170.03
10-16 Jan 20222022 European ChampionshipsSenior1161.8614108.3213170.18
18-19 Dec 2021German Championships 2022Senior159.751119.001178.75
18-20 Nov 2122Warsaw Cup 2021Senior463.035123.634186.66
12-14 Nov 2021NHK Trophy 2021Senior859.267113.118172.37
4-7 Nov 2021Gran Premio d Italia 2021Senior1058.3310108.8710167.20
13-17 Oct 2021Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy 2021Senior652.84595.246148.08
7-10 Oct 2021Finlandia Trophy 2021Senior1160.2517100.9817161.23
2020-21 Season
22-28 Mar 20212021 World ChampionshipsSenior2059.0917113.7118172.80
26-29 Nov 20212020 NRW TrophySenior162.72WDWD
23-26 Sep 20202020 Nebelhorn TrophySenior261.21895.064156.27
2019–20 Season
20-26 Jan. 20202020 European ChampionsSenior1458.0614104.2013162.26
1-3 Jan. 2020German Championships 2020Senior167.311127.291194.60
4-7 Dec. 2019Golden Spin 2019Senior361.784120.933182.71
15-17 Nov. 2019Cup of Russia 2019Senior857.298114.799172.08
1-3 Nov. 2019Internationaux de France 2019Senior1054.436112.467166.89
24-27 Oct. 201931st Golden BearSenior555.563114.434169.99
25-28 Sep. 2019Nebelhorn Trophy 2019Senior364.096113.673177.76
2018-19 Season
18-24 Mar. 20192019 World ChampionshipsSenior1263.1817107.3816170.56
2 Mar. 20192019 Cup of TyrolSenior454.253105.482159.73
15 Feb. 20192019 Jégvirág CupSenior545.02189.972134.99
21-27 Jan. 20192019 European ChampionshipsSenior1950.681698.5816149.26
21 Dec. 20182019 German ChampionshipsSenior162.591105.081167.67
5-8 Dec. 20182018 CS Golden Spin of ZagrebSenior955.441094.3010149.74
26 Nov.-2 Dec. 20182018 CS Tallin TrophySenior1350.429104.4110154.83
19-25 Mar. 20182018 World ChampionshipsSenior1261.8414112.2913174.33
9-25 Feb. 2018XXIII Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018Senior1459.2017109.2618168.46
15-21 Jan. 20182018 European ChampionshipsSenior1848.377109.4710157.84
14 Dec. 20172018 German ChampionshipsSenior159.201118.661177.86
6-9 Dec. 20172017 CS Golden Spin of ZagrebSenior555.913111.454167.36
20-26 Nov. 20172017 CS Tallin TrophySenior557.684113.853171.53
17-19 Nov. 20172017 GP Internationaux de FranceSenior1055.547116.857172.39
26 Oct. 20172017 Ice StarSenior457.705103.925161.62
20-22 Oct. 20172017 GP Rostelecom CupSenior1055.5510113.1710168.72
11 Oct. 20172017 Cup of NiceSenior358.35597.274155.62
2016–17 Season
27 Mar. – 02 Apr. 20172017 World ChampionshipsSenior2454.8319106.5819161.41
25–29 Jan. 20172017 European ChampionshipsSenior956.8810103.7510160.63
30 Nov. – 04 Dec. 20162016 NRW TrophySenior157.601110.101167.70
17–20 Nov. 2016Warsaw CupSenior160.472105.451165.92
27–30 Oct. 2016Golden BearSenior452.64499.263151.90
06–09 Oct. 2016Finlandia TrophySenior751.03798.975150.00
08–11 Sep. 2016Lombardia TrophySenior655.071089.109144.17
2015–16 Season
21–23 Jan. 2016FBMA TrophySenior146.30366.692112.99
01–10 Jan. 2016Toruń CupSenior746.96391.644138.60
11–13 Dec. 2015German ChampionshipsSenior256.323100.573156.89
26–29 Nov. 2015Warsaw CupSenior548.84492.074140.91
17–22 Nov. 2015Tallinn TrophySenior551.721192.589144.30
14–18 Oct. 2015Coupe de NiceSenior551.121173.1910124.31
19–22 Aug. 2015ISU Junior Grand Prix BratislavaJunior1338.391177.1711115.56
2014–15 Season
23–29 Mar. 2015ISU World ChampionshipsSenior1949.292378.2723127.56
13–15 Mar. 2015Coupe du PrintempsSenior251.82481.533133.35
11–15 Feb. 2015Bavarian OpenSenior650.77385.645136.41
26 Jan. – 01 Feb. 2015European ChampionshipsSenior952.038101.609153.63
12–14 Dec. 2014German ChampionshipsSenior258.011107.271165.28
04–06 Dec. 2014Golden SpinSenior356.461580.9511137.41
26–30 Nov. 2014NRW TrophySenior151.29283.051134.34
20–23 Nov. 2014Warsaw CupSenior646.431373.849120.27
24–27 Sep. 2014ISU Junior Grand Prix Tallinn CupJunior1344.50981.8410126.34
27–30 Aug. 2014ISU Junior Grand Prix Ljubljana CupJunior649.53791.437140.96
2013–14 Season
Mar. 2014Essen ChampionshipsSenior1
26 Feb. – 01 Mar. 2014Hellmut Seibt MemorialSenior1041.43584.017125.44
21–23 Feb. 2014North Rhine-Westphalia ChampionshipsSenior1131.94
29 Jan. – 02 Feb. 2014Bavarian OpenSenior1339.79776.439116.22
13–15 Dec. 2013German ChampionshipsSenior547.36398.123145.48
04–08 Dec. 2013NRW TrophyJunior1635.70780.319116.01
14–17 Nov. 2013Skate CeljeJunior539.78274.314114.09
24–27 Oct. 2013Crystal SkateJunior137.97184.631122.60
19–20 Oct. 2013Ruhr CupSenior243.81183.291127.10
18–21 Sep. 2013ISU Junior Grand Prix Baltic CupJunior1341.101563.1714104.27
2012–13 Season
22–24 Mar. 2013Coupe du PrintempsSenior1238.601661.211499.81
Mar. 2013Essen ChampionshipsSenior1
06–11 Feb. 2103Bavarian OpenSenior1740.44882.7012123.14
21–22 Dec. 2012German ChampionshipsSenior1137.51671.788109.29
04–09 Dec. 2012NRW TrophyJunior941.27581.076122.34
15–18 Nov. 2012Warsaw CupJunior838.26572.565110.82
30 Oct. – 04 Nov. 2012Crystal SkateJunior1135.55372.675108.22
2011–12 Season
06–07 Jan. 2012German ChampionshipsSenior245.23186.421131.65
29 Nov. – 04 Dec. 2011NRW TrophySenior1543.522570.6021114.12
17–20 Nov. 2011Warsaw CupJunior238.03178.641116.67
01–05 Nov. 2011Ice ChallengeJunior440.581563.037103.61
2010–11 Season
27 Feb. – 06 Mar. 2011ISU Junior World ChampionshipsJunior1541.412365.1322106.54
07–08 Jan. 2011German ChampionshipsSenior640.20485.466125.66
02–05 Dec. 2010NRW TrophyJunior1136.011760.451496.46
2009–10 Season
03–07 Mar. 2010Deutschlandpokal im EiskunstlaufenJunior241.13367.583108.71
28–31 Jan. 2010Bavarian OpenJunior834.94760.20795.14
17–20 Dec. 2009German ChampionshipsJunior1232.96764.93897.89
03–06 Dec. 2009NRW TrophyNovice238.91165.861104.77
2008–09 Season
11–15 Mar. 2009Deutschlandpokal im EiskunstlaufenNovice U-12727.28547.35674.63
13–15 Feb. 2009Heiko Fischer PokalNovice U-13131.68447.96379.64
08–11 Jan. 2009German Youth ChampionshipsNovice U-12133.33159.33192.66
04–07 Dec. 2008NRW TrophyNovice832.621150.271082.89
2007–08 Season
12–16 Mar. 2008Deutschlandpokal im EiskunstlaufenNovice U-13926.50846.75773.25
06–09 Dec. 2007German Youth ChampionshipsNovice U-13428.90646.43475.33
30 Nov. – 02 Dec. 2007NRW TrophyNovice629.681147.70777.38
2006–07 Season
07–11 Mar. 2007Deutschlandpokal im EiskunstlaufenDebs1025.40943.62869.02
14–17 Dec. 2006German Youth Championships 2007Novice U-13824.22843.05767.27


2021-2022 Season

2022 Bavarian Open

2021-22 German Championships

2021 Warsaw Cup

2020-21 Season

2020-21 German Championships

2020 NRW Autumn Trophy

2020 Nebelhorn Trophy

2019-20 Season

2020 German Nationals

2019 Nebelhorn Trophy

2018-19 Season

2019 World Championships
SP: no video found​

2019 European Championships

2017-18 Season

2018 World Championships
SP: no video found​
FS: no video found​

XXIII Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018

2018 European Championships

2017 GP Internationaux de France

2017 GP Rostelecom Cup

2017 Cup of Nice

2016–17 Season

31th March 2017: World Championships FS (Russian Commentary)
No video found
29th March 2017: World Championships SP (Russian Commentary)

27th January 2017: European Championships FS (American Commentary geoblocked in US)
25th January 2017: European Championships SP (American Commentary-geoblocked in US)

4th December 2016: NRW Trophy FS (No Commentary)
3rd December 2016: NRW Trophy SP (No Commentary)

19th November 2016: Warsaw Cup FS (No Commentary)
18th November 2016: Warsaw Cup SP (No Commentary)

7th October 2016: Finlandia Trophy FS (No Commentary)
6th October 2016: Finlandia Trophy SP (No Commentary)
no video found

10th September 2016: Lombardia Trophy FS (No Commentary)
9th September 2016: Lombardia Trophy SP (No Commentary)

2015–16 Season

19th November 2015: Tallinn Trophy FS (No Commentary)
18th November 2015: Tallinn Trophy SP (No Commentary)
No video found

21th August 2015: JGP Bratislava FS (Canadian Commentary)
20th August 2015: JGP Bratislava SP (Canadian Commentary)

2014–15 Season

28th March 2015: World Championships FS (No Commentary)
26th March 2015: World Championships SP (No Commentary)

31th January 2015: European Championships FS (No Commentary)
29th January 2015: European Championships SP (Russian Commentary)

14th December 2014: German Championships FS (No Commentary)
13th December 2014: German Championships SP (No Commentary)

5th December 2014: Golden Spin SP (No Commentary)

30th November 2014: NRW Trophy FS (No Commentary)
29th November 2014: NRW Trophy SP (German Commentary)

23rd November 2014: Warsaw Cup FS (No Commentary)
22nd November 2014: Warsaw Cup SP (No Commentary)

27th September 2014: JGP Tallinn Cup FS (No Commentary)
25th September 2014: JGP Tallinn Cup SP (No Commentary)

30th August 2014: JGP Ljubljana Cup FS (No Commentary)
28th August 2014: JGP Ljubljana Cup SP (Canadian Commentary)

2013–14 Season

March 2014: Essen Championships FS (No Commentary)

February 2014: North Rhine-Westphalia Championships SP (No Commentary)

October 2013: Crystal Skate FS (No Commentary)

20th October 2013: Ruhr Cup FS (No Commentary)
19th October 2013: Ruhr Cup SP (No Commentary)

20th September 2013: JGP Baltic Cup FS (No Commentary)
19th September 2013: JGP Baltic Cup SP (No Commentary)

2012–13 Season

11th March 2013: Essen Championships FS (No Commentary)

7th December 2012: NRW Trophy FS (No Commentary)
6th December 2012: NRW Trophy SP (No Commentary)

28th October 2012: Ruhr Cup FS (No Commentary)
27th October 2012: Ruhr Cup SP (No Commentary)

2011–12 Season

4th December 2011: NRW Trophy FS (No Commentary)
3rd December 2011: NRW Trophy SP (No Commentary)

2010–11 Season

8th January 2011: German Championships FS (No Commentary)
7th January 2011: German Championships FS (No Commentary)

2nd December 2010: NRW Trophy SP (No Commentary)

2009–10 Season

3rd December 2009: NRW Trophy FS (No Commentary)
2nd December 2009: NRW Trophy SP (No Commentary)

Exhibition Videos

17th January 2014: Essen Kennedyplatz on ice

Other Videos

4th March 2016: Edea Double Interview with Nicole Schott and Sondre Odvoll Boe (edeaskates)
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Oct 25, 2012
OK, just to let you know that I posted an update to the Original Post last night to coincide with the GS article about her. However, I didn't announce it at the time because I decided to add a video list, and I am not actually finished it yet :eek: (I got waylaid with another thread).

But don't worry, the video list should be finished later today.

EDIT: Video list now completed.​

Have to say, I got a surprise when I discovered just how long Nicole has been competing for. It is only in the past few seasons that she came up on my radar, but there are results in the Competitive History table going back 10 years!

Anyway, I hope you like the update.



Jan 24, 2006
She's 4th with 54.25 points after the SP at the Cup of Tyrol.

All the results can be consulted here:


Jan 24, 2006
I've just updated Nicole's OP. I've added all the information regarding 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons (results, programs and videos). Enjoy :)


Sep 8, 2016
I know she doesn’t train in the US or Canada, but does Nicole have a shot at getting a replacement GP assignment for Skate America or skate Canada?


Record Breaker
Oct 23, 2017
I know she doesn’t train in the US or Canada, but does Nicole have a shot at getting a replacement GP assignment for Skate America or skate Canada?

Well, things worked out in her favour eventually! :love: Nicole is having a very good start to her season - a bronze medal at Nebelhorn and now a GP invitation. Hope she kills it in France!


Record Breaker
Oct 20, 2017
Nicole was beautiful at Skate America. Her black dress is elegant and she is such a calm skater. It was wonderful to see her live. :)