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Thread: A cry for help

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    A cry for help

    I didn't find time to mention this previously, but ...

    I'm the kind of viewer that doesn't like watching live broadcasts (or first run competitions if I don't know the outcome) in other words, I like spoilers and enjoy the competition more when I know what's going to happen. Strange but true.

    Anyway, since I live in the same time zone as Turin and have Eurosport (why isn't there anything like this in NAmerica?) I set the record button and left the living room and went to the computer. This is where it gets weird: I found following the live reports here was just fine. That is, I'm recording it live in one room but not watching. Instead, I'm following the results as they happen as they're posted here and only watched the tapes the following mornings.

    That's right, I followed the Zhang saga by hitting 'refresh' ever minute or so rather than go into the other room and watching (same with all the other finals). Isn't this the sickest thing ever? I think I need an intervention ....

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    Yes! That is the sickest thing ever. Just could not be worse! Absolutely twisted. What to do?

    How about- "There, There!" "There, There!"

    You could try moving the tv into the same room as your computer. It's not a cure, but many have managed to live fairly normal lives that way.

    If that doesn't work, you can take consolation in how well you fit in here! You have found your people!

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    Well, I didn't watch Suguri's program, I sat in the kitchen and every 10 s or so I ran in just to see she hadn't fell, and then back into the kitchen yelling at my mum to tell me how she's doing..

    I followed the japanese nationals just by reading at the FSU forum, and it was just as exctiting as watching the thing..

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