Who do you think had the best layback spins versus the worst layback spins? With the new rules, skaters are adding variations, many of which are not overly attractive, but now its all about points, it seems such a pure simple spin like we used to see will be a thing of the past. Here are my top 10 layback spinners, past and present. And as a special bonus, Ill include some of the worst too !!


1. Angela Nikodinov ( the best ever)
2. Sasha Cohen
3. Peggy Fleming
4. Tiffany Chin
5. Elaine Zayak
6. Dorothy Hamill
7. Lucinda Ruh
8. Sarah Hughes
9. Caryn Kadavy
10. Irina Slutksaya/Janet Lynn/Yuka Sato


1, Diana Poth
2, Kira Ivanova
3. Michele Kwan (sorry, but its true)
4. Jill Trenary
5. Liz Manley
6. Claudia Leistner
7. Surya Bonaly
8. Olga Markova
9. Maria Butyraskaya
10. Rudy Galindo (HAHAHA)