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    Competitive vs Recreational

    It's for fun, people, geeze!:sheesh:
    Do any of you skate recreationally? It seems like on most of these boards the posters are all competitive skaters, (ie. take lessons, tests, compete.) I am in a kind of "strange" position because I am an adult "recreational" skater (do not take lessons, don't want to test or compete), who is too advanced to skate sessions (can land doubles) because it gets dangerous so I need to skate the freestyle practice sessions....however, I don't bother joining club, USFS or taking lessons. (I took plenty of lessons years ago on roller.) Anyways....because I skate for fun, I skate my way....that is, I wrap my jumps. I have flat landings. (Big deal. I do this for fun people.) Also, I don't bother with ice edges, MITF etc. Only need open mohawk and forward 3 for jump set ups so those are the only turns I am concerned with. Only interested in jumping and jump spins. No desire to practice anything else. Why should I? It's for fun. Yes, I only want to jump. Yes, I skate choppy and do not "flow" on the ice but WHO CARES??? It's for fun, and jumping is what I enjoy doing....
    I am very careful of the other skaters and always give right of way to anyone who competes....HOWEVER.....
    The competitive skaters/coaches make snarly remarks. (Sometimes to my face. Usually to my back.) And I hear them.
    Why does my having fun bother them? One adult skater (competitive) noted with a smile that if all I wanted to do was jump I could just buy a trampoline and put it in the backyard. It would be cheaper.....cute.....:sheesh: (No, she was not trying to "help.") Maybe the coaches are disappointed that I'm not paying for lessons....(probably)... ...But why do they have to do this? Do any other recreational skaters (if there are any on this board) have this problem?
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