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Learning jumps

Matthew Schaf

Feb 5, 2024
Hello, I am a figure skating beginner. I have gotten to the point where I want to learn jumps, but I can't afford lessons, and the rinks near me don't allow jumping during public skate, so I don't know how I can learn to jump. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
Dec 6, 2022
Lessons are expensive, but medical bills after injuries from attempting jumps without coaching or a good foundation of basic skills are more expensive (well, depending on your country and/or insurance situation, I guess). Does your rink offer group lessons? They're much more cost-effective than private lessons on freestyle ice. However you work it out, though, skating requires financial sacrifices, but it's so worth it. Best of luck!


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Aug 27, 2018
Start looking at group lessons. I don't mean to sound harsh but if you've taught yourself up to now, you likely will have some bad habits that need correcting when it comes to your basic skating. Group lessons are a cost effective way of learning safely. A coach also knows when a skater is ready, and safe, to progress to more challenging skills.

My coach explained it to me like this when I was eager to press ahead with new jumps, "Your basic skating skills are like the foundations of a house. If you build a house on poor foundations, it'll fall down. If you try more advanced skills in skating without solid basics, YOU fall down."

Unfortunately, as a sport, skating is expensive and a lot of us make sacrifices so we can pay for our ice time and lessons.


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May 28, 2023
I came only to say that before thinking of jumps, you must hire a coach who teaches you the technical foundation required for figure skating/basic skating skills. Only with a solid, strong foundation, you can properly evolve the technical difficulty of your skills and this is not achieved by a DIY approach. You risk learning very bad habits which take twice or more time to erase and substitute for proper technique since you've created an improper muscle memory being unsupervised by a coach, and you also risk injury by attempting skills without having the technique to execute them.
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