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Thread: Chan, Stojko & other Canadians discuss the men's event

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJohn View Post
    None of our business and irrelevant. Whoever will be his spouse will be one lucky dudette... or dude.
    And it is just as irrelevant and as little of your business as to whether he'll be a good husband and whether his spouse will be lucky. Don't be assuming. He may turn out to be husband of the year or Ike Turner, or somewhere in between. Or maybe he'll be a lifelong bachelor.

    Quote Originally Posted by moscow View Post
    He is so young and has such huge potential that I hate to watch him draw attention to himself in the wrong ways. (i.e not on the ice). What would he rather be known for? A great skater, or somebody always bringing up controversy? Again, you saw the lack of respect Johnny got from NBC and the USFSA. Chan could very easily be going down that same road if he's not careful. He's young and has alot to learn. Yes he can speak his mind, but he needs to understand that with that comes alot of criticism and he's only presenting himself in a poor light and if he choses to do so, he needs to watch it and be careful that it's not at the expense of another skater. That's where chan crossed the line. No I'm not offended but it is a red flag.
    Er, again, you should be hating on NBC and the USFS and whoever else and demanding that they change their behavior. Rather than hope skaters keep bending to the will of bad judges and corrupt committees and then maybe they won't get screwed over.
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